Printed letters, June 20, 2012

As a life-long Republican, it is more important in these tough economic times to stress what I will do as a conservative. To me, a conservative insists that government works for the people, not the other way around. Ronald Reagan believed this more than any president in the modern era. He had it right.

I believe it is flat-out immoral to use taxpayer money to advance a personal agenda. I believe that before we spend any county money we must promise our fellow citizens that it is the best thing to do. I will work hard to advance our county at every opportunity. I promise to be conservative of county money because it is not mine. It belongs to our citizens.

I will fight hard to advance the county, as I am doing currently on the planning commission. I will work to bring in more industry and business, because, as President Calvin Coolidge said, “The business of America is business.” Having run several successful actual businesses, I know how to get things done, and that means job creation, too.

I have lived, worked and paid taxes in this valley all my adult life. I am not new to this area. I do not have any hidden agendas and am not in debt to anyone or any party for your vote – except you!

I will fight like a dog to protect and promote Mesa County because that is the job of a good county commissioner. This is a real, full-time job with lots of overtime involved and is best done without outside distractions or another job.

Bottom line: I promise voters I will be 100 percent dedicated to doing the right thing for them, because that is the job and the morally right thing to do.

Serving the people of Mesa County is my goal, and I am working hard to win that honor. I have walked 148 miles and knocked on more than 1,500 doors, talking to Republican voters over the last seven weeks.

Go to my website,, or email me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with questions or comments.


Grand Junction

Walcher was treated fairly in county caucus system

Gary Harmon’s article noted the “dismay” of candidate Woody Walcher, spurned by those he calls the “party bosses,” who chose Rose Pugliese to be the GOP candidate for county commissioner. I do not know either candidate, Walcher or Pugliese. However, I do know a lot about party structure and so-called control by political bosses.

I have served as both a precinct committeeman and a county chairman in another county on the Western Slope. I have also worked in politics in other states where party bosses did have a heavy hand in candidate selection.

That said, serving as county chairman in La Plata County was the most neutering experience I had in three decades of political involvement. It required administering the rules and total impartiality as to competing candidates who come before the county assemblies and primaries. The fact is, the caucus system and its various assemblies may be archaic, but they are not dominated by bosses, only by those who show up.

So, poor Walcher ended up not meeting the threshold (it’s not a high bar) to make the primary ballot, a spot he competed for willingly, accepting the rules. Now he says the system was rigged against him, so he wants Republicans to vote for him. Why? What does he have to commend his candidacy?

With a guitar strumming in the background, he tells radio listeners that he is from here. His opponent has a funny name and is not from here. He is from here. His opponent is a lawyer who hasn’t been here as long as he has. He is from here, and he will donate his first year’s salary to charity.

Walcher knows what he is worth. His campaign is not worthy of support.


Grand Junction


Walcher ignored community wishes in gravel pit ‘fiasco’

As a homeowner and resident of Clifton, I would like to remind folks when voting on the county commissioner for District 3 of the gravel pit approval fiasco that Woody Walcher and other members of the planning commission pushed through.

The approval was knowingly against the wishes of local residents and against local zoning codes.

We have seen enough of this kind of behavior in Washington, D.C., and it’s time to rid our county of more of this good ol’ boy mentality. It’s time for a change and to bring our county into the 21st century by voting for honest, fiscally conservative candidates who put the best interests of the residents and the county first, not special interests.

I am voting for Rose Pugliese.




Pitbull robocalls against Ken Henry are undeserved

Is Mesa County taking a page out of the big Denver politico playbook?

In the eleventh hour, with no time to respond, attack ads against Ken Henry, full of venom, innuendos and false statements, are relentlessly being robo-dialed to voters.

Henry and his opponent are both decent, good guys. The voters need to decide who has the most private and public experience to best represent Mesa County.

Henry has served on the Fruita City Council and as mayor, in addition to years in business and community service. He has shown he will listen and respond to the needs of citizens and taxpayers. He does not deserve this kind of attack on his character.


Grand Junction


John Justman is running for all the right reasons

The recent surge in anti-Justman articles and letters shows that Ken Henry is getting a little desperate in the GOP primary race for Mesa County commissioner in District 1.

And Henry should be desperate. John Justman is more principled, more conservative and certainly more electable than Henry.

Justman is supported by those in Mesa County who reject politicians who are in it for themselves and their own interests.

Justman is not running for county commissioner because he’s a career politician. He’s running because he wants to effect positive change for the residents of Mesa County.

Justman is not running because he has an insatiable ego. He is running because he identifies personally with the impact of governmental policies on the farmers and citizens of Mesa County.

Justman is not running to enhance his resume and use the position as a springboard to higher political office. He is running because he understands that the future of his children depends on the ability of we, the people, to get control of our government.

Unlike his opponent, Justman believes that government should be shrinking, not growing, that people must be less dependent, not more dependent on the government to meet their needs and that taxes should be lowered, not raised.

Justman is authentic, likable and honest. He is the best person to represent the people of Mesa County because he is one of us.


Grand Junction


Obama sidestepped Congress for his own political gain

By now, I’m sure Grand Junction readers have voiced many comments, pro and con, about Obama’s executive order regarding immigration. So, I’ll keep mine brief.

Many aspects of it are troubling to me, but some also appear dangerous and scary. Sidestepping Congress on any major issue looks dangerous, but doing it for votes seems politically suicidal.

Aside from it being temporary and irritating to Congress, it looks tacky and smells bad, especially this close to the election.

The scary part to me is the very idea that one man can decide for all of us “the right (or wrong) thing to do.”

In my mind, that smacks of dictatorship.


Grand Junction


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Marjorie Marjorie Marjorie, wow finally something smart came out of your mouth. When speaking of of Mr Justman you said and I quote   he is “authentic, likable and honest. He is the best person to represent the people of Mesa County because he is one of us.” Because he is one of us as in a long term Mesa county citizen? You pretty much described another candidate for district 3, and I think we all know I am not talking about Pugliese, seeing as she has not been here that long. And do not take that as a bash on her character it is just a fact. I am curious do just jump on any band wagon just to get your name out there, nobody should trust a word that comes out of your mouth. And you are very annoying.
And to Mr. Stephen Davis, as you said you do not know Woody personally, and he is not continuing to run because he feels hurt about losing, it is within his constitutional rights to stay on as a write in candidate. And he may have something with the “party bosses” having a hand in Pugliese winning, after all Janet pretty much guaranteed that she would be the best candidate for County commissioner in 2012. How can Mrs. Rowland guarantee that? And as far as what Mr. Walcher is worth, it is a heck of a lot more than Ms Pugliese, and yes Woody has lived here longer, and Woody is on the board of the planning commission, and he has worked through the hard times that this fine county has endured and has come out on top. So to all you Marjorie Hauns out there, if you have never spoken to woody Walcher, before you bash him why don’t you call him. Has made himself available to the public, even invited them to is own home (the one he has owned for over 15 years). That’s what irritates me with you people you do not know him but yet you bash him because he chose to continue to run against another republican, that is his RIGHT as an American citizen and that is how our voting process works if you do not like it stay out of politics. And for those who say that Woody lost by a landslide let’s talk about Pugliese’s MAJOR loss for the school board that was a landslide folks.

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