Printed Letters: March 21, 2014

Foster built upon a fine tradition

Thank you for the article on Colorado Mesa University under the leadership of President Tim Foster. His team and he certainly have a tremendous number of accomplishments of which to be proud, and members of our community (particularly our young people) are the beneficiaries.

It should also be noted that we owe a great debt of gratitude to all of those who made Mesa Junior College and Mesa State College fine academic institutions. Mesa historically has been a teaching college in which students did not feel like numbers but were able to get the individual help and instruction they needed. 

Mesa has enjoyed an outstanding reputation among Colorado’s institutions of higher learning, and seeing the enhancement of that fine tradition is very gratifying.

Grand Junction

Grant’s venomous opinion 
of Tipton is mind-boggling

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson. I thought this quote was being used to introduce Bill Grant. It is the perfect description of him.

It must be tough getting up each morning with such a burning hatred of Rep. Scott Tipton as Grant has. I do not know Tipton, but with vile venom that is spewed upon him by Grant is mind-boggling.

I read other opinions on Tipton. Some agree with him, some disagree with him, but none have the nasty, hate-filled, name-calling of Grant.

Of course, this is why it takes all kinds to make up this great country in which we live.


Large, corrupt government recklessly borrows, spends

A 1960s episode of “Cheyenne” showed government corruption in the late 1800s. The 1939 movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” exposed the same.

When government is small, the level of corruption is small. When government becomes huge and unwieldy, however, corruption grows exponentially. Our government is now so large that corruption is rampant. There have been entirely too many instances of voter fraud, of political favors, of misuse of government power to punish opponents, and of politicians growing rich when such service originally meant financial sacrifices.  

We are spending beyond belief as Congress and the administration buy votes (by extending unemployment benefits, increasing food stamp participation and offering “free” medical care) and repay favors (stimulus funds to quickly-defunct “green energy” businesses, for example). Congress has no incentive to be frugal, and senators and representatives have forgotten that it is not their money.

Part of it is our money. It belongs to us, the taxpayers, and we’re tired of it being used to reward people for making bad decisions and companies and unions who support the “right” candidates.

The other part is the Chinese government’s money. Why on Earth are we allowing our government to borrow money from a foreign country (not even an ally) and then give it all away, creating debt that may be impossible to repay?

It’s time to demand that government stop the spending that has prolonged this recession, created more dependency and pushed us farther toward insolvency. Elect financial conservatives.


Statistics do not indicate 
sufficient interest in Avalon

According to the 2011 census, the population of the greater Grand Junction metropolitan area, which includes Fruita, Colbran, Debeque, Palisade and the unincorporated areas of Meas County, was 147,083.

So far, a whopping 375 individuals have donated their money to help to restore the Avalon Theatre. As you can see, an overwhelming majority of citizens think this is a great idea.

Grand Junction

‘Forward, click’ patriots 
just preach to the choir

Knowing my mostly conservative values, many people have put my email address in their circle of friends. Subsequently, I received many of those political poems, quips, pictures and stories that alert me to the hidden agenda and treasonous actions that our nonresponsive government officials are trying to pull. I appreciate the thoughts behind these emails, but something much more serious bothers me about those who send them.

They should all realize that when they “forward-click” them, they are only “preaching to the choir” and that nothing really gets done to solve the problem. Patriotic-minded folks feel that they have done their duty just by sending messages in conservative circles. I refer to these people as “forward, click” patriots.

In order to change the world more to their liking, it takes more than a few seconds punching buttons while sitting at their computers. For things to get better, we must all speak out, attend, ask questions, write, assemble and act physically or nothing will be changed for the better for our country.


Inconvenient time change irks living daylights out of resident

Is anyone else as fed up with daylight saving time as I am? My body clock just about gets used to the change in schedule when it’s time to confuse it all over again. It’s time to get up already?

I don’t know what our dogs think of the change in routine. They get used to eating at eight, and suddenly it’s switched to seven. What’s going on?

They tell us it’s to get one more hour of sunshine. Yeah, right. We get the same amount of sunshine. It’s just at a different time.

Why did we start this in the first place? So we could have daylight to feed the chickens and water the horses? Why was it?

Anyway, I sure do wish they’d pick a time and leave it there. (By the way, who are the “they” that I can go to and convince to fix it?)

Grand Junction

Powerful NRA bamboozles otherwise rational thinkers

According to a very reliable source (that excludes FOXNews), 89 percent of Americans favor background checks for the purchase of weapons and 84 percent of gun owners do, as well.

It is difficult to understand why any law-abiding citizen in this country would oppose background checks for the purchase of a lethal weapon. Who other than people who shouldn’t have guns is being hurt?

Is the NRA so powerful that it is been able to successfully bamboozle otherwise good, clear-thinking people into believing that, somehow, background checks will cause the end of the universe as we know it? If so, maybe what we need to do is to get some logic into our gun laws to defang the NRA.

Now, there’s a worthy project.


Lawmakers must protect kids from breathing tobacco smoke

As Colorado lawmakers address cell-phone usage while operating a vehicle, when will these lawmakers consider protecting innocent children from the harms of breathing toxic tobacco smoke when they are vehicle passengers?

Amazingly, Arkansas state lawmakers addressed this child-safe health issue in 2006 with an upgrade in 2011.

Shouldn’t “sensitive and protective” Colorado be leading Arkansas?



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Having been prompted by Will Eidson’s hyperbolic letter (“Grant’s venomous opinion of Tipton is mind-boggling”) to re-read Bill Grant’s recent Sentinel column (“ACA could be Tipton’s Achilles heel”), I found it truly “mind-boggling” that Eidson found anything remotely resembling “venomous . . . name–calling” therein.

Grant’s column was more about the growing and under-reported success (both locally and nationally) of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) than about “Teapublican” Tipton, who has cast some 51 votes to repeal, replace, and/or de-fund the ACA – even as it benefits millions of previously uninsured Americans nationwide and hundreds locally).

For the record, I have met Congressman Scott Tipton – and found him to be just another dishonest politician more willing to pander to gullible and uninformed sources of support rather than lead his constituency to understand the real issues facing this country.

For example, at the “Town Meeting” Tipton held in Grand Junction on October 25, 2013, Tipton lied to attendees about having not voted to “shut down” the government – which cost our economy some $28 billion – then justified his vote to reopen the government by explaining that his chosen tactic never had any chance of success anyway!

As Gary Harmon aptly reported (“Rep. Tipton takes hits right and left over shutdown, Obamacare”), Tipton admitted that – for six months—the Republican-controlled House had refused to appoint a conference committee take up the Senate-passed budget, but blamed the Senate for refusing to consider Republicans’ ridiculous “repeal” bills (disingenuously evading what Tipton knew – that it was all part of Republicans’ long-standing, Tipton-supported, but ill-conceived strategy to “shut down” the Government).

Moreover, at that same “Town Hall” meeting, Tipton distributed a “handout” which dishonestly combined the CBO’s ten year budget projections with Republicans’ unsubstantiated out-year projections to scare gullible locals into believing that the Republican-produced National Debt is out-of-control and that “spending is the problem” – when every objective analysis concludes that Republican-imposed austerity and anti-government and anti-tax ideological constraints on revenue is the real problem.

Perhaps Eidson should reread Grant’s column too.

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