Printed letters, February 25, 2014

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For real? The guy protesting the new methane air pollution rules is named “Odor”?

J.O. calls the new air regulations “heavy handed”, yet in the testimonies given at the hearing it was clearly understood that 3 of the big developers supported the rules and 1 other did conditionally. Doesn’t sound “heavy handed” rather more like collaborative.
The reason methane was included was, it too, is a precursor to ozone, besides being a greenhouse gas. As Wikipedia says, “Methane, a VOC whose atmospheric concentration has increased tremendously during the last century, contributes to ozone formation but on a global scale rather than in local or regional photochemical smog episodes.”

The other part of this equation is even if an area is under the 75 parts per billion (non-attainment), but it contributes to the problem of another area being over the limit a certain number of 8 hour periods (attainment), that area contributing is recognized a being part of the overall problem.

The most important aspect is that being in non-attainment does NOT mean the levels of ozone may be increased to that 75 ppb. As testimony showed there are health effects on both flora and fauna by the increased ozone that has the EPA considering going to the more universal 65 ppb or even less, to start issuing warnings, alerts, and programs to cut back emissions further.

It may be a future plan that Colorado sue Utah to make such rules because they are contributing Colorado’s problem (Rio Blanco in non-attainment) or even the EPA taking such action. But it really gets to the math, $’s can not be >= public health, safety, or well being.

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