Printed Letters: May 14, 2017

House passing AHCA 
is a major milestone

The American Health Care Act does not eliminate the pre-existing conditions the liberals so strongly want us to believe. To quote the AHCA: “Nothing in this act shall be construed as permitting health insurance insurers to limit access to health coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions.”

However it does reduce taxes on the American people by over $1 trillion in abolishing 12 taxes that President Obama put into place with the passage of the ACA, even though he promised no additional taxes. Bashing the rich on benefits from tax cuts serves no purpose. They will always benefit to some extent — since they pay the majority of the taxes. Premiums on the ACA are unsustainable for most Americans, including businesses that provide insurance to their employees.

Providing health care coverage is a difficult undertaking and Rep. Scott Tipton does have the interest of his constituents at heart. He withheld his vote on the ACHA until items, such as pre-existing conditions, were included. Passing this act by the House of Representatives is a major milestone. Now it is up to the Senate to step up to the plate and get this act passed.

Grand Junction

Tipton should join movement calling for investigation

President Trump recently fired FBI Director James Comey, the person in charge of overseeing the investigation of Trump’s ties to Russia. Comey’s termination came just hours after CNN reported that the FBI had issued subpoenas as part of the Trump-Russia investigation, and it came just days after Comey requested more funding for the investigation.

The White House states that Comey’s termination was recommended by Jeff Sessions, who was supposed to have recused himself from the investigation after lying to Congress about his own contact with Russian officials.

Despite the obvious appearance of corruption and the threat to our country, Rep. Scott Tipton has not joined the growing bipartisan group that is calling for an independent investigation. Instead, Tipton issued a weak statement saying, “None of the investigations should be impacted by the firing of Mr. Comey.” Is Tipton too daft to understand that the firing of Mr. Comey has already impacted the FBI investigation? Trump has sent a clear message that he will fire any member of the Department of Justice who dares investigate him.

Tipton must join the growing movement in support of creating an independent commission to investigate Trump’s ties to Russia. Tipton was elected to defend American democracy, not Russian interests. He needs to start doing his job.


Government can obligate 
us to do just about anything

I was glad to see Sean Goodbody’s commentary in the May 10 paper. I think he covered a lot of ground well. I was struck by a quote from Joe Walsh in answer to Jimmy Kimmel’s now famous monologue concerning his son’s health care. Mr. Walsh said, “Sorry Jimmy Kimmel: your sad story doesn’t obligate me or anybody else to pay for somebody else’s healthcare.” I need to explain why this is wrong in many ways.

First, when you buy insurance you are not paying for someone else’s health care, you are guaranteeing your own. It is not an act of forced generosity but a very intelligent response to the fact that anyone can be financially destroyed by the health care costs they might generate.

Second, Mr. Walsh and the rest of us are now and always have been obligated to pay for other people’s health care. As stated in the same issue of the Sentinel in regard to a state bill, “It lays to rest more than $250 million in planned cuts to hospitals from the fee program, used to pay for the health care for the poor. That program, paid for by hospitals themselves and matched by federal dollars that go back to those hospitals, has created a budget conundrum…” I presume that “paid for by the hospitals themselves” means paid for by the insured patients and others who can afford their care. We know where federal dollars come from. It seems that we will not tolerate folks dying in the streets no matter what our politics are.

Third, as I remember it, the government can obligate us to go to a foreign land and go to war. If it can do that, it can do about anything. With proper consensus, that’s how it should be.


Sentinel, continue to put 
positive news on front page

My compliments on the current format of the Sentinel. It is good to see positive happenings on the front page instead of the region’s dysfunction. This is more in keeping with the paper’s mission of being the custodian of the area’s history, and I am sure that it can only have a positive influence on the economics, progress and general good feelings of the citizens and businesses here or planning to move here.

Grand Junction


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Like many, Joan Kelsey looks at health insurance as a purely economic question.  While there are certainly economic aspects to it, as there are with most other matters of public policy, this is a humanitarian issue, something which seems to have escaped both Ms. Kelsey, Mr. Tipton, as well as the Republican Senator from Colorado.

The AHCA was little else than a desperate attempt by the Republican members of the U.S. House to come up with a so-called “plan” after having criticized the ACA for years, without having any plan of their own.  When some of us saw the Speaker of the House of Representatives (Mr. Ryan) come on television with a tiny document, covered with a very nice and shiny binder, and calling it a plan, some of us saw it as nothing more than a first step in attempting to convince the people that they had a plan.  It was just a “mish-mash” of random thoughts and a wish list, and no type of plan.

Ms. Kelsey should ask herself why it was that there were only perfunctory hearings on this so-called plan, and why it was rushed through the House without first having been analyzed by the CBO as to its real effects on the American people, some being the most vulnerable. What were they afraid of?  Didn’t they want the American people and electorate to see the real effects on millions of their fellow citizens?

As to Mr. Tipton withholding his vote until provision(s) had supposedly been inserted to provide for those with “pre-existing conditions”, that was simply an excuse as if the funding for those individuals is not provided for, or it is woefully underfunded, it is only pro-forma, and is totally without meaning.

Mr. Zack is quite correct that Mr. Tipton should join the call for a thorough and public investigation.  However, Mr. Tipton does not want that to happen as his loyalty if first to himself, then to his political party and only if nothing interferes with those two, to the American people, which such as Mr. Tipton (as is true of all too many) do not really see, never mind acknowledge as existing, never mind being of any great significance.

Some of us have been through many things in our lives. We recall Joe McCarthy, the Cuban missile crises, the JFK assassination, the Vietnam war, the Watergate hearings, the investigation of Mr. Clinton, the attack on the twin towers, etc.  Those we remember, and very vividly.  However, the difference between now and then, is that we had the honesty and courage to face up to them and place them into their proper perspective.

If Mr. Tipton does not call for an investigation, it is because either does not want to do so, or lacks the courage to do so.  So, instead, what he does (as do so many of his cohorts) is engage in a “full course press” of covering up, no matter what damage he and others like him cause to the fabric of this country, its future and that of its people.

It has become readily evident that the need for an independent investigator is required in this instance, and let the investigation lead wherever it goes.  If it leads nowhere, then fine.  But, if it reveals something, then let not only Mr. Tipton, but every single one of us, have the courage to take the necessary corrective action.

any society where the social experiment of Socialism has been tried has failed. That’s where a bunch of people feel warm and fuzzy about giving the control of everything to the government, IE the democratic model. Then tell us we have to pay for their hairbrained ideas because we are too stupid to provide for ourselves. Let’s tell our government to stop tampering with society by overtaxing, over ruling, and being a job creator. That just simply isn’t their job. the real threat to society today is the inability of government and individuals to take care of themselves and stop whining when they don’t get their “tin hat, snowflake” way of life provided for them. MrBright

Mr. Tallarico:

The individual citizen should be able to face the truth and be able to handle it.  It is not the job of the media, or anyone else, to make things look either “good” or “bad”.  The first does nothing but give people that “warm and fuzzy” feeling, while the second results in a “the sky is falling” mindset.  Neither of those is seldom true.

If paying an additional tax equivalent to 1/4th of the annual cost of my health insurance premiums (1/4th would be about $250/month) would allow American citizen, including me and my entire family, to get all the health care they needed whenever they needed it, I would so gladly do it.

Ms. Landman, you now know why Healthcare companies, insurance companies, and private providers are failing and pulling out of the system nationwide. if it were that simple don’t you think it would have been done previously? talk to some insurance providers and you will get a sad education about why what you prescribe will not work. and holding a fine up as a weapon for not paying isn’t feasible either. National healthcare is failing everywhere it is implemented by every nation. Healthcare quality suffers and funding is obtrusive. I don’t know what you do for a living but if the government TOLD you to provide your services for half what you are being paid for now, how many would comply, then if the public was forced to pay you twice as much as you are compensated now and kept 2/3 of that for others that are at risk categories, how compliant would you be? Be well, but research what you whine about first. MrBright

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