Printed letters, July 11, 2013

It’s not the worst part of fire season yet, but already, tragically, we have lost 19 firefighters in Arizona and more than 500 homes in Colorado’s Black Forest fire. We now usually burn up more timber annually than we harvested, even during high logging years.

How dumb can we be? We have let government and environists (“environmentalists” without the “mental”) limit logging, supposedly to “protect animal habitat.” As a result, forests are so thick and unhealthy and so filled with dead wood that they quickly become uncontrollable infernos. Instead of temporarily displacing wildlife during logging, we are now incinerating wildlife, habitat, people and homes.

Our government is intensifying this recession by eliminating resource-based jobs (especially coal and timber). It is wasting our timber resources. How dumb can we be? Why do we allow this to happen?

Forest fires spew tons of carbon dioxide in the air. Global-warming alarmists ignore that inconvenient fact. Smoke-filled air damages human health. Lives and property are destroyed. Viewsheds are compromised for hundreds of miles.

Judicious forest management (thinning, logging, fire breaks and prescribed fire) can increase forest health, reduce forest fuels and make fires easier to control. Our forests can be managed to benefit economies, increase forest health and habitat and minimize catastrophic fires.

Stop letting government neglect and destroy our resources and suppress our economic recovery. Tell your representatives that we’re tired of fire taking what we could be using, and that we want more of our forests managed for fire protection and economic benefits.



Liberals’ lavish perks 
burden next generation

Why are liberals writing in complaining about the lack of a budget in Washington when they have exactly what they wanted — endless spending and no one can stop them?

Obama’s budget was nothing but another tax-and-spend joke. It had $1 trillion in new taxes while cutting chicken feed in spending. The Democrats’ new socialistic agenda is imploding on them.

People are realizing that Obamacare is a disaster. But that’s what happens when you pass a bill before you find out what’s in it. Obama’s taken entitlements to almost 65 percent of our federal spending, and now they’re running out of working people to pay for all their handouts.

And, best of all, members of our young generation are finally realizing that, even though liberals talk great and are great at blaming others, all they’re getting from Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid is a big, fat unpayable bill!


Grand Junction


Republican Party being hurt 
by those on the radical right

Over the past few years, a disturbing trend has emerged in the Republican Party: the disappearance of the moderate voice. The traditional, fiscally conservative (excepting recent Republican presidents) wing of the party has been overrun by a hard-right faction consisting of anti-government zealots (aka the “tea partiers”), the gun lobby and the millions who worship at the pulpits of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage and the like.

In the Grand Valley, this is particularly noticeable. It’s not news that our valley is strongly conservative, but what is alarming is the vitriol coming from these individuals. Going well beyond basic ideological differences, it runs from deeply disrespectful to downright scary.

One particular nugget I’ve heard on more than one occasion is, “Obama is intentionally trying to destroy the American economy.” Please. I understand we are all influenced by what we are exposed to, but how about a little independent thinking? How much difference is there between the lemmings of today who believe everything they see and hear and those in attendance at the Jim Jones Kool-Aid party in Guyana a few decades ago?

The national Republican Party recognizes that the center controls national, as well as many state elections (Colorado included), and that the hard right is costing the party at the polls.

Even so, it’s doubtful that the bluster from these groups will subside any time soon. After all, it’s all about partisan politics. If not, why didn’t the tea party arise several years ago, when the Bush administration was in the middle of expanding the federal government on a level not seen since the Johnson years? Where was the furor then?

If the Republicans regain the White House in 2016, the members of the radical right will most likely retreat to their bunkers, only to be replaced by their counterparts from the far left. Aren’t politics grand?


Grand Junction


How many more secrets are 
hidden in immigration bill?

How many more secrets are kept from us besides the fact that the illegal immigrants will be given welfare checks?

Will the final bill be like Obamacare, where we learn more details every day?

It would be interesting to see a survey of our county or city asking how many of us know about welfare for illegal immigrants.


Grand Junction


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