Printed letters, February 9, 2014

Tuesday’s editorial in The Daily Sentinel, taking Rep. Jared Wright to task for yet another grandstanding bill, did not go far enough.

It seems Wright is desperate to do anything to prove his conservative credentials. Meanwhile his district continues to suffer economic woes that Wright does nothing to moderate.

On the same day that the Sentinel provided a front-page article on Wright’s bill, over which it is now taking him to task, there was an article about Wright’s constituents in De Beque trying to improve their economic future by attempting to bring a casino to the area.

Helping the residents of De Beque are Rep. Ray Scott and Sen. Steve King. Mentioned nowhere in the article is their actual representative, Wright. This is because Wright has told the good folks of De Beque that he does not have time to help them in their plight.

The Sentinel has chosen to ignore Wright’s snub of his own constituency, but it reinforced the main point in its editorial: Jared Wright is in Denver for Jared Wright, not for his constituents.



County attorney was always

polite, professional, prompt

During Lyle Dechant’s 30-plus years as county attorney, he was bound to ruffle some feathers, have some disagreements and even cause a few bad feelings along the way. However, I want to say that I always found him to be courteous and professional.

Whenever I had any questions, Dechant was always quick to respond, returning phone calls and, in recent years, emails, promptly with his answers and suggestions. I appreciated that.

I hope that his replacement shows the same consideration to the residents of Mesa County.


Grand Junction


Oil and gas workers also

want to keep Colorado safe

For more than 60 years, the oil and natural gas industry has worked closely with local leaders to ensure fracking exists safely alongside Colorado’s communities and environment.

With more than 10,000 oil and natural gas wells drilled in western Colorado in the past 10 years, this community partnership remains stronger than ever. We hope to see that continue.

In fact, one of my favorite organizations, Community Counts, provides tools to strengthen communication between oil and natural gas companies and Colorado communities. And many Colorado energy companies have joined Community Counts to do just that — communicate with their neighbors across Colorado.

By listening and responding to Coloradans’ concerns, these industry members strive to balance the economic and social benefits of energy production with the impact of operations on the environment.

Because in the end, oil and natural gas workers call Colorado home, too. Like you, they strive to keep Colorado safe and prosperous for generations to come.


Coloradans for Responsible

Energy Development



Rely on armed volunteers
to keep our schools safe

There is a simple way to protect our schools. Put a large sign in the window that says, “This school is protected by armed guards.”

Accomplishing this can be done in a number of ways, such as arming school staff and/or using city and county police officers, retired law officers, volunteers or former military. We need those who are familiar with weapons and know the responsibility that their use carries.

The most important part is training. I believe that anyone participating in this program must be firearm trained by local law enforcement and must train monthly at the same schedule and standards as law enforcement does. Familiarity with their weapons will give school armed guards a clear focus on defending our children.

You might find out that there are many qualified individuals who would be willing to volunteer their time to provide this safety in our schools.

School access should be much tighter by controlling entrance points, possibly with door alarms on lesser-used doorways.

The crazies of the world are very reluctant to pull off their attacks when they fear being shot and punished for their crimes. Let’s make them fear going near a school and our children. 


Grand Junction


Sentinel thanked for running
front-page ‘fact-check’ article

Are pigs flying? What a surprise it was to find in the Feb. 6 issue of The Daily Sentinel the article rebutting information published in The Daily Sentinel’s Feb. 5 issue. Both articles are from the Associated Press, and both were on the front page.

An article headlined “Health care law means fewer on job, analysts say” was published Feb. 5. It was followed by “Fact check: Anti-‘Obamacare’ chorus is off key over health act, job loss” the next day.

Thank you, Daily Sentinel, for both articles. They represent how our political leaders can be so misleading in informing their constituents of the facts. Fact-check articles are becoming more popular, as they are written in a bipartisan point of view, actually no view, just the facts.

“Just the facts” is the way journalists used to report the news. Sure do miss those old days.




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The Sentinel published the fact check and then comes back with a tpub cartoon in the Sunday paper promoting the same pig flying junk of lost jobs. Any editing for stale or bogus crud? Like spit in the gutter, lies live on.

This week afforded another revealing expose’ of our sorry-excuse-for-a-Congressman – “Teapublican” Scott Tipton—at “work”.

On Wednesday, one of the Sentinel’s front-page headlines was:  “Health care law means fewer on job, analysts say” – referring to the CBO report predicting that (by 2021) the equivalent of 2.3 currently-employed Americans would opt to work less because of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”).

Later on Wednesday, “Jumping Frog” Tipton jumped onto the right-wing and FoxNoise “talking points” bandwagon and issued a formal “Statement on CBO Report’s Projected Job Losses”, in which he falsely claimed that the CBO report confirmed what he had been expecting all along – that the ACA “will cost the economy millions of jobs”.

On Thursday, a Sentinel front-page headlines was:  “Fact check:  Anti-‘Obamacare’ chorus is off key over health care act, job loss”, which accurately reported what Tipton likely already knew – that the report predicted a future reduction in labor supply (people willing to work), not fewer jobs being produced by the economy.

Thus, Tipton cynically turned what could be a good thing (fewer people trapped in jobs just to retain access to health insurance, thereby freeing-up positions and/or working hours for others) into a bad thing (“job-destroying ObamaCare!”).

Of course, Tipton did not issue a correction—even after FoxNoise realized it was not being “fair and balanced”.  Rather, on Sunday, Tipton’s weekly “Update” re-circulated that same falsehhod – claiming that the ACA “will cost millions of American jobs”.

Actually, this latest CBO report in no way contradicts economists’ previous predictions that the ACA will likely stimulate the creation of 250,000 to 400,000 new jobs annually – particularly in health care related fields – even if some folks opt to work less.

Paraphrasing the opening line of his “Statement”, Scott Tipton is “proving to be one of the worst Congressmen ever elected”.

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