Printed Letters: June 23, 2017

Reasonable to call for end to treasure hunt

With all due respect to the Sentinel’s editorial, I disagree with the idea that calls to end Forrest Fenn’s treasure hunt are illogical. Likening this quest to ordinary travel, hiking, and even skydiving ignores the obvious difference, which is a pot of gold.

Every day when I get in my car to get where I need to go I’m not pursuing a million dollars. I’m just going further than I want to walk. When I hike Serpent’s Trail I’m just trying to get some exercise, not get to the top before anyone else to win a prize. Skydiving — come on what a cliché example!

Fenn’s treasure sets up a risk-reward scenario that the author tries to downplay for his own purposes. So, do we ignore the difference between this quest and others and pretend that unnecessary risks won’t be taken? Let’s be honest; wouldn’t finding a million-dollar treasure invite anyone to stretch beyond his or her reach?

I can’t fault anyone for their curiosity, sense of adventure, and passion. However, I don’t think it’s unreasonable or illogical to want Fenn to end the hunt. To suggest that those of us who feel this way aren’t thinking straight is shortsighted.

I expect a little better from the Sentinel. It’s not nearly the simple argument your editorial suggests it is.

Grand Junction

Treasure hunters enhance risk to search and rescue

I’m a bit surprised that The Daily Sentinel thinks it’s just fine for the Fenn Treasure Hunt to continue. What’s the harm in it? So much fun; so much adventure!

I won’t go into the sketchy history of this: the doubts, the questions, and the obvious gullibility that some dudes seem to enjoy demonstrating. But how about the very clear danger and risk that these idiots pose to the already financially challenged law enforcement and search-and-rescue folks who are supposed to find them, help them, or cart their sun-dried carcasses out of the desert?

I don’t know if the so-called treasure is real, but I can tell you the physical and emotional toll on these heroes is real.

Grand Junction

Ending Fenn treasure hunt would set negative precedent

Regarding “Calls to end treasure hunt follow bad logic”:

New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas’ desire to see the search for Fenn’s treasure end is understandable, but also unreasonable. According to the Centers for Disease Control, in New Mexico the third most common cause of death is “unintended accidents” (after cancer and heart diseases). If Chief Kassetas’ primary concern were about human life (and I think it is), asking people to avoid stepping into their bathtubs would probably save more lives than ending the Fenn treasure hunt.

There is also the financial concern about searching for missing treasure hunters, and recovering the mercifully few bodies: that is an understandable concern.

But where should the “line” be drawn? What lawful activities would be added to the “please do not do this” list if Forrest Fenn accepts the request and ends the treasure hunt? The precedent that sets would have staggering, and overwhelmingly negative, repercussions by “emboldening” the state to make other unreasonable requests.

Abiquiu, N.M.

Rifle American Legion to hold flag retirement July 2

The Rifle American Legion, Kelly-Hansen Post No. 78 is having a retirement of your old flags on July 2, 2017. This will be at the West Garfield County Veterans Memorial. The Rifle Boy Scouts will be helping on this. You may leave your old flags at the Rifle Fire Station. Or better still; attend the service with your old flags. Come early and meet some friends. The event will start at 5 p.m.


U.S. Senate plans to fast track a bad health care bill

By a roll call vote on May 4, 2017, 217 United States representatives, including Ken Buck (R-Colorado), Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado) and Scott Tipton (R-Colorado), voted to take health care away from 23 million people. It was called the American Health Care Act. I call it the roll of shame. Now, a small group of senators are writing in secret. They plan to fast track a bill that will be about same as the House bill. They expect a Congressional Budget Office score by June 26. Then they hope to pass it by June 30, before people realize how bad it is. It will not be a health care bill. It will be a tax cut for billionaires.

Contact Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colorado) at 202-224-5941.

What senator wants to add their name to the roll of shame?

Vote cruel, irresponsible politicians out of office.

Marysvale, Utah


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The only debate so far is as to whether the hunt for Fenn’s Treasure should continue or cease.  The one question that never gets asked is “Is that treasure real, or merely a hoax?”  Where is the proof that the treasure does exist?  Is there some verifiable documentation certifying that it does exist, or is there not? 

Let us look at it another way.  Even if there actually is a “treasure”, as Mr. Fenn claims.  How many human lives is that worth, one, two, three, or even more?  For most individuals it is any number or lives, just as long is it is not my life or someone I know.  When people start dying, it is no longer a game.

Mr. Rice is therefore wrong and he does not see that even if the authorities do not try to stop people from looking for that “treasure”, Mr. Fenn should stop it himself.  Any individual with a human conscience would do so.

The Sentinel in its editorial was far less than responsible in its position as they didn’t look at the cost in human lives either.  To them, the ruled is pretty much the same of “if it’s not my life or the life of someone I know”, then let the game continue.  Whoever penned that article really needs to take a look at him/herself, as should all members of the editorial board.

People should call Senator Gardner’s but should not expect to be heard as he is an author of the bill in question and therefore will do everything possible to get it passed.  Note, that he has not appeared at any town hall meeting to defend that law, but has made the rounds of so-called “conservative” media outlets. 

He, just like many others, is not really that interested in what happens to “ordinary folks” like you or I, he is interested only in getting re-elected to office and, he will serve those who will pay such that such will happen.  Like, far too many, having tasted the sweet nectar to be obtained from the public trough, is not about to forego that pleasure.  After all, he undoubtedly believes that he deserves it.

Some of us just love the excuse supporters of this “travesty of a law” use.  “Well, you don’t see people dying in the street”, which leads me to ask the following question:  “Is that what will be necessary for you to see that you need to change your thinking”.

People are already dying, and more will die.  Some in the streets, some in their home or apartments, some in hospitals, etc.  But, far too many so-called “conservatives” don’t see that, the sole reason being that they have not the courage to look.  They would rather take that money to “play” and “amuse” themselves.  After all, are they not entitled to do so, even if others have to suffer and die because of it?  It doesn’t at all concern them.  It is the old “I have mine and the heck with everyone else”, something which has been prevalent in this society for decades.

Wow, so 5 months into a Repub presidency, “People are already dying, and more will die.  Some in the streets, some in their home or apartments, some in hospitals, etc.  But, far too many so-called “conservatives” don’t see that…”  Isn’t this a little over-dramatic and could you show us some statistics on your claims?
Do you even think about what your are writing, Mr. Laitres? 
Are you aware that the life expectance WENT DOWN over the last 8 years?  Who was responsible for that???

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