Printed letters, January 29, 2013

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Does anybody besides me feel a need to barf every time they see a wannabe-clever lib statment like Harmon Lisnow’s “what do I have to hide?” in reference to his willingness to register his guns? That manipulative “question” (actually a statement of demonization) clearly implies that anyone who disagrees with libs does have something to hide. That’s provably false.
Notice such as Lisnow (and his lib hero Jim Spehar) never EVER talk about such things as the provably UNconstitutional global debt-as-money fraud, or unsustainable and/or unconstitutional economic models. Many of their ilk indirectly make their living from the fraud. Notice they never talk about the National Security Act of 1947 or the CIA Act of 1949 which allow the black bag crowd to spend trillions off the books in the so-called “black” budget which result in things like Donald Rumsfeld making a public announcement that $2.3 trillion is missing at the Pentagon? What does Lisnow’s precious Big Brother government have to hide? Hmmm? What about that?
When I was a kid, a billion dollars was a huge amount. Now trillions are nothing and we have well over $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities and over a quadrillion in phony, criminally fraudulent “derivatives” floating around out there in the economy. The next number is quintillion. The so-called “national debt” is a complete and unsustainable fraud. The American government, led by a constitutionally ineligible scam artist from Kenya has become a criminal duopoly cabal which daily scoffs at the U.S. Constitution. Race and class division have become standard political strategies. The Makers and Takers are at each others throats. Understandably, civility has disappeared from the public discourse.
Enough is enough. So-called “inflation” is just a numbers game. The parity inevitably changes between the bogus increases in the debt-as-money supply created out of thin air by the government monopoly on violence and the consumer goods (aka “commodities) which are bought with the fraudulent moral-hazard-based “legal” tender. That means the stuff we want to buy costs more numbers and every man, woman and child owes $50,000+ on the national debt alone, $189,000 if you count the unfunded liabilities, and $190,00 for every human ON THE PLANET for the bogus derivatives.
Unbeknownst to low-information polemically-cutesy liberal voters like Lisnow and Spehar, the reason the global debt-as-money oligarchy wants to first register, then confiscate, guns is because they need to disarm the people before they can steal everybody’s assets via taxation.
Only ignoramuses will voluntarily give up their guns or provide information about them to a criminal cabal.

So Markos thinks he has an answer:
“But having armed security on-site failed to prevent the deadliest mass shooting at an American high school.
In 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold killed 15 people and wounded 23 more at Columbine High School. The destruction occurred despite the fact that there was an armed security officer at the school and another one nearby—exactly what LaPierre argued on Friday was the answer to stopping “a bad guy with a gun.”
Deputy Neil Gardner was a 15-year veteran of the Jefferson County, Colo., Sheriff’s Office assigned as the uniformed officer at Columbine. According to an account compiled by the police department, Gardner fired on Harris but was unsuccessful in stopping him:
Gardner, seeing Harris working with his gun, leaned over the top of the car and fired four shots. He was 60 yards from the gunman. Harris spun hard to the right and Gardner momentarily thought he had hit him. Seconds later, Harris began shooting again at the deputy.
After the exchange of gunfire, Harris ran back into the building. Gardner was able to get on the police radio and called for assistance from other Sheriff’s units. “Shots in the building. I need someone in the south lot with me.”
The second officer was Deputy Paul Smoker, a motorcycle patrolman who was near the school writing a speeding ticket. When he heard a dispatch of a woman injured at the high school, he responded. He, too, fired at Harris but didn’t stop him.
LaPierre said having armed security on the scene is necessary so someone is there to shoot back. “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” he said. “Would you rather have your 911 call bring a good guy with a gun from a mile away—or a minute away?”
But in chaotic situations, it’s often impossible to identify the “bad guy,” as Smoker said in his account of Columbine: “There was an unknown inside a school. We didn’t know who the ‘bad guy’ was but we soon realized the sophistication of their weapons. These were big bombs. Big guns. We didn’t have a clue who ‘they’ were.”

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