Printed Letters: March 18, 2014

CNG industry shouldn’t take government grant

We live in a region of rugged individualists who worship the amazing things entrepreneurship and the private enterprise market can do.

We are almost daily reminded that if people are just left alone to pursue their business ventures we’d be a lot better off. Government should just get out of the way and the market will just see to it that we’ll all benefit the most.

We are in an energy-rich part of the country, particularly natural gas, as long as its price in the market is high enough to make it profitable to harvest.

The article Thursday about the possibility of further encouraging the use of CNG in vehicles with more accessibility to filling stations is welcome, since the increased use of CNG  in vehicles locally will have a beneficial result in improving our air quality.

It will also be of great benefit to the profitability of locally operating gas drilling companies that will also be able to hire more employees.

It’s interesting, however, that the entire enterprise hinges around the possibility for a $500,000 grant from the hated and useless government. I was under the impression that, if just left alone, businesses could best determine how to run and grow their business.

Free market theory says that, to grow, businesses need to promote their products and always seek ways to develop new and/or expanded markets. In this case, expansion of the market for CNG and profitability for its free enterprise companies depends on help from the government.

Why doesn’t the CNG industry make the effort  — on its own  — to make its product more easily available and accessible? Why is it relying on the government which, as we all know, is just a hindrance to economic development?

No hypocrisy here. So, what’s new?

Grand Junction

Radical-right GOP platform drives too many women away

I am a 76-year-old Republican. I voted Republican in Illinois, Wisconsin,  Nevada and, since 2000, here in Colorado. I have watched Colorado go from Republican, to mixed, to Democrat, mostly with the help of the people moving to the Front Range.

Let’s face it. It is not only the quality of the candidates, but the basics of our platform that is losing Republican votes. If the Republican base continues to be radical Christian and continues to oppose abortion and research using unwanted fetuses, the Republicans will never win another statewide election.  

Too many independent women out there believe their bodies and minds are their own, and no one has the right to tell them what they can do with them. They are right.

Grand Junction

Poor and minority students also deserve American Dream

You’re a child from poverty … and you’re a minority. Your teachers change yearly. They’re just learning to teach you, and when they learn, they leave. Every year you fall farther behind.

Is it your future to be locked into poverty and welfare? Don’t you have a right to the American Dream?

We must be talking about inner city school kids, one might say — Washington, D.C., New York City or even Denver. No, we’re talking about our Title I schools here in District 51.

I’ve long been concerned that our high poverty and minority students are not being served fairly. The scenario is: Beginning teachers are hired into Title I schools and gain experience but move to a non-title school within a few years. Why does this occur? Title I schools are regarded as very challenging.

Recently a Title I principal told me that a teacher, inquiring by phone about a job, asked if they were a Title I school. Once she found out that they were, she hung up. The school couldn’t even interview a potentially great teacher.

In District 51, between the 2010/11 and 2011/12 school years, nearly twice as many teachers left Title I schools compared to other schools. In addition, in the 2013/14 school year Title I schools had more than four times as many experienced teachers leave, compared to experienced teachers who hired on.

Isn’t it our duty to give all our District 51 kids an equal opportunity to a great education and a future? Isn’t anything else just discrimination by another name?

While I am not speaking on behalf of the District 51 Board of Education, I believe it’s our obligation to find a better way to help attract and retain excellent, experienced teachers for Title I schools.

Member, Board of Education District 51
Grand Junction

Sen. Harry Reid puts words into Sen. Mark Udall’s mouth

No matter how hard the Sentinel and most other newspapers try to build up Sen. Mark Udall’s record, he has been little more than Harry Reid’s ventriloquist dummy for the last four years.

Grand Junction


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Touchee L.W. Hunley.

Ms Tisue remains as clueless as prior to her election. Title 1 designation is reached as the result of the number of enrolled students that receive free/reduced fee lunches. Free/reduced lunches are a GOVERNMENT, using taxpayer money, program that determines student eligibility through the use of that student’s household income. Low income families are, in the majority of cases, living in higher crime areas. More so many are in single parent homes. Some are homeless. Title 1 schools do NOT necessarily perform below those that are NOT Title 1.

Discrimination as a result of NOT retaining teachers Tisue says. Well Ms Tisue how about getting off of your collective butts and do something about it. You might start by allowing the principal of a school to determine teacher retain ability. As was the case years ago. You might start by getting rid of some of the damned government (incl you) regulations. You might start with teacher evaluations tied to student performance.

What in hell do you do exactly. Are you just another Udall? It is indeed “our duty” to offer a great education to all. If elimination of Title 1 status is paramount in your eyes then subsidize ALL of the affected families and thereby eliminate Title 1 status. If teacher retention is the problem then do something about it.

Indeed, what exactly is your duty to the electorate and students. Discrimination indeed. Are you gearing up for re-election?

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