Printed letters, December 4, 2013

As Colorado’s hunters and anglers know from boots-on-the-ground experience, population growth, energy development and off-highway vehicless have steadily eroded quality wildlife habitat and backcountry hunting opportunities in our state.

The Uncompahgre Plateau in western Colorado is one of many places where wildlife habitat is increasingly threatened.

The Uncompahgre is a vast chunk of geography that encompasses redrock desert canyons and magnificent aspen and ponderosa forests. This diverse landscape abounds with herds of elk, including the famous trophy bulls found in game management unit 61. It’s also home to impressive mule deer that get big in the steep canyons, as well as rare desert bighorn sheep.

The BLM is working on several resource management plans in the Uncompahgre Plateau region that will guide decision-making for the next 20 years. At stake are determinations for critical issues such as travel management, allowed recreational and resource development, and future potential wilderness designations — the gold standard for wildlife habitat and backcountry hunting-and-angling opportunities.

It’s critical that these resource management plans maintain the wild backcountry on which hunters and wildlife depend. The bottom line is big, wild creatures need big, wild habitat. In nature, there is no free lunch. When motorized routes degrade habitat security, hunters lose right along with their prey.

BLM managers responsible for developing quality plans in the Grand Junction Field Office are trying to create plans that do the right thing. But to really make it happen, they need to know that the hunters and anglers are behind them.

The great hunter-conservationist Theodore Roosevelt said, “Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history and romance as a sacred heritage, for your children and your children’s children. Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches or its romance.”

DAVID LIEN, Chairman

Colorado Backcountry

Hunters & Anglers

Colorado Springs

Graves of our fallen heroes 
to once again have wreathes

Once again the Western Slope Patriot Guard Riders want to express our deepest gratitude to the great folks and businesses for their making our Christmas wreath program at the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery a success once more. With all of this help, and assistance from those outside the valley, we have met our goal for providing a wreath on each of our fallen heroes’ graves again this year. Again, to each of you, our thanks.

Everyone is invited to join us at 10 a.m. Dec. 14 for our wreath ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Cemetery at 2830 Riverside Parkway in Grand Junction.


Western Slope Assist State Captain

Colorado PGR/Wreath Coordinator

Grand Junction


As country slips away, our 
own agendas are blinding us

It’s hard to believe people out there will stand behind the government, no matter how bad it makes the living conditions or job market or even how much you have to pay in taxes or when the government raises taxes.

These people will always say there was a need or they had to do this or that to make it work. Well, I don’t understand their way of thinking. The hard-line Democrats think everything is fine, and the Republicans don’t think anything is right. All the while, this country is slipping away. Nobody seems to want to fix what’s wrong because we’re all blinded by our own agendas.

I don’t believe this country’s on the right path. Until we tear this country down then, I guess we will never know how united we need to be.


Grand Junction


Dems will use nuclear option 
to put liberal judges on courts

Anyone who cares about the truth knows the only reason our Senate used the nuclear option was to make it easy for President Obama to appoint judges who support the Democratic Party’s godless agenda.

Christian conservatives try stopping many of his appointments because liberal judges don’t care about the rule of law anymore. All they care is that they help shove the liberal agenda down the throats of all Americans.

It’s why you rarely see them rule against their party. In fact, liberal judges will gladly overrule the vote of the American people if it helps promote the Democrat Party’s godless ways. Senate leader Harry Reid knew by going nuclear he’d hand his party the most powerful appellate courts in the nation.

So, let’s all quit kidding about what happened in Washington. It’s one of the most dangerous acts I’ve ever seen in politics.


Grand Junction


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Curt Claussen’s plaintive letter – “As country slips away, our own agendas are blinding us” – aptly illustrates the intellectual confusion that permeates local “conservatives”.

First, Claussen implies a false equivalency between alternative “agendas” – when those competing policy positions clearly have differing implications for national well-being.

Second, Claussen questions our willingness to “stand behind the government” even when it operates as our Founders intended when they drafted our Constitution’s Preamble.

Third, Democratic initiatives have consistently made “living conditions” better.  While Democrats support Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment insurance, food stamps, and affordable health care, Republicans oppose them.

Fourth, the Republican “agenda” has consistently made the “job market” worse.  The economy was hemorrhaging 700,000 jobs a month when President Barack Obama was inaugurated – since followed by 46 consecutive months of job creation.  Republicans’ threats of debt-ceiling default and their government “shutdown” cost billions of dollars and thousands of jobs.

Fifth, while House Republicans claimed that their first priority was “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!”, the American Jobs Act of 2011 was never brought-up for a vote, they proposed no real job-creating alternative, and could not even pass their own Transportation Bill – which would have stimulated infrastructure employment.

Sixth, because “government is [not] the problem” but rather a potent source of solutions (when its power is exercised cautiously), it must be adequately funded – and taxes are its primary source of revenue.  Our current fiscal condition was caused by Republicans’ tax cuts, followed by profligate deficit spending.  Democrats would raise taxes from those who benefited most from Republicans’ misguided reliance on “VooDoo Economics”.

Seventh, Claussen’s lament is exactly backwards.  Democrats consistently rely on fact-based analyses to identify problems, and embrace both “free market” and government-centered solutions.  Republicans insist that “spending is the problem” – because their fact-free ideology requires them to discredit and “shrink government” by de-funding it.

Mike Bambino’s latest offering – “Dems will use nuclear option to put liberal judges on courts” – expresses a distorted, fear-based view of American Constitutional governance.

Thus, when Republicans win a Presidential election, they freely appoint “conservative” (meaning “good”) judges; but, when Democrats win the Presidency, their incumbent does not enjoy a similar mandate to appoint “liberal” (meaning “bad”) judges?

Rather, Republicans – with the support of “christian conservatives” – remained free to “filibuster” all presidential appointments without regard to substance, thus attempting to overturn the will of a decisive (even if “godless”) electoral majority.  Fortunately, Article I, Section 5, of our Constitution permitted the Senate to change its own rules to thwart such mindless obstructionism.

Contrary to Bambino’s self-righteous religiosity, the Democratic agenda is much more consistent with New Testament teachings than he admits.  Likewise, liberal judges have more respect for the rule of law than evinced by the “christian conservatives” serving on the present Supreme Court, and have more in common with our “godless” Founders (who deliberately omitted any reference to a deity in our “godless” Constitution).

Thus, “liberal” judges are more likely to enforce the “separation of Church and State”, precisely because the Founders were intimately familiar with the history of intolerance and violence – directed by christian “believers” against each other, as well as against adherents to different faiths and/or no faith at all – that prompted waves of emigration to the “New World”.  Bambino proudly proclaims that same intolerance.

“Liberal” judges are likely to conclude that money is not “speech”, but rather a fungible form of “property” that can be regulated to protect the fundamental secular principles of “one man, one vote” and “majority rule”; and that corporations are not “people” entitled to First Amendment protections, and therefore cannot impose their religious convictions on either government policy or their employees. 


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