Printed letters, Feb. 26, 2012

Enough already. The front page of The Daily Sentinel Thursday had yet another article about Laura Bradford, stating “Cop suspected Bradford drunk.” Now he is guesstimating that she was a 0.2 on the blood-alcohol scale, which, of course, all the news media run with as this is over the legal limit.

Personally I don’t care which party she belongs to or if she is a martian. This is totally unfair treatment. If the police officer’s superior decided she needed the “special treatment” for legislators, then go with it and shut up. She requested she be tested, it was decided not to, end of story.

Special treatment for anyone is totally inappropriate and should be changed. Then we would not keep revisiting this and trying her with no proof.

It seems as if the officer was told to keep his mouth shut. So much for that. No one can tell a person’s blood-alcohol level by looking at that person or, for that matter, judging their actions. So that is a guess. Some people hold their alcohol very well while others not at all.

It makes wonderful headlines, but it seems both these officers have a problem with the idea of “Keep this quiet, only we will know.” Now the whole world knows and this is embarrassing for everyone concerned.

You cannot go back and test or revisit this so, as I said in the beginning, enough already.



Why all the advertisements for the Airport Authority?

Why is the Grand Junction Airport Authority spending serious money on large ads in The Daily Sentinel, many in color, many prominently mentioning the name of the manager? Why are they running ads on television?

It can’t be to drum up business or to get an edge on competitors. Think about it. If you are planning a trip, you’ll decide whether to use a particular airport on the basis of cost and convenience. Seeing a flashy ad about an airport is unlikely to change your mind. Moreover, the airport already has a monopoly on commercial jet service in the area.

It’s much more plausible that these ads are intended to improve the public image of the Airport Authority rather than for any obvious business purpose.

The Airport Authority operates under the “Public Airport Authority Act,” which is a part of Title 41 of the Colorado Revised Statues. The law states that airport authorities are a “... subdivision of the state, exercising essential governmental powers for a public purpose.” Nowhere does the law mention public relations campaigns, self-promotion or general puffery as activities that airport authorities should be pursuing.

The Grand Junction Airport Authority exists to provide services related to air transportation. Certainly maintaining and improving the airport does require money. But spending money on self-promoting ads does not make the airport a better, safer or more convenient place. It raises the question, “Is there some reason why we should not feel good about the Airport Authority?”


Grand Junction


Immigrants should only enter this country legally

What part of this word don’t people understand? There are hundreds of thousands of people who have entered this country legally, worked hard and made a good living. Why all of a sudden is there a group of people who think we should cater to the needs of those who came illegally?

This country offers it legal citizens a lot of rights, but there is not one that says you have the right to enter this country illegally. That means they are breaking the law in this country, which means they don’t have any rights here, let a lone the right to be in this country.

If they are trying to better their life, they should start out on the right foot and enter this country legally. Sure it costs money, but who said freedom was free? There are a lot of veterans who would tell you they have paid a high price for freedom and their rights.


Grand Junction


Alan Simpson is wrong on immigration issues

At first glance, former Sen. Alan Simpson seems to be a well-educated individual who shares the concerns of a majority of Americans. In fact, it is easy to agree with him on a host of issues.

He is not pleased with AARP. Neither are a majority of Americans who witnessed AARP go all in on the health care issue. But, due to payoffs, kick-backs and arm-twisting by Sen. Harry Reid, and a complete capitulation by Congressman Bart Stupak over federally funded abortions, the bill got passed against the will of the people.

Simpson says he would like a “simpler tax system.” Most people would agree, except for the percentages he has quoted. Does he realize that a given percentage of $40,000 is way less than the same given percentage of $500,000? Yes, we should all have some skin in the game. It would be much better if every person, every business and every corporation paid the same rate, percentage-wise. That is simple, doable and uncluttered.

As for his stance on immigration — well, that needs work. He co-wrote the Simpson-Mazzoli bill that President Reagan signed in 1986. Simpson says: “That one didn’t work,” adding, “But, it did bring 3 million people out of the dark.”

How so, senator? Are those 3 million people full-fledged Americans in every way? Do they all speak English? Pay taxes? Have they all turned in their bogus identification for legal Social Security cards? Just how many more, above those 3 million, have sponsored family members to join them? Was it a “one-time amnesty” deal?

Has the Democratic leadership, at any time since 1986, enacted strict enforcement measures, as their part of the “one-time” amnesty deal with Reagan? No. Reagan got stiffed by the Democrats, and it has been going downhill ever since.

What about the 12 million illegals (the number the government will admit to) within our borders now? Why do you suppose that many have sneaked into the United States since 1986? Could it be they are awaiting another amnesty?

I see no strict enforcement measures at our border or anywhere else. The present administration is making it far easier for illegals to come here, stay here, and get taxpayer-funded perks.


Grand Junction


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