Printed letters, July 3, 2012

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Ms. Haun, what don’t you understand about someone having an opinion that differs from yours? Mr. Spehar owes you no apology for his opinion, however you Ma’am just might consider apologizing to the “Democratic spy” you seem to disparage. Are Democrats not “ordinary citizens who have a genuine concern about the future of their country”?

Was the meeting open to only members of Western Slope Conservative Alliance members, the MCRP, and your friends from Occupy GJ ?  Were Democrats and Independents not allowed? If that is the case why was that not made clear in your advertising about the event.

To use your own words Ms. Haun, maybe your days of sitting on a happy cloud writing reckless comments with impunity are over. Your opinions are just that “YOUR OPINIONS” and in no way reflect the majority opinion in western Colorado. You are well on the way to destroying your own credibility (if you ever had any) all by yourself

Dennis, weren’t you at the event? Didn’t you sit next to Tim Fenwick?

Oops, that’s right you guys would never be at anything sponsored by the WSCA.

Hey, Kevin,glad to see you noticed my presence. Why would I not attend a meeting of such a superior group. Don’t you think I might be interested in what the various sheriffs might have to say? I don’t need to belong to any of the elite republican groups or their friends from Occupy GJ to want to keep myself informed. I had no idea the event was limited to any particular individuals and no one ever informed me of it if that was the case.

Did you have a problem with me sitting next to Tim? I have known Tim for several years, why wouldn’t I sit next to him and Rosie? Hell, I would have sat next to you if you had cared to introduce yourself and say hello. I am not that particular, I even talk to Ms. Haun on occasion.

By the way Kevin, you might want to check out . A diary with a quote of yours has just been moved up to the front page. Happy reading.

Dennis, ROTFLMAO. I always speak to anyone who approaches me. And I believe I did shake your hand on the way in, since I was playing traffic cop in the hallway.

We never limit who attends any of our events, which with June’s makes about 25 since I have been involved with the WSCA. Wonder how many you folks have put on in the same time?

Like you recognized, we even have some of the liberals attend our events. Eventually, the Conservative message may sink in. Let me know the next time you guys, well do anything other than complain.

Kevin, you may have shaken my hand in your role as “traffic cop” and I may have missed when you introduced yourself but I must not have been very impressed and it was no big loss. At least you didn’t have JB and MJ with their cell phones, yelling and screaming that I attacked you and tried to break your fingers or some such thing. I might have had false charges filed against me in such a case. You just never know what either of those two might try to pull off. Of course when confronted they would have denied it as they have in the past. Like I expect you will deny the quote at

Hang in there Kevin, I know you are working hard to be the HMFWICC but you are not quite there yet.

Dennis, who writes this stuff for you? Oh that’s right Chuck Beauchamp.

First, I never deny anything I have written. I am proud that you guys would go back two years and read through my blog to find a quote and take it out of context.

If you can’t accept the reality of the way politics work and have worked in this state for 136 years, okay by me. Anyone who wishes to read the whole blog can Google it and read the whole thing. I am proud of the post and do not deny it.

At least I have the courage of my convictions to put my own name on what I write unlike your leader American Patriot, or as those that he hates know, Chuck Beauchamp.

I am proud of my writing and my stance. I am proud of what the WSCA has accomplished in the past two years. I will ask once again, what have you guys done in the same time frame other than have a pity party.

Oh, and having your leader post on Colorado Pols, the most Progressive & Liberal website in Colorado, hardly the sign of the Real TEA Party. ROTFLMAO.

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, if you really want to be the HMFWICC you are going to have to do much better job. You need to work harder on your assumptions or do better research. I have told you before that I speak for myself, no one speaks for me or through me.

This quote of yours explains how politics has been done here for 136 years. “Everyone thinks that they have a hand in electing the candidates from their party. The reality is that about 140 people out of the Thousands of registered party affiliates will have a true voice in the process of selecting the candidate, and they do not have to take into account anything the Thousands of People want!” Don’t you think folks have a right to know how it has been done and how they have been used to keep the power in the parties instead of with the people?  And so they keep electing the same kind of candidates that have been taking us down the road to destruction as the other party, all with the goal of keeping the power for themselves.

An excellent example of a “party” man is Mr. (do you know who I am) Meis. The party anointed him, gave him power, and he set himself above the laws the rest of us live by. Somehow, the law never seems to apply to those who are closely connected to the party “bosses”, many of whom are bankrupt, morally and otherwise, and that is something that can’t be kept hidden for long.

Now have a good day Kevin, and try to get over all that anger and hatred. You would think a graduate of a Jesuit College could do better.

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck…oops I mean Dennis Dennis Dennis.

I just asked for you to read all of the blog, I invite everyone to. I am proud of what I wrote and I put my name to it, unlike your leader Chuck aka American Patriot.

When some one is so afraid that all they can do is name call and attack, one wonders what might be in the past they are so afraid of. American Patriot would be more American and certainly more of Patriot if he had the courage to speak with his own name.

And I repeat Colorado Pols is the most Liberal/Progressive Website in Colorado, you might as well post on Pravada. Certainly not the stuff of the Real TEA Party.

Kevin, I seem to remember in our last exchange that you issued a challenge to three individuals to prove who was posting. Of course, it came as no surprise to anyone involved when we accepted that challenge and you weaseled out after Mr. Seaton at the Sentinel checked the IP’s of the persons involved. We do have in our possession, in writing, the results of that challenge and will gladly furnish those on request. I believe Mr. Seaton’s word on the matter should be acceptable to all don’t you?

I see that the leader of the Occupy movement here has been posting on WSCA recently and the funny thing is the puppets there a hitting the “like” button. RONTFLMAO. Yet, you all seem to have something against anyone posting on anything but a Republican site or a RINO tea party site like Western Slope Conservative Alliance. Are you guys afraid your opposition might find some areas of agreement with “grass roots” voters? Horrors upon horrors, what a threat that would be to the all powerful MCRP/WSCA power brokers. On top of finding out that only about 140 people actually have a say in any election that might really p**s them off!

By the way Kevin, with the economy like it is I was just wondering if you have been moving any assets around lately

Dennis, after our last exchange I found out how it really works. Someone may post from your computer, but is that really who writes it?

Chuck, enough with the veiled threats, you and I both know how the wonderful economy treated my business. Perhaps, you would like to open your records for everyone?

Your ability to investigate just proves how afraid you really must be. Again my past is my past and I accept what has happened to me. Why can’t you accept what has happened to you? Why can’t you and your minions be honest. Oh, that’s right, you might have to reveal something about your past, and we all know how you would hate to do that, how the truth might be exposed about you.

Finally, I don’t care who posts where, just don’t think that the Real TEA Party would be involved with anyone who supports this current administration or the fallacy of the last administration that the Government knows better about your life. You as The REAL TEA Party can post where ever, just don’t claim your high and mighty conservative roots, there is nothing Conservative about your group or you any more. How’s that for telling like it really is.

Please, for your own sake, cut the crap and look who and what you have aligned The Real TEA Party with. If you think for one second there is commonality, well, I’m thinkin’ you and most everyone else have a different version of what TEA Party means.

One time, your group had my respect. You yourself even proclaimed that I was a stand up guy. I haven’t changed so it must your group that has. You have never answered completely what chased so many of your group away. Good Conservatives like TF and the like. Nor have you ever explained just why, someone as patriotic as yourself, is not a registered voter?

Hope you had a wonderful 4th, again let me know when the next event your group puts on I’ll be glad to show up and support you, just like I have in the past. Too bad we can’t say the same about you, Chuck.

We certainly do have different versions of what a Tea Party is. One thing a real Tea Party is NOT is an extension of the Republican Party like Western Slope Conservative Alliance is. A real Tea Party would not stand in support of the “do you know who I am” county commissioner they anointed who has a problem with the obeying laws.

You keep “telling it like it really is” (according to you) anyway. You are entitled to your opinion, after all everyone has one even Mr. Spehar, and I respect everyone’s right to have an opinion that differs from mine as long as they don’t try to force their’s on me.

Now you have a good day, we can continue this later if you like, I am off to work now.

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