Printed Letters: June 6, 2017

Climate agreement good for the USA

It is very sad that the U.S. has chosen to stop being the strongest country and leader of the world, by withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement. Now Putin and China can lead the world. Global business leaders know this will hurt them and us.

The BBC says, “One of the strongest voices in favor of the U.S. staying in the Paris deal has been corporate America.” Leaders of companies such as Google, Apple and hundreds of other including major fossil fuel producers such as Exxon Mobil have urged the president to stick with Paris.

The Exxon chief executive Darren Woods wrote a personal letter to Trump saying the U.S. is “well positioned to compete” with the accord in place and staying in means “a seat at the negotiating table to ensure a level playing field.”

The Paris climate agreement is good for Colorado’s economy, and good for American business and citizens. Hopefully Colorado will continue to lead this economic opportunity, and cities like Grand Junction will also show they can lead with steps that save them money.

De Beque

City recklessly approves 
downtown rental development

Grand Junction’s Planning Department has been recklessly approving large downtown rental developments. According to the city’s 2015 housing plan, the Downtown Development Authority is planning on subsidizing the development of 129 new housing units in the Central Business District. By their calculation it will take 10 years to recover current occupancy levels.

Additional housing in the CBD is not necessarily bad. However, the city’s math did not take into account the 181-plus additional units in the works. These three projects alone more than double the units on which the city based their numbers. This might be of little concern to the average homeowner; however, the effect on all existing downtown properties should be considered. Extensive vacancies in the rental market will bring down property values for all (not to mention taking the rental sector of our economy away from local landlords and putting in the hands of large developers, who might not spend locally). As vacant properties degrade, there is less incentive for the surrounding homeowners to improve their homes, and the positive transformation we are seeing downtown will stagnate.

The city seems to be operating on an “if you build it, they will come” mentality, but simple economics says that an oversupply of goods without the appropriate demand causes collapse. If our goal is to attract people and businesses that will fuel our economy, how does an oversupply of housing at the expense of beautiful historic neighborhoods achieve that goal?

Let’s continue with sustainable growth, rather than giving in to impatience and greed that lead to overdevelopment and boom and bust cycles.

Grand Junction

Kathy Griffin experiencing consequences of bad behavior

Dear Kathy Griffin,

Try and remember back when you were a little girl and your parents told you there would be consequences for bad behavior, for acting like you are the center of the universe, and for treating others like they simply did not matter. Oh, they never told you that? Sorry. Now you are 56 years old, unemployed, publicly exposed as the spoiled brat that you are, and it is time to learn that lesson.

The other lesson you are in the process of learning is that the citizens of this country will not sit back forever and let you act like the ungrateful fool you apparently are. And now you say you are being bullied! Half right: bull! You are simply feeling the consequences your parents either tried to tell you about, or never told you and should have.

Finally, you should be glad that President Trump is in office and that it is he who is the target of your grotesque stupidity. Such an act directed to the president one year ago would have zoomed past the photo shoot and gone straight to prosecution and sentencing!

You are not broken; you are bent, maybe twisted. Get over it; you screwed up.

Grand Junction

Vietnam veteran embarrassed by and for our country

I am a Vietnam veteran whose parents were part of The Greatest Generation. During my life our country has made some costly mistakes (Vietnam, the Iraq War), but has continued to be the leader of the free world. Growing up, I took pride in the role model we played with honor and compassion.

Now we have a president who does not feel constrained to tell the truth or inclined to care about other people. He was a bully during the campaign and remains a bully. He has money but no honor.

For the first time in my life, I am embarrassed by and for my country.

Grand Junction


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Mr. Zetmeir suggests that what Ms. Griffin did would not be tolerated under the previous administration, yet we know otherwise. How many images of Obama being lynched and burned in effigy did we see over the last eight years with zero repercussions on the perpetrators? Mr. Obama’s skin was not nearly as thin as Mr. Zetmeir seems to think, nor is it nearly as thin as the current President’s appears to be.

Thank for your service Mr. Hall.  I’m sorry you got caught up in that awful Vietnam fiasco.  I hope you did not witness the scene I saw at the Denver train station in the 60s.  A bunch of war protesters spat upon some young veterans returning home.  I will never understand how they could treat their fellow citizens that way.  I was apolitical at the time, but that scene turned me against the Left for life.

That’s curious, Mr. Meyers. I saw what Westboro Baptist did at those veteran’s funerals and it turned me against the Right for life. We have something in common.

Mr. Laitres, the Vietnam War protests and sit-ins were nearly constant on college campuses in the 60s.  I will continue to thank veterans for their service as long as I live because I appreciate the fact that they stepped up and served their country.  Most of the guys who served in Vietnam were drafted and chose to serve rather than run off to Canada. 
Your party and those of the left have failed to care for and provide for Veterans adequately for the last 8 years so I have no idea where your “put your money where your mouth is” claim comes form.

Mr. Laiatres, If you are so familiar with the campus unrest in the 60s why did you state the furor against the war did not begin until the 70s?  I was at a large University in the 60s myself and the first time we had to climb over protesting idiots to get into the library was in 1965.  I related my first-hand experience of seeing fellow citizens spat upon and it left a lasting impression.
Don’t even start about who funded what…  The VA is a complete mess due to incompetent leadership for the last 8 years.

Mr. Laitres, If you wanted to go to the library and people were laying all over the pavement in front of the entrance, you had no choice but to climb over their bodies.  I was not there to carry on a discussion with them,  I was trying to go to the library and do my assigned homework. 
Yes, I ignored Kent State.  It happened in 1970 after I graduated from college and it was not part of MY college experience. 
We all have our own perspectives and viewpoints and it so happens mine differs from yours.  It does not mean I don’t know what’s going on or what has happened.
I’m not going to lower myself to personal attacks on you so you just keep it up and maybe it’ll make you feel better about yourself.

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