Printed Letters: July 26, 2017

Don’t gut Johnson Amendment
If House Republicans succeed in their efforts to gut the Johnson Amendment, it would open the door for big money donors and political interest groups to pressure and manipulate our nation’s churches and charities.

Without this amendment, big donors would have free rein to use institutions meant for the social good to funnel unlimited amounts of money into political elections in secret — and get a tax break for doing it.

The Johnson Amendment is crucial to uphold the integrity of our churches, our charities and our elections. This is why House Republicans should not gut it!


Contact CASA if you were stranger referenced in column
Thanks to The Daily Sentinel for continuing in their efforts to reduce child abuse in Mesa County by highlighting the Connecting for Kids training held last week.

A perfect example of this concept playing out in real life was shared in a You Said It comment last year. A young mom relayed an incident where she was leaving a store and trying to get her packages and kids in the car. The kids were not happy, and as she struggled to keep her composure while getting her kids to mind, a woman came by — a complete stranger — and made light of the situation while she assisted in getting the kids buckled in her car seats. In the You Said It, the young mom thanked the kind stranger, noting that by the time she left, she and her children were calm and ready for the drive home.

Since reading this You Said It, we’ve been able to locate the young mom who wrote it, but we haven’t been able to find the kind stranger. If you are reading this letter, and you were that kind stranger, please contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). This is such a great example of the principles of Connecting for Kids at work, and we would love to connect with you and ask your help in helping us to reach more people about the importance of being a good neighbor.

Executive director, CASA of Mesa County
Grand Junction

Our whole society is saturated with immorality
David Brooks’ column in the July 16 Daily Sentinel speaks of the “moral vacuum” in the house of Trump as if this moral vacuum is something abnormal. He drives this thought home by saying, “It takes generations to hammer ethical considerations out of a person’s mind.” He speaks of the “normal human yearning to be good” and the “normal human instinct for kindness” as if these are normal attributes.

There is no real morality without God to compare ourselves to. Our whole society is saturated with immorality. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The press has become corrupted by its power to frame our thinking. Kings were corrupted by their power to kill or imprison or tax or sexually abuse their subjects. Indians were corrupted by their power to steal from and kill weaker neighboring tribes. Powerful nations are corrupted by their power to bully and kill people of weaker nations. Governments are corrupted by their power to issue worthless paper as money. Voters are corrupted by their power to choose representatives that change the laws concerning killing babies, sexual promiscuity, homosexuality, drugs, and other laws that frame social morality. Lying and cheating are only considered immoral if you get caught. Ask the “normal” taxpayer. Ask Volkswagon and the big banks. Ask the myriads of businesses that create products with planned obsolescence.

Mr. Brooks is correct on one thought, wrong on another. Three generations ago we took God out of our schools, out of our courts, and out of the social consciousness. Since then we have been hammering ethical considerations out of the American mind. We are suffering the consequences; from the top down, morality is abnormal.

Human good and kindness are now abnormal. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked.” (Jeremiah 17:9)


The City Council invocation should be for good
In the July 21 Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Anne Landman of the Western Colorado Atheist and Freethinkers is quoted as saying the city council invocation is “wasted time…and has nothing to do with city business.” It seems to us looking to a higher power for wisdom in dealing with city issues is an asset, not a waste of time. It may give council members pause to reflect on issues more objectively than from their own personal agendas.

As for satanists giving an invocation, historically and Biblically Satan has always been considered a power for evil, not for good.

Why on Earth would any well-intending group begin a meeting with such an invocation?

Grand Junction


Commenting is not available in this channel entry.
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Ms. Betsy Leonard expresses concern about possible involvement of the state into the affairs of churches.  The lady needs to face up to the fact that this interference began a very long time ago, and brought about by the so-called “churches” and there members when they laid claim to the fact that they could interfere in the affairs of the state.

Perhaps the lady should take note of the following simple example.

If we have a container of water and a container of dirt, it makes no difference whatsoever if one dumps the water into the dirt or the dirt into the water.  One still ends up with the same thing, mud.  Only a totally ignorant or unseeing individual would believe that he/she could end up with anything else.

Mr. Cox either does not understand, or simply will not accept the fact that he, just like everyone else, is but a human being.  He can belabor us with “god talk” all he wants, but what he is claiming is nothing more than superiority because he believes in a 0articular “god” or other, and thereby has the “right” to dictate what others should believe as well. That pretentiousness is what is all too frequently wrong with religion, a claim to superiority by those who believe one way or other.  And, religion devoid of humanity is but another tool to oppress others.

There are many things which people do which some of us disagree with.  However, unlike Mr. Cox, who is attempting to compare himself to some “god” or “be like god”, and actually “be god”, some of us make no such attempt.  We are human beings dealing with other human beings, and we do have the right to attempt to convince them otherwise, but do not have the right to dictate to them.

If the gentleman were more perceptive, he would have noted that the fastest growing “churches”, usually mega-churches, promote what is referred to as “prosperity theology” or “god wants you to be rich”.  That is nothing but “materialism” which they are attempting to rationalize by appealing to some “god”.  It is doubtful that any “god” would “reward” its followers with something so crass.

Mega-churches also enable people to do one thing.  They provide a means by which one can consider him/herself virtuous, without directly relating to other human beings which, in their mind, are not only nothing, but “evil” beings, which can be disposed of or ignored.

In a recent statement the pope almost got it right when he stated “They are human beings also.”  What he should have said is the following:  “I am a human being just like them.”

Mr. Cox,

Which morality should we be comparing ourselves to? The morality that says descendants are to be held accountable (and killed) for their ancestor’s actions? The morality that says slaughter anyone who isn’t female and a virgin, and give the virgins to soldiers as battlefield spoils? The morality that punishes the people of a nation for the actions of the leader after making that leader perform those actions? The morality that allows genocide so his people can take the land someone lives on? The morality that allows human sacrifice? The morality that forces a woman to marry her rapist? The morality that values a woman less than a man?

Or just the morality of casting people into a lake of fire simply for not following the morals listed above?

I’m betting even you have a higher moral standard than what I’ve listed here. You didn’t get that from God. You got that from your parents, and living in American society. You may disagree with some aspects of modern morals. But they aren’t nearly as horrific as the morality of the God that you claim to revere.

Mr. Iles, Are you really either a Cub Scout or a Boy Scout Troop leader?

No, Mr. Meyers. I have never been a troop leader in either. Is that relevant?

What about Girl Scouts?

Explain why its any of your business.

I just asked a question.  Is that no longer allowed?

Of course its allowed. But I see no reason I need to answer.

Mr. Iles:
  Such as Mr. Meyers, all too frequently very lonely people, use these forums as little else than some social contact.  Also, really having no life of their own (except for their physical life) believe themselves entitled to know everything about everyone else, even though most of it is really none of their business (which most of it is not). 

When observing that, some of us could feel sorry for them, except for the fact that (most times) they feel sorry enough for themselves and have no need of either our pity or sympathy.

They are exactly what the pope was referring to when he mentioned “whiners”, with their constant mantra of “It’s their fault”.

The classic case is “Joe the Plumber” who, while complaining that the government was responsible for his not being able to begin a plumbing business.  Come to find out that “good old Joe”, not having taken the time to obtain the technical expertise, was not even qualified to own such a business.  But, it was still the fault of the “gubmint”.

LOL, Laitres.  Obviously you flunked psych!

Mr. Myers.  Whether I flunked “psych” or not (which I didn’t), the one subject I don’t believe I “flunked in”, is in being a human being, and never pretended or deluded myself that I could ever be more than that, no matter what.

I sincerely hope you find someone who cares because I do not!

The Cox letter is a disturbed and deeply sad way to look at the human condition. But even more disturbing is that anyone who professes to be a “Christian” actually feels empowered to pass such judgement on fellow humans.  If God is omnipotent, then the human condition is in the celestial plan and the Cox letter is questioning God.  If man has free will outside the celestial plan, then “sin” is relative to the individual person.  Either way, we are all accountable for our own actions..  Any religion, including “Satanism”, is a manmade institution, guaranteed by the money donated. There is NOTHING Godly in that as Christ made that clear when he kicked the money exchangers from “his Father’s house.”  You want a better world, control greed, even if it takes legislation. You can call that “socialism” or you can call that “Christian.”

Mr Laitres
  You sound like you are describing yourself when you talk about lonely people using this forum for social contact.

Mr. Blosser:
To be absolutely blunt, your responses are not only boring, but some of us believe you to be total bore.  This “you too” says nothing at all about anything.

The truth hurt, Mr. Laitres?

Jerry and Jill Wedlake want to appeal to what they refer to as a “higher power”.  Perhaps they, just like many others, should finally learn to stand on their own, something far too many seem unable to do.  Or, could it perhaps be that “having been carried” all of their lives, they expect others to have had that luxury.  I wonder if they still have their parents wipe their “chinny chin chin” after they slobber after themselves.

Public officials, if they have not done their homework when walking into a meeting, and hope for a sudden flash of inspiration from “out there somewhere” don’t belong in those positions.  They would do much better to listen to the people they are supposedly serving instead of waiting for some “bolt of lightening out of the blue” or some “wind” to lead them to experience some sudden epiphany.

Good Lord, Mr. Laitres.  You need a hobby!

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