Printed Letters: March 13, 2014

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The climate change fiasco was created as an economic engine to replace the cold war when it died. There’s money to be made in fear mongering.

I find this to be a very informative site for those that want up to date articles on Climate Change including examination of skeptical arguments.

The preponderance of science strongly affirms both the reality of Global Warming and a causal connection with human activity, particularly the extraction and use of fossil fuels. The majority of species that have lived on the Earth have not, in fact, adapted to changes in climate—which (of course, and which no climate scientist would deny) has fluctuated greatly throughout the earth’s past. The majority of species that have lived on the Earth are already extinct; many are thought to have gone that way due to changes in climate.

Bud Markos’ ignorantly sarcastic response (“Most citizens of Colorado, nation didn’t want Obamacare”) to Dr. Michael Pramenko’s guest column (“Serious options are welcome for making Obamacare changes”) manifests the effectiveness of the ugly misinformation campaign being waged by “ObamaCare’s” virulent opponents.

Thus, while recent polling confirms that a majority of Americans oppose “ObamaCare”, those same respondents support many provisions of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) –  i..e., banning discrimination against women and would-be insureds with “pre-existing conditions”, annual and life-time benefit caps, and arbitrary policy cancellations, closing the Medicare Part D prescription drug “donut hole”, allowing young adults to remain covered under parents’ policies, and funding free preventative care.

Because the ACA is working, a Gallup poll (but not FoxNoise) reported this week that the percentage of uninsured Americans has fallen to its lowest point since early 2009. 

So, as Bill Grant suggests (“ACA could be Tipton’s Achilles’ heel”), as more Americans enjoy those many real benefits of “ObamaCare”, their personal experiences will gradually offset the fake “horror stories” touted by well-funded right-wing media and cynical politicians (who have now voted 50 times to repeal the ACA, rather than improve it). 

Markos seems totally unaware that the ACA originated as the “conservative” alternative to a “single payer” plan, that Senate Republicans participated in drafting the ACA, and that Section 1332 reflects their input.  Thus, while the ACA embraces “conservatives’” demand for a “market-driven approach” and flexibility for states, Markos rails against it.

As Pramenko’s column aptly chronicled, the ACA’s opponents have offered no credible alternatives for solving the problems of rising health care costs, health insurance abuses, and denial of access to millions of uninsureds – while repeatedly asserting that they have.

Thus, the most “outrageous lies” being foisted on Sentinel readers by Markos and the Koch brothers are indeed “self evident”.

Marcia Neal, when it comes to local politics, it is the Republicans, not the Democrats who tell people they can or cannot run. The Jared Wright story is case in point. I spent the better part of the last two years searching for people to run as Democrats. Democrats would LOVE a primary race if for no other reason than Democrats are ignored by the local press during primary season whenever there is a GOP primary. Marcia, do you know what projection is? It is when a person projects their own values onto others. THAT is what you are doing.

Wow! Four good letters to the editor in one day!
Kudos to Doug Baugh for acknowledging the inherent power of market forces and pointing out that “Climate Change” and renewable energy sources are not really partisan issues, but that, for the most part, “Climate Change” is a scam designed to make money for an elite few by pedalling irrational fear of things beyond our control to the ignorant many.
Kudos to Marcia Neal for recognizing the B.S. on the Democrat half of the Dem/GOP duopoly B.S. dog-and-pony show.
Kudos to Bud Markos for an absolutely right-on-the money succinct charactarization of the moral, intellectual and mathematical anti-self-ownership fraud best known by the euphemism, “Obamacare”. Lots of people, including libertarians have offered serious pro-self-ownership alternatives to the self-evident political farce. It’s just that faux-altruistic, pseudo-intellectual, collectivist political hacks like Pramenko (and his rooting section led by head leftist cheerleader Bill Hugenberg) are so busy spinning their vote-for-a-living political agendas instead of learning, growing, and producing real things useful to humans that they have no time left over for recognizing the inconvenient logical realities of the material universe around them. Quite frankly, if humankind is ever going to travel through space in ships capable of exceeding the speed of light, we are going to have to learn how to ignore the Pramenko/Hugenberg types and their wannabe-clever anti-self-ownership brainwashing manipulations.
Lastly, kudos to Rafael Salaz for recognizing and pointing out the suicidal stupidity of outsourcing America’s manufacturing infrastructure and jobs to foreign countries.
Personally, I would like to see the U.S. military in it’s present form abolished altogether and replaced with a Swiss model militia where all young men at age 18-21 would received military training and equipment (complete with backpacks, cell phones, AR-15 rifles with 30-round magazines, etc) and go back to their homes and civilian lives as members of a very real, functioning and effective militia. As David Brooks pointed out in a recent New York Times column titled “The Leaderless Doctrine” (titled “Real power is in the swarms of people” by the Sentinel), such an idea is not “isolationism” but just bottom-up government instead of the current profit-from-wars-and-fiat-currency top-down model. Imagine all the money and blood that would be saved.

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