Printed Letters: July 25, 2017

Argument to move BLM lacks legitimacy

I read Sen. Cory Gardner’s op-ed column in Sunday’s paper soliciting help to get the BLM moved to the west. I assume the senator would be promoting Colorado as the ideal choice. What nonsense!

Sen. Gardner needs to remember that all federal tax dollars from every state in the union help administer the BLM lands, not just those west of the Mississippi. I think Sen. Gardner hopes that by moving the BLM to the West, that the appointed administrators will be “co-opted” into a more “Western way” of thinking (i.e. and e.g.: oil and gas development trumps every other use).

If he is actually serious with this harebrained idea, I think the senator’s first legislative move should be to introduce legislation that requires BLM funding only by federal taxes collected from those states in which BLM lands occur. That would give his argument more legitimacy. The senator needs to spend more time helping craft a reasonable health-care alternative than spending federal tax dollars throwing red meat to his base.

Grand Junction

Why not just tax bikes on same fee schedule as other vehicles?

If the state wants to tax my road bike with the same fee schedule that automobiles and tractor-trailers are charged, I am fine with that. According to the Department of Transportation, semi-trucks weighing up to 80,000 pounds are charged as much as $2,373 for annual license plates in Colorado. This means that my 17-pound road bike would be charged 49 cents a year. Sure, that seems fair to me.

Grand Junction

Promoters of name change may have it backwards

I’ve been thinking about the proposed street name change (North Avenue to University Boulevard, 12th Street to Maverick Way) and think the promoters have it backwards. CMU fronts 12th Street for about a mile; it fronts North for only about a half mile. Most of the public CMU buildings — Moss Performing Arts Center, University Center, the parking garage, soccer field, Suplizio Field Tower, for example – front on 12th Street. At this time the only CMU buildings that front North are Houston Hall, the old church that will soon be vacant, and the retail topped with dorms building. It is easier to reach the university from I-70 via Horizon and 12th than it is from I-70B and that weird intersection with North (maybe a roundabout in waiting?). The usual definition of “boulevard” more nearly fits 12th Street than does North Avenue, even with its recent pitiful “beautification,” which is just that – pitiful.

I do not live in the city limits (they creep closer every year) but I work at CMU and spend a lot of money in this town. A name change for either of these streets will have no economic effect on me. I just hope that the city mother and fathers do the right thing and put this issue to a vote of the people.

Grand Junction

Trump expects respect but does not extend it to others

After watching, listening and reading this week’s news concerning the president and his surrounding scandals something either emerged or jumped out at me. President Trump has repeatedly stated that he has been treated unfairly with the obviously conservative media sources parroting the same sentiment.

What came to mind here was: Has or does Donald Trump treat others fairly and with respect? The short and long answer is no. Accusing the last president of not being born in the U.S., for at least five years, along with inferring that he never went to college and nobody ever remembered him there. Making fun of a disabled guy. Lying, lying and lying about anything and everything. Telling his supporters they should kick a guys a*#. Constantly calling media sources fake news. Embarrassing the U.S. at international meetings. Calling the Russia thing a witch hunt even after his son confirms that it is not. Threatening members of his staff for being ethical. Attempting to stop investigations into his potential wrongdoings. Actually considering pardoning himself and others if it becomes obvious they are caught colluding.

All this sounds harsh but it is true. The president is expecting to be treated fairly when he does not do so for others. He creates disrespect through his own actions. Something else comes to mind here: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you and you reap what you sow.


Scott’s plan for bike tax
 doesn’t take it far enough

Ray Scott isn’t going far enough with a one-time sales tax of $15 on bikes over $200 if he follows Oregon’s plan. There should be an annual fee of at least $25, just like the ATVs. We were told that fee (which started at $5 a year) was to improve trails and track stolen ATVs. So far the fee has increased and many trails are being closed while new bike trails are being built on virgin land. Explain this, please. Boaters pay an annual fee for their use too. About time the bikers step up.

Bicyclists say they have no impact on roads. Look at all the bike paths that have been built. I met a group of bikers out of Eagle riding full lane on the road with a bike path right next to them. They should be ticketed for that. Share the road. Share the expense.



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Moving the BLM westward is really a foolish idea and is little else than the failure of many (including Senator Gardner) to accept the fact that those lands under management are owned by all of the people of this country, and that they are held in trust for all. 

Senator Gardner is merely serving the “wants” of those who want to get their hands on them.  He is therefore not thinking as a United States Senator and appears to be unable to think at that level in many areas, neither on this issue, nor on that of healthcare.

When reading many opinions, even on national issues, some of us find that this is true of many as well.  When they vote, while they may claim (and even believe)that they have the entire country in mind), the arguments they then present are either local, parochial and/or personal and totally economic (or materialistic)and “What’s in it for me?”

Some of us attempt to change that focus, keeping two things in mind.  The first is that of humanism, and the second, expand our perspective to consider the bigger picture, in both space and time. 

That is not something which most will ever attempt.  In fact, they are really unable to even entertain the thought of doing so.

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