Printed Letters: May 2, 2014

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Bill Hugenberg must be working from his own sense of guilt when it comes to Racism. Conservatives and Republicans have long been the champions of freedom.

Hugenberg needs a quick review of history.

Democrats led the South out of the Union over the election of Abraham Lincoln, a Republican. Democrats manned the trenches and fought with the Confederacy to keep African Americans slaves. After the war, Democrats in the South formed the Ku Klux Klan. Democrats in the South created the Jim Crow Laws, and took away the freedom the Thousands of Dead Union Soldiers had won for Southern Slaves. Republicans were not elected in the South for 100 years.

Democrats like George Wallace and Robert Byrd, fought the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s. President Johnson never succeeds with out Republican support to pass landmark Civil Rights Legislation.

Fast forward to today. Donald Sterling is not just a racist. He is a dyed in the wool Democrat who gave millions of dollars to the Pelosi and Obama campaigns. He was in line to win his 2nd award from the NAACP for his service to the African American Community, when the reality came to light.

The Local TEA Party members are racists? Did the Sentinel Editorial Board not read the article by Duffy Hayes. This weekend’s TEA Party rally at Lincoln Park, featured Derrick Wilburn Head of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives and American Conservatives of Color. Past years rallies have featured Ryan Frazier, a prominent Denver area Conservative (Also African American) and Niger Innes a prominent African American who works with Herman Cain and is a Fox News Contributor.

Hugenberg and Democrats can no longer defend the lies being perpetuated by the current Administration and so turn to the tried and true of obfuscation by spouting more lies. Shame on Hugenberg for writing a letter packed with untruths; Shame on the Sentinel Editorial Board for giving it unwarranted publicity.

Boy, My hat finally stopped spinning late last night from Hugenbergs spin and after reading this letter to the editor, it’s spinning out of control. At this rate I’ll be bald and have to resort to a comb over. While it’s interesting to think that local Tea Party people are in his eyes racist, he offers absolutely no proof to back his assertions. The last time I looked, the major Tea Party leaders in the country are women, blacks and vocal opponents of any racism slurs made by the progressives against us.

I have to admit, Mr. McCarney did an excellent job of explaining things to you. Perhaps that will satisfy your search for words.
But, then again, probably not, your head is spinning, not your hat.

Buffaloed Bill just can’t help himself
thanks to Kevin and Tim for explaining things to him in rational speak. He may need translating.
Not Mrs. Bright, Missed you at the 4/20 rally and Starbucks Buff
They serve Tea at Starbucks too.

Not Freida Cook - Am a Relative (Ltpar) - Bill, will have to respectfully disagree with you on your analysis of President Obama.  He was elected by a combination of uniformed voters who knew nothing of his background, philosophy or plans for our country.  “Hope & Change” was nothing but the tune the Pied Piper of Chicago was playing while leading his supporters like the Piper did in the original story.  Of course, all the blacks flocked to Obama as he was one of their own. 

That said, had Obama been a leader, surrounded himself with savy advisors who knew the economy, finances, how to keep America strong in foreign affairs and how to deal with our enemies, things might be different.  The problem is not racism, but a complete failure of the American public to see Obama has the country on a one way street headed for the cliff of oblivion.  Personally, I could care less what color, gender or sexual preference the President is.  Show me a person who is a leader, can get the country back on track again and they have my support.  Unfortunately, for all of us there doesn’t seem to be many of those kind of people available from either the Republicans or Democrats. When the train goes over the cliff, hopefully there will be enough pieces to pick up and start over with.

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