Printed letters, December 5, 2012

The “fiscal cliff” would allow taxes to go up an average of $2,200 per family of four and would impose an additional hardship on middle-class families who have already suffered through the Great Recession (caused by the policies of President George W. Bush) and its aftermath.

The fairest way to address the current fiscal situation, promote economic growth and protect middle-class families is to extend tax cuts for the middle class and allow cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent to expire.

Everyone who isn’t wealthy should support a deal that allows the Bush-era tax cuts to expire for the wealthiest 2 percent and extends tax cuts for those earning under $250,000.

There are other ways to get more revenue. These include raising the inheritance tax, cutting back on the money paid to the military industrial complex, stopping the flow of subsidies into the very profitable oil industry and taxing CEOs and those making seven-digit incomes at a 90 percent tax rate, just as we did when I started paying income tax 50 years ago. There are many more.

It’s time to stop letting the “big boys” off the hook and start making them pay their fair share. This Congress can go down in history as the one that stopped this country’s slide into a two-class society.



White House fiscal plan like 
giving teens unlimited credit

As our nation speeds toward the fiscal cliff, we now have the inmates running the asylum in Washington, D.C.

Soaring off the fiscal cliff looks like a joyride compared to the alternative recently proposed by the White House. It recommended the administration be given unlimited ability to raise the debt ceiling (now at a measly $16-plus trillion), $1.6 trillion in new tax revenues, $50 billion in new stimulus and an extension of unemployment benefits another year.

In return, the administration will sacrifice $400 billion in Medicare benefits. Are you kidding me?

Americans might just as well give teenagers their credit cards and permit them unlimited credit. Oh, by the way, kids, you don’t need to find work for another year, as there won’t be any jobs. We will tax those “greedy” business owners and the “wealthy” to pay down your credit card. If that isn’t’ enough, we will use some of your grandparents’ Medicare benefits.

Where is the cliff? I’ll jump!


Grand Junction


Tipton urged to rethink 
his fidelity to Norquist

Rep. Scott Tipton is a participating obstructionist member of the 112th Congress whose strategy failed to regain the White House. I am concerned about his possible continued fidelity to Grover Norquist and the extreme right wing of his party in the upcoming budget negotiations.

I have been a blue-collar worker in the 3rd Congressional District for many years. Unlike a slim majority here, I voted my economic interests and did not support Tipton in his re-election bid. I feel the idea of taxing dividends and capital gains at a lower rate than the money I have to earn by the strength of my back and the sweat of my brow is repugnant.

I also suspect that many of my fellow rednecks who did support Tipton might come to feel the same way. The argument that the top 2 percent are job creators and thus deserving of privilege is not winnable, as this past election demonstrated.

The political pendulum that started swinging to the right in 1976 with the defeat of Jimmy Carter is going back the other way.

Given the magnitude of corruption and excess, two failed wars and the colossal failure to regulate the financial industry, it seems to have a ways to go. I wouldn’t want to be in front of it.


Glenwood Springs


Illegal drug dealers will 
laugh all the way to bank

An interesting idea: Has anybody given any thoughts as to how hard the illegal drug dealers are laughing?  I am sure they will continue to deal in their products, not worrying about the legal competition in Colorado.

After all, they will continue to grow and sell their products for $5 to $10 less than the competition, since the “alley” dealers will not be paying any taxes, insurance or any other related overhead costs. There will be minimal tax revenue for the schools until the legitimate business dealers go broke. The potheads will still have their goodies. Thank you, Colorado voters.

Black marketers in any activity have yet to comply with all the laws with which legitimate business has to comply.




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