Printed Letters: June 11, 2017

Our prosperity tied to Trump’s success

I saw a recent poll that showed more than 50 percent of us think President Trump was involved with the Russians during his election campaign. It’s amazing that it’s only 50 percent when 90 percent of the media has been trying to make this connection since his election.

So where’s the evidence? There is no connection.

I’m no fan of President Trump when he’s a tweeter bird. It makes it tougher to promote his successes. At the top of my list is his appointment of Colorado’s own Justice Gorsuch. The president is also doing a good job of bushwhacking the regulation overgrowth that chokes economic growth and kills jobs.

President Trump is working with Congress to replace Obamacare. The poison pill is the expansion of Medicaid, with the Feds picking up 100 percent of the tab (used to be more like 50/50). Medicaid is the second highest budget outlay in most state’s budgets, so of course even some Republican governors like more federal funding. The fix will actually be affordable and provide more choices. Nobody will be left to die. To say that is deceitful. I think the uninsurable should be the direct responsibility of government. They should not be put on the backs of the young and healthy as they are in Obamacare. Keeping Obamacare is not an option. Sorry to inform you it has been put in hospice care.

Tax reform will be next and cutting taxes is popular. Lots of real news to focus on. The success of President Trump ties directly to our prosperity. Supporting our president is supporting our country.


Elected representatives need your input on health care

We (the people) are not giving our elected representatives any guidance regarding what we want with regard to health care. They desperately need our input. They cannot agree what kind of health care is required for us, what it should cost, what it should cover, who it should cover, etc.

To date, our representatives govern by example. They have shown us (by example) what the health care in this country should be like. Ask your elected representatives the following questions.

1. What does your plan cover?

2. What does it cost you?

3. Are pre-existing conditions covered?

4. Are you still covered after you leave office?

5. For how long?

6. Who pays for it?

7. Are the citizens who fought and died for you getting the same coverage you enjoy?

8. Are the citizens who pay for your health care getting the same coverage you enjoy?

Why not? We want to know. You have until the next election to respond.

Grand Junction

Urge Gardner to retain and improve Affordable Care Act

Voters and citizens, do everything you can to stand up for your loved ones, whether they are relatives, neighbors, or friends and inform your senator to retain the ACA on healthcare. Democrats are more than willing to improve the Affordable Care Act, as more than 20 million Americans who did not have access to affordable healthcare have access now. Rural hospitals such as those in our community will be shut down. Our beloved neighbors and friends will lose affordable healthcare, and many will die or lose everything they own to save their lives. We need to “love our neighbor as we love ourselves.”

Contact Sen. Gardner today. Also, it wouldn’t be a waste of your time to contact Rep. Tipton as this legislation may return to the House for further negotiations. We are capable of compassion and it is time that we use it.


American flag disrespected on Fourth of July

As a patriot, veteran, and son of immigrant parents, I have been upset by the ways in which the flag of the United States is disrespected.

This was clearly evident in the most recent Fourth of July Parade. The U.S. Flag provides guidance of when, where, and how to display the flag. It also describes the ways in which the flag should not be used.

There was one example in the parade of a vehicle with the flag draped over the top. The Code specifically states in paragraph 7 – Position and manner of display – section 7.b.: “The flag should not be draped over the hood, top, sides, or back of a vehicle…” There were numerous examples of the flag being incorporated into part or all of clothing by spectators young and old. In the Code, paragraph 8 – Respect for the Flag – section 8.d. “The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery…” Those who did so in and around the parade may not realize that their disrespectful conduct was the equivalent of dragging the flag through mud or burning it.

Grand Junction


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What an unfortunate day for Mr. Kearsley’s letter to be published.

“All men are created equal.”  I remember reading that somewhere.  So, if that is the case, when did one human being (either myself or someone else, and using what type of rationalization does one human being begin to believe that he/she is superior to any other human being?  Yet, many do believe that, do they not?

Mr. Kearsley, as well as many others, believes that having more money (no matter how accumulated) actually does make one superior.  Others, it is quite clear, are of the opinion that it is what they believe, which is what makes them superior.  Still others, are absolutely convinced that what they know (or believe they know) is what makes them superior human beings.

Speak to most individuals, and it is quite clear that the one thing they cannot tolerate being is “just a human being”. So, they are this and that, anything but a human being.  That apparently frightens them to no end, and we could even say that it terrifies them, so much so, that to have that pointed out to them is not only something they don’t even want to consider, but something which they consider insulting.

If we are only human beings here and now, then human civilization is also about human beings, or humanism and humanitarianism, not something somewhere else, either on the moon or in some other existence (one that may or may not exist).  That means that our obligations are humanitarian obligations towards other human beings, not something to be left to someone else to take care of while we, being so important, spend all of our time doing nothing more than “fulfilling ourselves”.  Those who do the latter can only end up one way, “full of themselves”.

As to what is happening with the investigations revolving around the current President and his campaign for office.  Mr. Kearsley needs to take a very deep breath and wait for the outcome of investigations, then go from there.  Those who do otherwise are not at all interested in facts, but wish to supersede that with nothing more than their personal feelings. Those who do that are not only irresponsible as citizens, but as human beings.

Mr. Stech is offended by how the flag was treated or used.  He is offended because he claims to be a patriot, he is a veteran, and is the son of immigrant parents.  What he should be offended by is not because of what is done to a flag, but the fact that most Americans know little if anything about their own country, and thereby about what that “flag” he talks about, is really all about. 

Oh, yes! They claim to be “patriots” but, when “the rubber hits the road”, most could care less about what happens to anyone but themselves.  They don’t really care what happens to someone in Hawaii or northern Maine.  In fact, they don’t see any part of anything but their own little part of the world.

They speak of such noble things as freedom and liberty, but use those as “buzzwords”, or as abstractions.  When comes the time to put it into practice in the real world, they can’t even stand the discomforts associated with them, never mind pay the price to insure that the other person is free and can enjoys their own liberty.  In fact, most cannot tolerate anyone that is in any way different, or would dare disagree with them.

Every person in the military salutes the flag, but if they are only saluting an object, without knowing what that flag stands for, they are saluting nothing but a totem.  Some of us knew the difference while others did not.  When we were in the military, we were not defending either the flag or the Constitution.  What we were defending were fellow human beings.  We did that then, and we still do it now.  After all, Mr. Stech, this country is about human beings, not things.  Many should constantly remind themselves of that, and begin behaving accordingly.

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