Printed letters, July 9, 2013

This is a rebuttal to the letter by Michael P. Anton. No one can deny that the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce has a crucial influence in developing the positive “decision-making and business values” necessary for our cultural and economic climate to thrive.

Such an important position is exactly what mandates that the chamber and other stewards of our community, culture and reputation to take an active stance in our challenges with leadership accountability and domestic violence.

The campaign to remove Rick Brainard from the City Council is not an attack on the Chamber of Commerce. Residents are genuinely surprised at the lack of direct response from many in our leadership.

Last year, there were 49 domestic violence-related fatalities in Colorado. The NCADV reports approximately 1.3 million women are victims of intimate partner assault each year. Almost half of the murders in Colorado are committed by a partner.

Is domestic violence good for business here? Will we be the most “livable community on the Western Slope” by allowing ourselves to be known for passively sheltering leaders who have been convicted of intimate partner violence?

Lack of action in the face of injustice further enables injustice.

Had criminal convictions occurred prior to elections, would this organization, the voters and his party have supported Rick Brainard?

Now that he is a convicted criminal, how will the leadership in this community support the petition and efforts to remove him?


Grand Junction

Letter writer was wrong 
about federal sequestration

What an erroneous and contradictory stance about the reasons and consequences of the federal sequestration by Daily Sentinel letter writer Don Boyles.

Sequestration occurred because the radical regressives in the House wouldn’t accept a bipartisan-arranged budget. These ideologues would not accept a budget that did not cut Social Security and Medicare funding significantly, one that called for nominal income tax increases for millionaires. Polls showed more than 70 percent of Americans did not agree with them on these provisions.

Why lambaste Obama for cutting the frivolities of fireworks and tourist visits of the White House to accommodate the sequester? These seem like the least impacting measures to take. Conservatives are always crowing about eliminating non-essential governmental expenditures. Obama’s cuts seem to clearly fall into that category. The congressional regressives prefer cutting school lunch funding for poor kids and other humanitarian expenditures.

Regressives need to quit being shills for hate-radio programs. A huge majority of Americans do not want to be dragged back to the 1850’s by these people. It is bad enough that they get a stage for their pronouncements, but to have our government in total gridlock because of them is a travesty the majority should not have to endure.


Grand Junction


Failed leadership resulting 
in decline of our country

Our country is in decline because of failed leadership in Washington. The top legislative priorities of our current Democratic administration are at the bottom of the list of what is important to most Americans. The importance of gun control (newly renamed gun safety.) and immigration poll in single digits while the economy, job and the national deficit are the top three, totaling above 60 percent of people’s concerns.

The only possible answer for this misdirection of effort is for political gain, as excessive government spending and growing debt will, sooner or later, collapse our economy.

President Obama and the Democratic Senate will not seriously address the deficit or debt, as it requires making very difficult decisions. To make any real progress, extensive government policy shifts and significant employee layoffs are required, and elected Democrats are not willing to be held accountable for such action.

There have been virtually no government layoffs as a result of the sequester, just a few unpaid days off, mostly from areas in the field that deal directly with the public, less from the millions in the bloated Washington bureaucracy.

Any gun control legislation will have zero effect because all that is proposed is to make gun ownership more onerous for law-abiding citizens. Criminals will still enjoy all the weaponry they currently have. Immigration legislation will also have zero effect unless our southern boarder is well-secured, but there is no will in Congress to accomplish this.

Thus, nothing will be accomplished and the Democrats will have two emotional issues for which to blame Republicans in the 2014 election, while our problem of a fading economy languishes ominously in the background.

“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground.” Thomas Jefferson.




Boy Scouts flag ceremony 
was moving for firefighters

This is a thank you letter to the local Boy Scout troop for their wonderful flag ceremony that they put on for all of us firefighters at a middle school in town.

It was a very moving ceremony to remember and honor our fallen brothers. It was such an inspiring thing to see. Thank you again!




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