Printed Letters: November 18, 2016

All animals change global temperature

Ask any globalist and they will tell you that global temperature changes are due to CO2 and methane. Animals, bugs, and people produce most of these two gasses. There are seven billion people, probably 20 billion animals, and more bugs than stars in the sky living on Earth.

Forgetting the bugs, each animal breathes out CO2 from every breath it takes in its life. Since everyone breathes about six times per minute, on average, and you multiply that by 27 billion living creatures, you get about 160 billion puffs of CO2 into the atmosphere per minute. This is probably 50 times all the CO2 put into the air by mechanical and factory smokestack objects combined. There is no telling how much methane living critters expel because it’s impossible to know how much fast food and broccoli are consumed, but it’s a lot.

So all you have to do is kill everything on Earth which is not a plant, and you will cut out 90 percent of global warming gasses instantly, putting an end to global warming, and thus save the planet.

This should make all empty-headed globalists very happy. Except they would all be dead too, and probably having tea and crumpets at Hades Bar and Grille with Al, George, Barack, Hilary, Angela, Justin, and the rest of the gang. Problem solved!


The Electoral College is an anachronistic system

One sentence gave me great pause as I was reading the Nov. 11 editorial: “Rural voters punch above their weight in this system and that’s a good thing.” Actually, that system is an anachronistic thing called the Electoral College, which is the result of Hamilton’s attempt to put the selection of a president into the hands of a more responsible elite, and out of the hands of the (less responsible) voters. But this system hasn’t worked as intended almost from the beginning. Instead of each elector choosing a separate candidate, states quickly figured out they would have more clout if their electors all agreed to vote for one collective choice. When Hamilton saw this distortion of his plan, he tried, but failed, to correct this unforeseen perversion of the Electoral College. So we are still stuck with it today, although we did find the courage in 1913 to pass the 17th Amendment, which allows a direct popular vote for U.S. Senators.

The main problems stemming from the Electoral College are votes of different states are not given equal “weight.” Elections seem unfair when the winner of the popular vote doesn’t win the electoral vote (as in 2000 and 2016). An unbiased outsider could easily conclude that our system really is “rigged” due to our Constitution. Less populated states benefit at the expense of more populated states. Because each state is allocated two electors plus one from each U.S. congressional district, Wyoming voters have 3½ times more electoral “weight” than California voters.

A plan, called the National Popular Vote Compact, currently exists which tries to change this outdated system. States that vote to join, as 13 already have, agree to cast all their electoral votes for the winner of the popular vote. When 12 more states adopt this compact, our country will win a direct vote for the presidency and we will have a more equitable democracy.

Grand Junction

A republic is not the same 
as a democracy

In Sunday’s Sentinel, Gene Goffin points out that he was lied to when he learned in school that we live in a democracy. For what it’s worth, it’s doubtful his teachers were purposely misleading him, but were only passing on their own misunderstanding.

A recent Daily Sentinel editorial quoted Benjamin Franklin’s answer as to what kind of government the founders created: “A republic, if you can keep it.” Immediately after quoting Franklin, the editorial writer stated our government is a democracy. Head slap.

Yes, the founders did set up a democratic republic, which is, just to be clear, a republic, not a democracy. Franklin said, “A republic, if you can keep it.” The fear was that the republic could easily digress into a democracy, also known as mob-ocracy. They knew the dangers of a pure democracy. A classic description of democracy is “Two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for supper.”

Our founders wanted to set up a government that would be of, by, and for the people but would still protect the lambs. Herein lies the genius of the Electoral College. Sadly, there are a growing number of people today who want to abolish the Electoral College and embrace mob-ocracy. Apparently they believe they are smarter and wiser than our founders. Perhaps they are, but somehow I doubt it.

Goffin was also taught that the United States once led the world in democracy. But if Benjamin Franklin actually knew what kind of government he had helped create, then we could hardly have led the world in something that we are not. Nevertheless, the USA has led the world in freedom. Unfortunately, our freedoms have been steadily eroding as both Democrats and Republicans alike continue to ignore and denigrate our Constitution.

Grand Junction


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Mr. Menger is correct about the biosphere producing CO2. What he doesn’t mention is that the biosphere also absorbs about the same amount of CO2 so the system is in balance. What he ignores completely is that the CO2 produced by mankind’s industry is not part of that balance, which means the CO2 is building up in the atmosphere.

Very good Judy. The reason there is no “equal weight” is a mirror of why different states have different numbers of representatives—population. In fact the census dictates both congress and electoral college. Pure genius. I for one am thankful that TX, CA and NY cannot elect every president.
Touche’ Gary. Keep shooting.

Judy West:  The Compact Clause of the Constitution states that “no state shall, without the consent of Congress enter into any agreement or compact with another state, or with a foreign power.” The courts have ruled in the past that if federal supremacy is threatened, then congressional consent is required for a compact to be valid. Your dream of Hillary being elected by the National Popular Vote Compact will never happen.  Our country has survived for over 200 years because of the Constitution and Electoral College.  If it is not broke, don’t fix it.

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