Printed letters, February 5, 2014

I want to reply to Harmon Lisnow’s recent letter. I understand there will always be individuals who believe corporations and the wealthy are inherently evil. It is concerning how the balance in this country has shifted and the prevailing attitude is one of taking much more from the “haves” to distribute to the “have-nots,” even though we have many examples of such systems not working.

Raised in a rural community in southern Utah, I was taught that hard work was rewarded with a more comfortable lifestyle. Some years we learned that if we didn’t work hard, we might not eat very much. That was a valuable lesson everyone should learn.

The parable of the ant and the grasshopper comes to mind. We are seeing way too many grasshoppers now. There will always be those who need help. Hopefully, that help is short-term and allows individuals to get back on their feet again. I fear, however, that is increasingly not the case.

Private corporations, small businesses and wealthy individuals have the resources to fuel our economy. They make up the engine that drives it. Taking parts off that engine one at a time and distributing them to groups and individuals that don’t know what to do with them benefits no one. Our current administration seems to believe in punishing the ants and rewarding the grasshoppers. Taking parts off the engine as it sputters and stalls will not fix the economy.

The beauty of our system is the ability of each individual to have access to economic mobility. If you don’t like your current situation, get training and education or use your ingenuity and hard work to move up where you want to be. Nothing’s stopping you.

If we continue to slide to where it’s no longer worthwhile to be an ant, we will have removed an important element of the human spirit from our economy. Working hard and being rewarded for it is a blessing and good for the soul.


Grand Junction

Rather than criticize, Tipton
ought to offer clear solutions

Predictably, Rep. Scott Tipton had a critical article in last Wednesday’s paper after President Obama’s national speech. He seems to have become a partisan political critic. Clearly, Tipton represents the 10 percent favorability rating Congress has nationally.

I would like to read one clear and polished alternative for any agenda of which he is a critic. Being critical is easy. Being a clear, direct problem solver takes talent and creativity.

We need to succinctly know Tipton’s beliefs and solutions and not just hear his continual criticisms.


Grand Junction


Wright’s stance on rights of gun owners is out-of-date

Regardless of their interpretation of militias and arms-bearing rights, all the responsible gun owners I know care about safety. But Rep. Jared Wright, in his crusade not to limit freedoms to carry concealed weapons, seems deaf on the subject — and to concerns that not everyone pistol-packing in public is responsible simply by virtue of the Second Amendment.

His proposed bill would apparently eliminate any requirement that concealed-carry gun owners certify they know the laws, understand gun safety and have some acquaintance with how to operate their weapons.

The Constitution was written in the days when most citizens lived in rural areas. A crowd might constitute a few dozen seen a few times a year. They would never in their lifetimes enter a grocery store, restaurant, movie theater or shopping mall.

If a law enforcement officer ever had to pull over someone on a traffic stop, the citizen would not be driving a tinted-window SUV. And if he were fired upon, the shooter would only have time to get off one shot.

The world has changed, and Rep. Wright can’t change it back.


Grand Junction


Oil, gas wells should not be blamed for birth defects

Here you go again — spinning your headline to suggest a link between gas wells and birth defects from “researchers” well known as extreme environmental activists who deliberately mislead the public to further their agenda.

Why is The Daily Sentinel printing such misleading headlines? Why do you try to blame oil and gas for everything?

Have you ever heard of “you are what you eat”? I would suggest these “researchers” go back to the research group (mothers) and find out how many drank diet sodas (aspartame), or smoked, or ate fast foods and had poor diets and poor health in general. In that information they’ll find a direct correlation to the poor health of their babies.

Many more toxins are in their environments than just their proximity to oil and gas development. People should quit blaming everything on oil and gas and take responsibility for what they put into their own mouths.


Grand Junction


Liberals’ idea of paradise in actuality already exists

A liberal’s idea of paradise is a place where everybody has guaranteed employment and free comprehensive health care, education, food, housing, clothing, phones and utilities. It is also where law enforcement personnel are the only people allowed to carry guns.

Believe it or not, such a place does indeed already exist. It’s called prison.




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