Printed letters, February 8, 2013

Private property is central to the belief or promise that U.S. citizens can purchase a patch of Earth. Part of the perceived promise is the compelling right for each person or company to buy and access what is purchased.

Ownership and access are not guaranteed. This is reinforced when we look at what our community has accomplished on the river. Private industrial garbage dumps have been replaced, over 35 years and by investing $100 million, with a more natural riverbank and community trails.

Allowing Brady Trucking to reindustrialize the lynchpin property between Las Colonias Park and Colorado state land east of the Brady riverfront is against a long-term, multi-generational vision to boost the overall standard of life in Grand Junction and Mesa County.

Brady is a good and stable employer that provides good jobs. The Grand Junction City Council has, in the past, spent taxpayer money or given tax breaks to entice relocation of companies. Why is it so difficult to find the money to complete a multi-decade project and spend the money for an appraisal so Brady can sell or trade the land to the city?

Brady’s accessing the questionably-zoned land is not a private-property or a jobs issue but the lack of will by the City Council to complete the vision that converges the past with the future through the preservation of riparian habitat that enhances all our lives.

Brady deserves to be bought out or have lands traded instead of waiting for citizens to take the repeated path that voters made abundantly clear in the past that there is no reindustrialization of the riverfront.

Members of the Grand Junction City Council did not do their job, and the cost to Brady, you and me is inexcusable.

B. PHILLIPS, President

Western Colorado Congress
of Mesa County




Why so much hoopla 
over name change?

I saw in the Jan. 28 edition of the paper that Tillie Bishop said that making the monument a national park only amounts to changing the name.

If this is true, why is there such a push to designated it a national park?

There must be more to it than the Grand Junction elitists are divulging to us common folks.


Grand Junction


McCallister’s methane 
math fails to hold water

Would everyone who thinks a pint of methane weighs a pound please raise your hand? With reference to the article “A rather windy explanation of global warming” by Professor Gary McCallister of Colorado Mesa University, a correction is desperately needed.

In the article McCallister writes, “humans are producing at least 7 to 28 billion pints of methane a day. Since ‘a pint is a pound the world around’ that is between 7-28 billion pounds, or 14 million tons of gas.”

The editor should have caught this one, using common sense. The saying is referring to estimating the weight of water and does not apply to other lighter or heavier things. As a geologist, I know that methane is lighter. (It bubbles up through the water in swamps).

A little checking on the Internet reveals that methane at standard pressure and temperature weighs about 0.66 kilograms per cubic meter. Rendering this into pints and pounds (using handy conversion factors available on the internet), we learn that a pint of methane weighs 0.00066 pounds.

The other way around, one pound of methane takes up about 1,515 pints. Not anywhere near the same ballpark.


Grand Junction


Mentally ill shooters view
schools as ‘soft targets’

This analogy by an unknown author may help you understand the thought process for people against guns.

“Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.

“In the end, this is not about gun control but rather about neutering the population. As I’ve said before, nothing being proposed will make our children or our people one bit safer.”

In my opinion, the mentally ill look for soft targets, kill as many humans as possible and then take their own lives. An unprotected school without armed security is a perfect target.

We need to protect our children now and not wait for ultimate solutions. We need to start immediately putting armed security in schools.

Don’t let some political jerk talk you into approving options that don’t make sense and more importantly, ones that leave our children unprotected.


Grand Junction


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