Printed letters, November 13, 2012

The battle is over. The president is Barack Obama and the House is Republican. By most accounts we are a more divided nation than we have been in 50 years.

Outside of cities, we are pretty much red, or at least pink. President Obama won re-election by dividing the country on the basis of economic status, age and gender. With all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, it will still be a tough job to put us back together again.

We are likely to be faced with ongoing high unemployment and higher costs for items such as food, health care and gas at the pump. Corporations have stockpiled cash, and many in the older middle class have put away funds for a rainy day. Those who have prepared will get through this with less pain.

The good news for those more concerned about fiscal responsibility than abortion on demand is that the House will keep a short leash on the president. He will have to compromise to get anything done on spending and tax issues.

Although the fact is often lost on the young, single women and minorities, economic growth is primarily the result of private investment. Most investors are older, ordinary people who have put together a nest egg for retirement through hard work and thrift.

The government has to earn the respect of these investors to attract the capital needed to grow our economy. Investors vote with their capital. Unlike taxes, the government cannot force people in a free society to invest. Investors are not this president’s natural constituency.



Foes of females 
felt feminine fury

Regarding the comment about the “Tea party blames ‘weak’ Romney,” these people are completely clueless. They are the ones to blame for Romney losing and only because Romney allowed their loud mouths to speak for him and the Republican Party about ignorant topics such as legitimate rape.

Thankfully, those who spouted this ignorance were voted out of office. The tea party and other misogynistic politicians need to wake up to the wrath of women and men that they alone prompted.


Grand Junction


Marcus neglected to mention 
Democrats’ wealthy backers

The recent column by Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post Writers Group implied that only conservative Republicans provided large amounts of money for this past presidential campaign.

Why didn’t she mention the likes of George Soros or labor unions by name? Her real implication was that monies given to support Romney’s candidacy were a form of corruption.

From reports, it appears that maybe $3 billion was spent in total on the past presidential campaign. That is about the same amount that we are adding to the national debt every day.




Republicans ought to ponder 
Clinton’s renewal of Harlem

Live and let live: Isn’t that our most basic intent? Republicans are the party of Lincoln and emancipation. And they have forgotten. The melting pot congregated in our urban areas is busy building life and businesses without them.

It’s a terrible long road to “all men are created equal.” But bit by bit, decade by decade, equal becomes more equal.

Maybe it’s time to allow God to take care of the sinners while Republicans practice their beliefs without imposing them on others. Let the excellence of their behavior be the tool to convert others. And consider that maybe more Christians prayed for Obama to win than those who prayed for him to lose.

Isn’t it time for Republicans to see brown and black skin as more than housekeepers, janitors and gardeners? For all of their hatred of welfare, consider that people have the opportunity to abolish it without passing laws.

There are no grocery stores in the Detroit ghetto. Wal-Mart and Kroger are afraid. People can buy liquor and fast food, but not tomatoes. There are also drug gangs with people who apparently can buy and sell and count.

But check out what narrow minds miss: Harlem in New York City. President Clinton built his office and foundation there. And now Harlem is the coolest place in New York — great restaurants and shops and condominiums and young professionals — of all colors — moving in. The Harlem awakening required no laws or affirmative action.

Republicans didn’t reach their goal of a permanent majority in Washington. They may have the land, but not the population. And if they continue missing opportunities of equality, the money will go elsewhere, too.


Grand Junction


ATF bears responsibility 
in border agent’s death

The Daily Sentinel recently printed an article saying the killer of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry had been given a life sentence. It failed to mention that the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms had armed the killer during its Operation Fast and Furious.

During this operation, thousands of high-power, semi-automatic weapons were knowingly transferred into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and other criminals. The ATF’s involvement in this should have been mentioned and its corrupt activities exposed.




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