Printed letters, February 18, 2014

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PART 1. With all due respect, Harry McDonald needs to look in a mirror when he says, “unfortunately, simplicity often neglects reality.” Let’s deconstruct his simplistic pseudo sophistry (whether intended or unintended).
One hard core reality related to Economics 101 is that every human wants to get paid as much as possible for his own labor and products as possible while simultaneously paying as little as possible for the “other guy’s” labor and products. Only a free marketplace comprised of willing buyers and willing sellers in an atmosphere 100% devoid of coercion can solve that problem/conundrum/dilemma.
One hard core reality/dilemma related to Politics 101 is that those who refuse to become involved in the inherently evil and inevitably corrupting stupid-human manipulation contest best known by the euphemism “politics” are destined to be ruled by their moral and intellectual inferiors. Another Politics 101 truism/dilemma is that you can’t beat somebody with nobody. Folks like the Amish and Hutterites deal with that problem on a regular basis because various manipulative “government”-believing jerks who have to buy labor to produce their products can’t compete with Hutterite prices, so they go to government asking for rules to hurt the religious cooperatives.
Another hard core reality is that there is no such real thing as “government”. “Government” is merely the euphemistic name the dominant members of the stupid-human pecking-order contest love to call them selves so their subjects will be more amenable to obeying “government’s” edicts, whether corrupt or not. “Authority” is merely delegated individual will. Of course “government” always looks with harsh disapproval at any individual with enough moral and intellectual insight to not want to delegate his or her will to any human who is stupid enough and intellectually corrupt enough to want to possess the inherently evil and inevitably corrupting One Ring of (“government”) Power (over the Other).
I love to tell people like Mr. McDonald that if you want to understand the empirically observable (and scientifically testable) material realities of the universe, imagine you are the only human on the face of the Earth. In that case, money is useless because it will not buy you the labor of another person. You have to produce for yourself, by yourself, NOT “services”, but real THINGS which will facilitate and enable your physical survival. So, when money is allowed to be comprised of political manipulation, it is nothing more or less than a tool for wannbe-clever dishonest individuals to steal the labor of more honest, gullible and naïve individuals.

PART 2. If, on the other hand, money is comprised of a real commodity, such as gold, silver, nickel, copper, or even iron or any other such real commodities, then that money can function honestly in the marketplace because it has a commensurate amount of human labor inextricably attached to its production. Lots of smart people throughout history have understood these facts, which explains the axiom “good money will drive out bad” (in a free marketplace).
Most of the so-called “services” provided by “government” which Mr. McDonald speaks of, would not even be necessary if enough people were moral enough, intellectually honest enough, and well enough educated to understand deep in their gut that when you try to steal the other guy’s labor, no matter how clever and complicated your burglar’s tool (e.g. “law”, “government”, “money”, “God”, etc) is, you are really hurting yourself and the concept/hope of an open and free society.
Any person who has not been dumbed down by compulsory “government” “education” can easily understand that real “wealth” is REAL things, NOT “money”. “Money”, as it currently exists in its fatally corrupt debt-as-money legal-tender fiat currency form, is merely the dishonest system of weights and measures (condemned in the Torah) by which clever non-producers (aka the “political class”) steal the labor of the more honest, gullible and naïve productive classes.
Money (aka “capital”) did not come before labor. Primitive man did not need debt-as-money legal-tender fiat currency to dig a ditch from the river to his garden to water his crops. Labor came before money. And, in the final analysis, LABOR creates all real THINGS which are of use to human beings. Labor creates all real things capable of being “taxed” (aka stolen) by “government”. Money is merely the lubricant for all the wannabe-clever manipulations by which stupid humans compete for the “political” power with which to steal each other’s labor.
In Federalist #51, James Madison said, “If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” In rebuttal to that wannbe-clever argument justifying “government”, I would offer the corollary suggestion that since men obviously aren’t angels, just how collectively stupid are we humans to give a flawed (as we all are) human possession of the inherently evil and inevitably corrupting One Ring of (“government”) Power (over the Other)?
I submit that, unless humans are somehow able to come to grips with, and thoroughly understand and reject, all forms of wannbe-clever human manipulations, our species will never be able to build ships capable of traveling around the universe at speeds in excess of the speed of light. We will be forever consigned to a never-ending hell of quarreling with each other and spoiling our habitat known as Earth.

PART 3. Real “government” is real control by each natural individual over his or her own self, not “legal”-monopoly-on-violence control over everybody else by a “government” elite in the fraudulent name of “self-government”. Real “salvation” is the certain gut knowledge that when you harm another you are actually harming your own quality of life in a peaceful and harmonious free and open society.
Since so many people want to treat their neighbors in ways they themselves would not like to be treated — this is all the more true for the intellectually corrupt elitists who call themselves “government” — “government” becomes a fatally attractive delusion and faux solution to the human conundrum/condition/dilemma.
Perhaps the most serious problem currently most pressing is that the global debt-as-money oligarchs have succeeded in destroying America’s can-do culture of self-reliance and replaced it with a freebie-addicted culture of criminal-minded people who are ignorant enough to actually believe they can vote (or have “government” “jobs”) for a living instead of producing real things and selling them at a profit to willing buyers for a living. And arguably the worse (and most dangerous) part of that phenomenon has been the racializing of that difficult problem/conundrum by such wannabe-clever criminals and race hustlers as those who routinely populate all three branches of the federal government.
The good news? I believe humans as a species inherently have the basic intelligence necessary to understand what the great minds among us have tried to teach us. The bad news? The solution is an individual one which each individual must find in his or her own heart and mind. It is the inherent nature of inherently evil and inevitably corrupting “government” to grow itself and become its own means and its own ends. The self-ownership-based solution cannot come from the top down. It will have to come from the bottom up. That means serious self-examination by every individual. And changing one’s own fundamental false-pride-based “how I am-ness” is probably the most difficult thing any human can undertake to accomplish. After all, aren’t we all wise in our own eyes? It is not for nothing that in the first chapter of Ecclesiastes Solomon (son of David) said, “vanity of vanities; all is vanity”.
For the spiritual and intellectual edification of those who share Mr. McDonald’s simplistic views of “government” and “services”, I suggest reading such as: Ludwig Von Mises (“Human Action”, “Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis”), Frédéric Bastiat (“The Law”, “Economic Sophisms”), Friedrich Hayek (“The Road To Serfdom”, “The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism”), Murray Rothbard (“Man, Economy, and State”, “The Ethics of Liberty”), Edmund Contoski (“Makers and Takers”), Hans-Hermann Hoppe (“A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism”).

Ha ha. “Maybe the county could screw all those folks out of home values and then invite all the liberals to move in and take all the stolen homes over to start “green” businesses, and they can congregate weekly and play reggae music.” Oh my—Now I understand Jared Wright.

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