Printed Letters: July 16, 2017

Applaud Hick on 
climate decision

Public opinion polls show overwhelming disapproval of Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Accord. Over six in 10 oppose this move and say it damages U.S. global leadership.

The survey finds broad skepticism toward Trump’s argument that this will benefit the economy. Instead, many think that it will hurt our economy.

In steps Colorado Governor Hickenlooper to fill this leadership void with a commitment for Colorado to cut greenhouse gas emissions and join the U.S. Climate Alliance. The Alliance is made up of hundreds of cities and states committed to uphold the Paris Agreement and make up over half of our countries’ population. Hickenlooper is leading Colorado in creating new job growth in the fast growing clean energy industry, reducing pollution in our air and water, and protecting our mountains and wildlife from the effects of global warming.

His plan starts by encouraging utilities to voluntarily invest in renewable energy and to assist coal and mining communities impacted from this changing energy landscape.

Thanks to Gov. Hickenlooper for committing our state to becoming a part of the solution with low carbon energy alternatives like wind and solar. Thanks for joining the 194 other countries working together on this crucial issue. Thanks for the quality of life you are promoting for our future generations.


The status of the family should be a wake-up call

Regarding the column by George Will on July 6; he really hit the nail on the head! If young people follow a proper/logical/responsible sequence in their lives it would lead to a very (enjoyable and) successful life. His recommendations to young people are: “First – At least get a high school diploma (get an education); Second – Get a job (a good one, not in a fast-food shop); Third – Get married; and Fourth – only then have children.” Wow! What an idea. God’s plan for all of us.

“One problem today,” W. Bradford Wilcox of the University of Virginia says, “is the soul-mate model of marriage” ‘a self-centered approach that regards marriage primarily as an opportunity for personal growth and fulfillment rather than as a way to form a family. In healthy societies, basic values and social arrangements are not much thought about (that’s just the way it is.).”

What an idea! How many of our societal woes could be avoided by following this sequence? How many good, stable, and happy families would we have? Families are the backbone of every nation and the status of the family is a real wake-up call to all.


Guv’s decision on climate merely words on paper

So The Daily Sentinel likes Governor Hickenlooper’s decision to have Colorado comply with the Paris Climate Accord by joining the U.S. Climate Alliance – 13 states leading the world fight against the U.S. Federal Government

Gov. Hickenlooper’s decision to say Colorado will comply (with the Paris Accord) is a painless, easy, politically beneficial (to the governor) maneuver that, because Colorado really wasn’t a player in the Accord, is just words on paper. I’m not impressed.

Now, had Gov. Hickenlooper really put Colorado into the Paris Climate Accord it would have got my attention and the attention of any Colorado citizen. So why isn’t Gov. Hickenlooper really going to become part of the Paris Climate Accord? Simple – Hickenlooper and the state of Colorado do not (and won’t) have any “skin in the game.” The U.S. government had been committed to put a whole lot of “skin in the game.” President Obama, after signing the actual Paris Climate Agreement that required the U.S. to heavily finance the United Nations climate slush fund, started out by sending $500 million to $1 billion Department of State funds to the UN without the approval of Congress.

Now, had Governor Hickenlooper announced: “Colorado to send initial payment of $38- $70 million Colorado taxpayer’s [Obama’s payments apportioned by participating alliance state] funds to the UN climate slush fund and Colorado will comply with the Paris Climate accord with more Colorado taxpayer dollar payments to follow,” that would have certainly drawn my focused attention and probably most of the Colorado taxpayers’ attention as well. The attitude towards

Colorado’s “participation” in the UN Climate Accord would probably be totally different.

Colorado is not in debt. The Federal government is only $20 trillion in debt. Maybe entering into agreements such as the Paris Climate Accord is part of the reason.



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Like Mr. Wills, Ms. Carol Anderson has an “Ozzie and Harriet” picture of what a family.  That has never existed and is therefore but is little else than a “fantasy”.  It therefore presents little else than a hopeful (“If all the young people did this, all problems would go away.”)

Perhaps the lady, and Mr. Wills, do not speak with young people.  Some of us do make such an effort.  That means that we listen to them.  And, what we have found is that, by and large, they are very much the same as we were when we were young, at least until the so-called “adults” around them corrupt them with their own ideas as to what they should be and what it is they should believe, which amounts to little else than “Be what I want you to be, believe what I tell you to believe, etc.” or “Look at what I did, and be just like me.”

The basic unit of society is not the family, it is the individual human being.  What is lacking, is all too frequently the lack of respect for that individual as a fellow human being.  That is something they are taught by the adults around them, parents and others who present themselves as individuals to be emulated while quite frequently falling far short of that idealistic image they have of themselves.

The lady, just as is true of Ms. Wills, are too busy living in their own past to pay much attention to much of anything else.  Well, the past is gone, never to return.  The problem, as some of us see it, is that far too many have never kept up with changing times and an ever changing world. Thus, they have no idea where they are, never mind where they should be headed.  That almost always leads such individuals to go backwards, usually to some romanticized version of what things were like “Way back then” and return to what they believe to what they believe were there “glory days”.

If Mr. Wills and Ms. Anderson observed very carefully, they would have noted that far too many are more interested in their own recreation than they are in first insuring that others first have food to eat, clothes on their back, a place to live and access to needed medical care.  Ms. Anderson need only look at the local stories in the newspaper to see that.

Some of us have learned in life that many things which we advocate for, at times presented in the most noble and exalted intentions (which we actually believed were, in reality, motivated by not only base, but actually crass, selfish and self-serving intentions.

I would therefore remind both Mr. Wills and Ms. Anderson of the following saying.  “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Mr. Laitres
  You seem to forget that each individual has the responsibility to make good decisions in their lives and it is not the responsibility of everyone else to bail them out when they make bad decisions.  In the United States today most people have the opportunity to make a good life for themselves if they work hard and make good decisions.  Too many people today think that everything should be given to them without any effort on their part and that we owe it to them and are suppose to give it to them.
  Many examples exist today that show this mindset, i.e. students thinking that their student loans should be forgiven, people expecting the government to take care of them including free cell phones, etc.
  My grandchildren come from a good stable family and I will bet you that they will make the right decisons based on growing up in that kind of home.

  That does not mean that they are not some people who do need help and in those cases we should be able to help them but it doesn’t always have to come from the government.

  By the way those types of families still exist.  I feel sorry for you because it seems you missed out on being part of that kind of good family.

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