Printed letters, June 5, 2013

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As usual, perpetual Republican apologist Dave Kearsley’s opinions are based on utter falsehoods.

First, President Barack Obama is NOT “the product of Chicago-style politics” – which refers to the tactics of the political machine dominated by Mayor Richard C. Daley and which ended some 25 years ago.  Rather, as Dave’s failed VP choice Sarah Palin noted, Obama was a “community organizer” – the antithesis of “Chicago-style politics”.

Second, President Obama did not “attack the Supreme Court justices . . . for their support of free speech in their Citizens United decision”, but – as a constitutional law professor – criticized the decision for relying on dubious legal precedent to equate money (a form of property) with “speech” and naively minimizing the adverse consequences of allowing unlimited anonymous personal and corporate contributions to dominate our elections.

Third, the IRS did not “target the organizations protected by this decision”, but rather ineptly flagged groups that – based on organizational names – appeared to be abusing the Tax Code by claiming tax-exempt status to which they were not entitled.  Such dubious applications proliferated after Citizens United because 501(c)(4) status allowed these purportedly “grassroots” groups to conceal corporate sources of their financial support.

Fourth, the reported “abuses” occurred under the leadership of the Bush-appointed IRS Commissioner (who then retired) – suggesting the unlikely conspiracy theory that the IRS brouhaha is a delayed Republican effort to embarrass the Obama Administration.  In any case, Republicans constitute the direct link to Nixon’s actual partisan abuse of the IRS.

In sum, the phrase “Chicago-style politics” is no more relevant to President Obama than “death panels” was to ObamaCare.  Rather, like fellow-Republican Darrell Issa, Kearsley is engaging in the vilest form of “McCarthyism” – relying solely on pathological lies and pathetic innuendoes to avoid confronting serious public policy issues, while deliberately sabotaging the efforts of those who are.

Dearest Marjorie,
I know you “claim” to be a Republican, so I will assume you understand fiscal responsibility and market pressures.  Oil shale, is dead not because of “fringe extremists” but because fossil fuels are QUICKLY moving into past and investors are smart enough to understand that to put money into a corporate welfare business is poor investing. Coal is scrambling to find markets and is losing ground to natural gas…market pressures not “fringe extremists.” You made a mistake when you followed Craig Meis in his attempt to push oil shale and encouraged others to invest.  I hope you didn’t lose too much.  But I am glad to see that you are a member of the Sierra Club. In the second to last paragraph of your letter you revealed that you too, are a “fringe extremist.”  If you want more information regarding the concept of market pressures and energy financing, let me know, and we can go to coffee so I can teach you.

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