Printed letters, June 21, 2012

I am a retired U.S. Border Patrol agent and ICE investigator. My view on immigration today is that the same binational 1 percent in Mexico and the United States who rapes U.S. taxpayers is the same binational 1 percent who rapes Mexican undocumented immigrants.

Failed immigration policy is created and designed by the elite who run both governments. It is about the 1 percent’s binational greed through drug profits, trade, oil, remittances, the privatization of prisons, cheap labor, weapons, profit, NAFTA and a 40-year-long political platform that only sways back and forth, but seldom forward.

Undocumented Mexicans would not come or stay here if the corrupt trading partner of the American elite would take care of its own citizens.

Many people blame undocumented immigrants as the cause of this problem. They are a symptom, not the cause. Until voters see the root causes, this problem will never be solved.



One can’t compare our immigration policy and Nazis

I was aghast at the statement made by Professor Tom Acker of Colorado Mesa University, likening the threat of deportation for children of illegal immigrants to “what it was like being a Jew in Nazi Germany.” Is he serious?

The Jewish people were rounded up and herded into railway cars like cattle. Upon reaching their destination, their children were ripped from their arms and they faced the worst degradation anyone could impose on another human being. They were forced into inhumane conditions, shot and thrown into ditches or gassed and their bodies burned.

Can Acker seriously be insinuating that illegal aliens face the same fate here in America? Most illegal immigrants in this country are treated better and receive more benefits than some American citizens. Go to any one of their countries and see how you will be received under the same circumstances.

As for Obama’s “turnaround” on this issue, he is the one who in 2011 said he could not go against the laws on the books and his hands were tied. He did nothing to work with Congress on this issue and waited until four months before the election to use his power to make his move.

Political? You bet. He is after the Hispanic vote and will use any means to acquire those votes. I would be wary of the possibility of his reversing his opinion after the election.

The children of illegals are the product of the crime their parents committed when they entered this country. They need to be given consideration. However, it should be done within the law and not for political benefit.

I came to this country more than 50 years ago through the front door, and I acquired citizenship. I have worked here, paid taxes, paid my own way, asked for no special benefits and obeyed the laws of my adopted country. I would expect nothing less from anyone else wishing to come to the United States.




Misuse of ‘tortuously’ made column torturous

Rick Wagner’s column on the county sheriffs and federal law enforcement agents suggests federal statutes arose from some understanding “... torturously based on some passing relationship to interstate commerce.”

This suggests the infliction of pain and distress by beating and fingernail pulling of the poor, woebegone body of “interstate commerce.”

The word Wagner was flailing for is “tortuously,” indicating complexity.

The column only tangentially grazed a very significant recent forum involving several local county sheriffs in which a citizen asked, “Are you with us or against us?” The question proved that indeed there is such a thing as a stupid question, similar to the statement Bush Jr. made, suggesting that even those with no opinion must be traitors.

A citizen wanted reassurance that the sheriffs would stand between him and “the tanks” when they come. But tanks are an anachronism. The citizen’s more proper worry should be the constant, pesky flyover of drones coming, in fact, to a sheriff’s department near you.

One backwoods county sheriff bewailed the Janus-face he had to employ, pushing away the feds with one hand while holding out the other for federal lucre (if he doesn’t take it he gets fired). Great grist for a column.

Instead we are treated to a convoluted traipse through history, back to a time when there was no law west of the Pecos, and only sheriffs (guys in white hats) in the rest of the nation.

Meanwhile, back at the Wagner ranch, one hopes in the future, Wagner’s “War on Wrong” will expand to declaring war on malapropisms. Wading into one of Wagner’s anfractuous columns might be mentally torturous because the track between idea and example is often tortuous.


Grand Junction

Sentinel’s Sunday cartoon showed extreme poor taste

I can’t believe The Daily Sentinel would allow such a hurtful and damaging cartoon to appear in the Sunday newspaper. To take someone’s personal tragedy and try to turn it into a joke is in extreme poor taste.

Not only should the cartoonist be ashamed of his work, but the editor who allowed this to be published in a family newspaper should be ashamed, as well.


Grand Junction


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