Printed Letters: May 31, 2017

Facts should guide all political discussions

“Just the facts, ma’am.” That famous line from “Dragnet” should guide all of us in our political discussions. A recent letter complained, “No one should be above law in politics.” The writer felt that the “overwhelming liberal press” was giving Democrats a free ride and picking on Republicans.

Similar complaint is frequently heard about liberal professors and teachers in our education system. Both reporters and teachers depend completely on facts for their credibility. The Democrats accused of being above the law — Clinton, Holder, Rice and Lerner — were thoroughly investigated and the facts were found wanting. The Republican Party loves to accuse, the facts be damned. Nothing is more frustrating than debating someone whose argument is based on prior beliefs and feelings; you confuse them with facts. Science doesn’t care about your beliefs and feelings, facts will win out. The “overwhelming conservative news” from Fox promotes half-baked talking points that you might want to check with other sources.

Grand Junction

Share views on community center at open meeting

A community center saved my life when I was 13 years old. My mother had to work after my father was killed in a railroad crossing near our farm. We moved to a city and I was really lost. I started hanging out with some guys who thought it was cool to tip over outhouses and throw eggs at cars. After some of us were caught, someone gave me a free pass to the YMCA. While mom was working I went there after school and walked home with her. The Y was such a cool place because we become a close community. We played basketball and other indoor sports without a pool or weight equipment.

If you are interested in having a community center like Fruita and Montrose, you can attend a City Council workshop to express your views. The open meeting is June 5 at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Grand Junction

Article takes swipe at those who voted against pot

The article in the May 28 paper regarding the winery in Oregon converting to a pot farm was just another swipe at the folks in Grand Junction for not voting to allow Grand Junction to become another “pot hole” in Colorado.

Repeated attempts to mock, shame, ridicule and portray contemptuously by The Daily Sentinel are prevalent. The Sentinel just can’t comprehend how residents can’t see the riches rolling into the city’s coffers and how much “good spending” could result. Utopia! The view that all you have to do to create a thriving community is just pour tax monies into it without regard for the whole human being is the shortsightedness of progressives worldwide.

Grand Junction

Conservative media has more impact on public opinion

Last week my good neighbor, golfing buddy and political opposite Paul Currie-Mills had a letter on this page in which he complained that “the free press in this country, being overwhelmingly liberal in their bias” unfairly picks on Republicans. Looking at who currently holds the reins of our government, one would have to conclude that the liberal media are not being very successful in swaying public opinion. In fact, one could argue just the opposite. Let’s take a look at some of today’s sources of political news and commentary and assess their impact on shaping the views of voters.

Print media: The New York Times and the Washington Post are bastions of liberalism, with national audiences. But the Wall Street Journal, a conservative paper, has a larger national circulation that the Times and the Post combined. (This includes both print and digital paid subscriptions).

Talk radio: Liberal talk radio is almost non-existent, while conservative programs have a huge following. Together, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Dave Ramsey reach almost 50 million listeners each week. The only large player on the liberal side is NPR, which has around 15 million listeners. NPR strives to be balanced, but they lean a little left anyway. NPR’s news shows cover diverse areas such as sports and the arts as well as politics.

Cable news: In 2016, FOX News had about 2.5 times as many viewers as MSNBC, and about as many as CNN and MSNBC combined (in the last few months, MSNBC has made large gains amid scandals at both the White House and FOX).

Network news: For the past couple of years, NBC has had the ratings lead for nightly news. Their anchor, Lester Holt, is a registered Republican.

News sources are very diverse these days, and most of them are biased in some direction. But the data seem to indicate that overall, conservative sources are having more impact on public opinion than liberal sources.

Media has a liberal bias? That’s fake news, Paul!

Grand Junction


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Conservative media has more impact ...

Whitehorn should ask the obvious question here ... why is conservative talk radio so popular?
Why can’t liberal radio shows get any traction?
Why is FOX outpacing all of their competition like MSNBC?

The answer American people of a conservative persuasion are inundated with the liberal drivel put out by the alphabet networks
and major print media, tune into any evening newscast and the lead is five minutes, or more, of Trump bashing ... every night and this has been going on for months.
NBC’s Lester Holt may be a registered Republican, no matter, it’s still the same Trump bashing lead each night.
Senator John McCain is a Republican and he can be seen most days bashing Trump to the delight of the network interviewers. John MCain is an excellent example of why we should have term limits, Maxine Waters is another good example.
Then in the last day or two we have the Kathy Griffin incident, a picture of her holding Trump’s severed head. These are your people Whitehorne ... imagine if a conservative had pulled this stunt with Obama?
There is a strong liberal bias in the media made worse by the fact Americans, we deplorables out here in flyover country, gave the coastal elitist media a huge flip-off in November. They can’t handle it ...


Currie-Mills, maybe the popularity is due to gullible,weak minds? Stunts with Obama? Hangings in effigy? Plus all the other “cures” for the Obama disease. Do you pay any attention at all as to what is going on? Obviously Trump is your guy. What kind of judgement of character and competency are you? I realize Fox runs your life but why don’t you just slow down and check other news sources. It will open up a whole new world for you reading or watching the truth for a change. A huge flip-off for the coasts. How old are you?

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