Printed letters, February 21, 2013

There is adequate revenue to fund the legitimate functions of the federal government. The common elements of all nations, whether a republic or a dictatorship, are a military to defend; ambassadors to interact with other nations; prisons to control the unlawful; judges to arbitrate; clerks to record information and a few other agencies or departments such as mail and roads to enhance communication and commerce.

Unfortunately, we have elected politicians who have regulated us to near inactivity and who have enacted subsidies and entitlements that will never be paid for.

Alex de Tocqueville stated more than 175 years ago, “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”


Grand Junction

Access to public land is among
essential items feds are cutting

I couldn’t resist commenting on your article of Feb. 18 regarding spending cuts for the government. First of all, spending cuts and the government are an oxymoron, to say the least.

Have you all noticed the items we can count on being reduced or cut are the items we need the most? Firefighters, national parks and oil and gas leases seem to top the list of what the taxpayer must give up when the budget is cut. Funding for practices such as holding up the pipelines, closing more public lands to access and, of course, taking extravagant holidays at Aspen seem likely to stay intact.

Oh yeah, then there is the announcement that 670 of our public recreation sites will have to be closed. I really find this one amazing. Not only are we talking about this just before summer vacation, but also we are talking about closing more public lands.

Before our blessed government decided to “manage” our public lands, they were open to all. Now that we might not be able to fund their “management,” they must be closed. Why don’t we return them to their natural state?

If you can’t fund the management of the land, then get off it and let it go back to the people. How about this for an idea: Let’s give the land to the state in which it resides to manage. Take your big government ideas back to the East Coast or West Coast and leave us alone. We can manage our own land.


Grand Junction


Nonsecular Catholic Church
doesn’t follow worldly trends

Ruth Marcus is missing a very important point in her column of Feb. 13, namely: The Catholic Church is not a secular organization and does not follow secular worldly trends and values.

“Secular justice” includes same-sex marriage, abortion, euthanasia and women priests. All of these are opposed to divine justice and values. Remember what Jesus said to Pontius Pilate (a reference to Jesus’ passion before his resurrection): “My Kingdom is not of this world.”

The Catholic Church is, has been and will always remain spiritual. Unlike, Islam, a theocracy in which there is no separation of church and state, the Catholic Church made the distinction of separation between church and state a long time ago: “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.”

The religious women who want to be priests do not have a problem with the pope. They have a problem with He who instituted the priesthood: Jesus Christ. They also have a problem with the Catholic Church. Check the catechism of the Catholic Church, No. 1577 and No. 157.

I’m surprised that these women do not remember that the priesthood is a spiritual calling and not a secular job to which you can apply and feel entitled to have.

If the religious women want to institute secular rules, rules that they consider fair according to the world, then they should set up their own system and stop calling themselves Catholic nuns. There are plenty of good organizations made up of good secular women with their own rules and services.

I’d say: Just do it — leave and be happy. Why stay in the Catholic Church if they oppose its spiritual rules and values? Just go. Don’t worry.

The Vatican will not send cops or police to remove them. They have removed themselves as per their own conscience and free will.


Grand Junction


Martin Chazen would bring 
fiscal prudence to council

As the upcoming City Council election nears, it is critical that the good citizens of Grand Junction become aware of the choices they have before them.

This year, voters have one of the most qualified persons running for the seat in District D who has ever run for City Council. Marty Chazen, who calls himself “the Numbers Guy,” is truly that. He has spent his working career as an accountant working in Fortune 500 companies, making sure budgets balanced and monies were spent in a productive manner with no waste allowed.

This isn’t just a career-related habit of Chazen’s; it’s his own personal belief. Having served on an executive board with Chazen for two years, I can personally attest to his basic common-sense approach to financial matters.

Grand Junction taxpayers will be well served with him as the representative from District D. Vote for Martin Chazen.


Grand Junction


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