Printed letters, January 16, 2014

A recent letter to the editor stated that global warming has caused Arctic sea ice to melt, which in turn has caused the adjacent continents to be colder and snowier then “usual.”

If this is true, then in the recent past, with Arctic sea ice very expansive in area, we would expect the northern continents to have been warmer and less snowy than “usual.” Obviously, all the known data indicate just the opposite — 50, 100 or more years ago it was much colder and glaciers were more extensive on the land.

No one factor will account for climate change. It is a complex of highly variable atmospheric, geologic, human and astronomical inputs.

All of us (scientists and nonscientists) would be better served by leaving statistical theory and paying attention to the Princeton University remarks about complex systems’ reactions to input variations.


Grand Junction

Statistics do not support 
efficacy of gun-control laws

“Facts are stubborn things,” John Adams said. The obligatory weekly letter to the editor touting more gun control is disturbing because of the purely emotional distortions. Here are a a few facts:

✓ In  2011, 323 U.S. citizens were killed with rifles. There were 496 U.S. citizens killed with clubs and knives.

✓ Since North Carolina passed its concealed carry law, violent crime has dropped 30 percent.

✓ Since Oklahoma passed its “Make My Day” law, property crime has dropped 50 percent.

✓ During the ban of assault weapons (1994-2004), murder rates were 19.32 percent higher than now.

✓ Chicago and Washington, D.C., have the most restrictive gun laws in the nation and the highest murder rates.

✓ Northern European countries with high gun-ownership rates have very low murder rates.

✓ Every recent mass murder in this country has occurred in a gun-free zone.


Grand Junction





To make paper more readable, place related stories together

Generally, the organization of The Daily Sentinel makes sense from a reader’s perspective. I wonder, though, if it would make the paper more readable if similar articles were printed on the same page.

A good example of how stories on separate pages could be combined occurred in a recent edition. On page 5A there appeared a story of the dysfunctional Obamacare website. Gary McCallister regaled us (page 10A) with the woes of construction and deconstruction when one doesn’t know what one is doing. Those articles could have appeared side by side or even been melded together.

Keeping in mind Nancy Pelosi’s admonition that “we need to pass Obamacare to find out what’s in it,” it’s clear that the bill’s designers (Democrats only) didn’t know what they were doing.

We now find out that a change in life can’t be updated on the government website. Such life changes as a new baby, a marriage or divorce, death of a family member, moving to a new community, a new job or change in income are left out, much like McCallister’s pieces left over in assembly.

He says that when that occurs “something is probably not going to work.” I contend that when the government leaves things out, it’s guaranteed not to work and just needs more taxpayer money to be fixed.

McCallister’s example of the robot he built that was supposed to avoid obstacles but instead attacked them was classic. It’s analogous to Obamacare, which is supposed to provide insurance to the uninsured, but instead has cancelled people’s insurance, thus attacking those who had insurance.

Of his disasters in assembly and disassembly, McCallister said they “have sort of left a mark on me.” Kathleen Sebelius, head of Health and Human Services, has said that Obamacare leaves a mark as a “new day in health care.” Judging by all its problems, it looks as if it’s a mark that’s going to hurt patients and taxpayers.


Grand Junction


Democrats don’t give break 
to working folks in Colorado

After reading in The Daily Sentinel how Colorado is so rich it can give $6,000 to every rich person who buys a Tesla automobile, it would appear that Democrats in Colorado hate working people in this state.

For instance, all the teachers could use more money, as well as the gas people, truck drivers, small shopkeepers and many others.

The governor has a veto over bad bills like this. He should have vetoed it, but he hasn’t.


Grand Junction


Taxpayers picked up cost 
of first lady’s birthday gift

I guess two weeks in Hawaii wasn’t enough for Michelle Obama? She didn’t want to get on the plane home with her husband, so I guess we had to deadhead Air Force One back to pick her up when she was ready to come home?

What a carbon footprint! And on whose dime? President Obama said it’s part of her birthday present. So, I guess he’s paying for it all?

Well, at least it’s better than her trip all over Europe and then on to Africa. This time, somehow, they managed to stay in the United States.




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