Printed Letters: April 9, 2014

Citizens should know where Pennington stands on issues

Where does John Pennington stand? I think it’s pretty clear that as sheriff he would not enforce drug laws or traffic laws. What about domestic violence and underage drinking? Does he share the constitutionalist belief that only the sheriff is authorized to enforce laws? If so, does he plan to work with police chiefs and other state and county law enforcement entities?

What about federal law enforcement? Does he plan to cooperate with them or ban them from the county? Would he enforce civil orders such as evictions and garnishments? How about restraining orders and protection orders issued by the courts — ignore them or enforce them?

What other laws or practices would he choose to set aside based on his constitutional beliefs? Does he plan to assemble a volunteer, armed, citizens’ militia? Would he direct his deputies and his militia to pursue and arrest illegal immigrants here in Mesa County?

As a 30-year veteran in Mesa County law enforcement, I think county citizens deserve to know where Pennington stands on these important issues before a single vote is cast in the upcoming Republican primary.


County needs constitutional sheriff who will protect liberty

Without a doubt, the sheriff has duties that are discernable as being the protector of the citizenry of his county. The Sentinel provides hyperbole to its readers, a distorted view of John Pennington, one of the candidates for sheriff.

Apparently it is fine with the Sentinel that our Congress, our president and our state officials determine which laws and which parts of our constitutions to uphold while misinterpreting them — and which ones to ignore. But it is not all right with the Sentinel if Pennington tries to live up to that oath he will be taking and defend our county by following those very laws broken by our leaders.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that also part of being a sheriff? Isn’t that what our way of life is all about?

Shouldn’t a sheriff be concerned with protection? Protection from officials who bend laws, ignore rulings from our Supreme Court, ignore the very laws we live under as a republic and ignore our states’ rights. Protection from agencies bent on serving their own needs. This republic is not a country that can ignore its citizenry and the god-given rights written into our Constitution.

It makes sense to me to have stability in our county, following our freedoms, enjoying our liberties as set forth in our very constitutions while not worrying about the encroachments from an out-of-control government.

Sen. Steve King has introduced several laws that were passed that encroach on our rights as citizens of Colorado. As a result, we now are forced to live with diminished freedom and diminished liberty and are exposed as never before to an out-of-control federal government.

The last thing this county needs is a “king.” What we need is a constitutional sheriff.

Grand Junction

Many generous volunteers make book sale successful

The Friends of the Mesa County Public Library Book sale March 19-22 was a huge success because so many people in the Grand Valley stepped up to help. Alongside our members, volunteers from Partners, R-5 High School, Caprock Academy, Colorado Mesa State University, First Methodist Church and First Congregational Church, as well as clients of Mesa County Corrections, supplied much-needed manpower and muscle. In addition, Record Management Services, Grand Mesa Graphics, Commercial Refuse and the Art Center all contributed to the success of our sale.

We also wish to thank the generous folks of the Grand Valley including Fruita, Orchard Mesa and Clifton who donated nearly 20,000 books to our sale. Friends know how difficult it can be to give up “old book friends” from personal libraries and collections.

The coverage of the sale by The Daily Sentinel and other news outlets was terrific and was enhanced by those who sent in the Sentinel’s golden tickets at Christmas time.

Because we worked together, Friends of the Library has more money to continue our special projects at Mesa County Public Libraries.

Thank you and keep reading.

Friends of the Mesa County
Public Libraries
Grand Junction


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Get rid of ALL these recycled over and over and over GOOD ‘ol boys. It is obvious that they are the problem Pennington gets my vote.

Mr. Borgen reads the paper and is on the internet much more than I. He absolutely understands exactly what is happening to our country, our state and our county, and approves.
Our public lands are being shut down to the public by the BLM. Our County Commissioners are working hard to keep that from happening, without support from the Sheriff, the BLM will have their way in closing down our roads, trails and hunting areas. The laws are clear, RS 2477 defines the rights of the people of Colorado and the role of the Government.

Mr. Borgen also understands the limits imposed by this paper of 300 words to Letters to the Editor. If he could count the words, he would know it has that limit applied. To suggest I am wasting space is not accurate, his comment and this now needed reply are a waste, his complaint was expected. His intolerance of my position is also expected, his role as a progressive is the explanation for his calling me a “teabagger”.

“Big money” in rabble rousing? If I made a dime on my time spent fighting for my Country as a Tea Party activist, it would be news to me. Mr. Borgen however, understands completely the role of ACORN, their splitting off into new groups and the funding of their activities and where it comes from. He is right (make that left!), there is big money in “Rabble Rousing”, the people I associate with are the majority, the religious, the seniors, the taxpayers, the working public, (at least those that can find work) and the people that would give their lives for their Country and our Constitution as originally written. The Tea Party people don’t get funded by our Government; they get investigated by the IRS.

You, Mr. Borgen, are entitled to your thoughts, the same as I, but you sir, are not entitled to your distorted truths without being called out on them.

Your right Mr. Borgen, your further comments are wasted space. I’m sure in your eyes I do have a reading comprehension problem, when I read, I look for the message in between the words. Your words are just that example. You have nothing further to add, only an open personal attack as progressives do, with hostility and inability to hold ground on any subject long enough to have a clear understanding of entirety.
I do not support those that gain for “Rabble Rousing”, I have no time for such people. If your reading comprehension is greater than mine, perhaps you should reread my previous comment. You missed my point; I am for the Constitution, as written, with Amendments, not to be interpreted, not to be ignored and not to be distorted. I am FOR The People, yes Mr. Borgen, that includes you and your rights also.

Mr. Borgen,
I have no interest in frustrating myself in front of your ‘group’. I’m sure I would have as much luck explaining my beliefs to them as you would explaining yours to any honest Tea Party member. As much as you would love to insert additional words to the Constitution, you are not able to. It is our Law, it is what we were formed with, what we live by. It is the reason we were the greatest Country in the world, the reason so many people would give their lives to allow their children to live here.

There is no need to change it, it may be modified by Amendment, and it is the reason that provision was put there.

I do not believe I had one “yeah, but” in any of my comments to you. Please stop assuming what I mean, mischaracterizing what I say or demeaning what I believe in, you do not know anything about me. I find your attacks on my person offensive. If you have reason to disagree with me, feel free. I do not appreciate your personal misrepresentations of me, my character or my intelligence.

Say Mr Borgen. Just exactly in what manner is the method to change our constitution if it should be out of date. Tis not by “pen and phone” I dare say. Nor executive order. I applaud any American standing up against any malfeasance in office, corruption, law taking. Just, exactly, who IS YOUR group? I will come by Friday.

You surely have me confused with someone else. I am a disabled veteran. You may meet me Mon-Thurs, 0900-1200, on the second floor of the VA Hospital. I assist fellow veterans there. “Results GJ” you asked. I haven’t a clue. Nor have I been a president of anything since I retired from the military in 1992. Nor was I president while on active duty. I am an American fighting man. I believe in my country and its constitution. I believe no man is above the law. I support the carrying of firearms. I am a Christian. I do not support abortions. I support Hobby Lobby. They are privately owned and already insure 6-8 different contraceptives for employees. They only object to contraceptives which are KNOWN to cause abortions. I believe our government needs repair in many areas. I gather facts from approx. 100 tv stations and at least 40 radio stations. 5 newspapers. I am an informed voter. I believe we should secure our borders. I do not believe that husseincare is viable. I believe one should prove citizenship in order to vote. I believe OJ killed Nicole and Ron. I believe my government is concealing many facts relating to Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, NSA, husseincare and birth certificates. Lest I mention homeland security. On active duty I learned that it is indeed unlawful to execute an order that is obviously a violation (Geneva Convention). I believe that citizens have a duty to disregard any official that is knowingly violating our constitution or law(s). I would like to see rank voting become our voting system. Confirm my attendance at your gathering at your leisure. Fact is I really do not think I care for you. Your last statement to me leads me to believe that you are indeed something that you are not. Something along the lines of bleeding heart, democrap, progressive, liberal. I really do not know why I bothered writing this to you as I post here regularly and I’ve not observed you here previously. Most of all I believe that recycling politicians from office to office has led to the majority of our county, state and national problems. In other words the “good ‘ol boy syndrome.”

Flag waving is NOT an expression of belief? Expression of insincerity? Lost all credibility because I used “husseincare.” Quite frankly I really do not give a damned about what you think of me. I earned my right to free speech as well as flag waving. Who are you to dictate wasted space? To lecture someone? Just another wasted kool aid liberal progressive. You seem quite comfortable at exercising your right? By the by I usually use barry lyinkenyan hussein soetoro. Pack that in your pipe. I really do not expect you to grasp this but kilo mike alpha sir. I consider your invitation an absolute insult and your diatribe ridiculous. Take the high ground. I will damned sure wave the flag at any time of my choosing. Of course you self appointed elitists know squat about having a guidon, unit pride and serving for you ungrateful elitists. Indeed.

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