Printed Letters: March 8, 2017

If 2B passes, city should award local contracts for work
After having read the article about Measure 2B in Tuesday’s Daily Sentinel I felt compelled to write this letter. If, and when after this measure is indeed passed, I am wondering who the city council will award the contract to.

The city and the chamber are always promoting the idea to all the citizens to shop locally and support our local businesses and buy locally. I have lived in this valley for over 20 years now and have always been amazed at the fact when it comes time to award contracts that the city and other governmental agencies seem to always award contracts to a business out of the Mesa County area.

Yes I know the old excuse being that they have to go with the lowest bid in order to save everyone their tax money. But how about the City Council go and back up their supposed support of local contractors. Which may in turn go to the point of not only supporting the local economy but also create more jobs for the locals that are out of work and need that work to support their families.

The streets and roads in and around Grand Junction are in dire need of repair and should be done. But I guess I’m getting the cart before the horse here, since we have to wait and see if indeed Measure 2B is actually passed by the citizens. So if you do vote for it and it does go through then I would advise all of you to hold the council’s feet to the fire and make sure the contract is indeed awarded to a LOCAL contractor.


Can Trump make up anything and still have his defenders?
We progressives are told we need to get over the election of Donald Trump. But why should we do that? We were trying to prevent the very thing we are experiencing now with Trump. Isn’t everyone tired of his incessant tweeting and his man-baby behavior? His latest tweet attack accusing former President Obama of wiretapping him without any evidence is just more of the same lying we have heard from him since the start of his presidency. Can Trump just make up anything he wants and people will defend him? How low can you go? How low can his supporters go?

Trump was elected only because of the outdated electoral college system where someone can lose the national popular vote by almost 3 million votes and still be elected president. And the people who voted for him are largely the Fox News crowd (his Rust Belt buddies) where past studies have shown that they are the least informed viewers out there.

So yeah, it’s hard to get over the fact that such ill-informed voters have elected one of the most idiotic men ever to lead this country. Donald Trump can say and do whatever nonsense he wants and his supporters don’t care. It’s the stupid electing the stupid. So don’t bother me any more about getting over it. We need a real president, not a celebrity.

Grand Junction

Downtown business owner supports event center measure

My husband and I are downtown business owners and support a new event center.
Since opening our business three years ago, we’ve watched many neighboring businesses close. Downtown has enormous potential; historic buildings, unique shops and delicious restaurants. It’s walkable, it’s parkable and desperately needs more customers.

I think of other Colorado downtown areas that attract so many of us to vacation there. They are thriving due to tourism. Grand Junction is no longer a shopping destination, so we must take steps to bring tourists here for other reasons. An event center would secure much needed foot traffic for our downtown shops and restaurants. A strong Main Street is representative of the community as a whole.

The variety of possible events at the new event center are exciting, but what really excites me are things like state high school competitions, local indoor sports rivalries and commencement ceremonies. As GJers, we’re accustomed to traveling to the Front Range for large tournaments. It’s time they came to us!

In 2015, JUCO brought $1.5 million to the city. JUCO creates enormous spending in our community, imagine that potential 12 to 30 times a year. Imagine the number of outsiders exposed to our beautiful valley, imagine the businesses that could be attracted to call us home, imagine the dollars spent in our community that could in turn help our schools, our streets, our recreational areas — the possibilities are endless. 

I hope everybody will consider the positive economic impact just $2.50 a month, per household could make. Our sales tax is lower than all our neighboring communities and it hasn’t been raised since 1988.

Let’s unite, show our GJ pride and support something that will create revenue, jobs, exposure and save downtown!

Owner, Café Sol
Grand Junction

Finish the Avalon before 
starting other projects
If the Grand Junction City Council would attend some of the stellar performances of the Grand Junction Symphony they might be more inclined to finish what was started on the Avalon. Finish one project before starting another.

Grand Junction


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Denton’s liberal rant against Trump follows the typical pattern ...

One point I would like to make about the popular vote portion of his tirade ... Hillary supposedly won this by 3000 votes.

Virtually all the those votes came from one state ... California, with a population of over 39 million.

Thanks to the electoral college California did not decide this last election.

RE: Denton’s rant.
The number is not 3000 ... correct to 3 million.
Which, I might add, a good portion of those are likely illegal alien votes.

I think that the ill-informed voters are people like Mr. Denton.  The Queen Hillary was rejected because the people of America were fed-up with the liberal agenda and were well informed.  I for one listen to Fox News but also read the N.Y. Times and watch CNN,NBC and CBS to get all sides of the issues.  I leave out NPR and MSNBC because of their total bias.
Get over it!!

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