Printed letters, February 20, 2013

L et me try to understand the inept justice system that protects us. I read in The Daily Sentinel Feb. 15 that the dog, Dutch, was “sentenced to death for mauling a woman.” As far as I know, dogs are not able to make a conscious decision, as we humans can, between right or wrong, but react to the situation to protect themselves.

Then I read in The Daily Sentinel on Feb. 16 that “ex-GJ man gets 36 years” in prison for beating to death a 19-month-old-child. The man made a conscious decision to do what he did.

This sure does not seem like blind justice to me. Too bad Dutch was not a human with a good lawyer to plea bargain down to a prison sentence.

Can someone in our justice system please help me understand this line of thinking?


Grand Junction

Doomed dog, Dutch, was 
just defending himself

In my opinion, Montrose Municipal Judge Richard Brown was totally wrong when he ordered the murder of Dutch, the American Allaunt service dog who “attacked,” — no, defended himself against — a woman who had previously owned Dutch and who struck Dutch with a tiki torch pole.

I have to ask myself: When being hit with a pole, did Dutch remember former abuse?

If anybody struck me with a stick or pole or even his or her hand, I certainly would defend myself. Were charges brought against this woman for hitting Dutch?


Staten Island. NY


WCC members should have 
worked with Brady Trucking

Thanks to B. Phillips for her letter regarding Brady Trucking. The Daily Sentinel caption, “City council lacked will…” is the only area in which we seem to agree.

While I agree the right of ownership doesn’t give the owner unrestricted right to use, pushing the issue to the extreme of a public vote to force the owner to move is an odious concept. It could result in perhaps worse ramifications than the placement of a trucking facility on the riverfront.

I support many environmental-protection goals. I am very disappointed that my friends at Western Colorado Congress chose this issue to engage in such a vehement manner at the expense of their members’ pocketbooks, as well as the reputation of this fine organization.

I believe the result will be twofold: The public will vote to leave Brady right there, and WCC will become even more marginalized than it already has become.

A better choice would have been to work with Brady Trucking, which was willing to make expensive concessions in regard to access and beautification. This may have resulted in stronger relationships between WCC and various local entities and raised their prestige in the community. The present tactic is likely to do the opposite.

This is not an environmentally critical piece of land by anybody’s standards. If it were, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would have weighed in on the side of the endangered river fishes.

The operation is separated from the river by some distance and an old, built-up bank of cement rip rap. Moreover, the present use as a trucking company is much better for the river than the old rendering plant that predated it.

WCC is driven by idealism to not let a precedent be set for reindustialization of the riverfront. I would ask its members to open their eyes.

Are they fighting the placement of Kannah Creek brewpub being constructed near the river?

I guess the WCC, along with me, has more use for a microbrewery than for a trucking company.


Glade Park


Americans must stand 
together to retain rights

In reference to Eileen O’Toole’s letter to the editor, we are talking about our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. The government is seeking to infringe on this right, and after it achieves infringing on this right or totally getting rid of it, then the government could start on the others.

As Americans, we will all suffer. Wars have been fought over these rights, and, as Americans, we should stand and fight for each and every one. No matter whether you own a gun or not, this is a right of every American.

If government would want to infringe on your right to peaceably assemble or your right to religion, I’m sure you would have all these people standing up against any infringement of these rights.

So, if you want to give up one right as an American, you had better be ready to give up all your rights.

And, believe me, I would be standing there with the rest of the people, if they wanted to infringe on any of these other rights, as I am standing here screaming about the right to keep and bear arms. So, we need to stand together for our rights as Americans.


Grand Junction


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Steve, If you were the author of this vitriolic inaccurate description of what I wrote and what was published week before last in the “Letters to the Editor,” then your letter entitled “Win-win solution needed for monument and community” was either not written by you or your writing style is as changeable as the this letter published today, February 20th, is imprecise and illogical. Please take the time and read the letter I wrote and not mimic someone elses’ opinion.  Your letter on the Monument was really good.  This one was just mean.  OH!  By the by…I am NOT the President of Western Colorado Congress.  Had you read my letter and understood it you would have known that.  Thank you for your attention in this matter.

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