Printed letters, November 2, 2012

With Election Day so close, I want to make some final statements regarding my race with Jared Wright for House District 54.

In a meeting with fellow Republicans last month in Boulder, Republican Chairman Ryan Call stated if I win this House seat, the House makeup will be tied at 32 representatives each for the Democrats and Republicans. He stated, “...that would put Mr. Menger in a powerful position to determine control of the Colorado House with control of the agendas and committee chairmanships.”

Think of what this could mean for the interests of Mesa and Delta counties, as I will be given a unique chance to interject our needs in front of the rest of the state. With my promise of not taking unfair sides or weighing any decision on party affiliation, the best choice will always be made. This is indeed a one-time opportunity to move our Western Slope needs forward.

Next, consider what is bound to happen when 2014 rolls around.

The Democratic Party will not fail to run a candidate for District 54 again. Unless I do something like saving 50 puppies from drowning in a flooded river in the next two years, I will be forced to lock horns with Democrats and Republicans in the next election. This will place me in a solid third place with registered voters. The chances for my winning a second term will diminish.

My opponent has used half-truths and outright prevarication to try to discredit me in the last three weeks. He does this because trashing me is the only leg he has to stand on. With his proven problems of lying and bankruptcy, a serious question is posed to the Republican electorate. If Wright is elected, it will be apparent that an “R” in the House seat means more than honesty and financial sense. By voting me into the seat, Republicans will have shown that is not the case.

I ask all voters of District 54 to give me this one chance to help bring everyone’s needs to the Colorado House floor in 2013 and 2014.



Tipton has been inadequate 
in commitment to veterans

I read with great interest a recent letter lauding Congressman Scott Tipton for his advocacy of veterans. As a military veteran myself (with service in the First Gulf War and in Operation Iraqi Freedom), I am not nearly as certain of his commitment.

The writer cited as one example Tipton’s support for the “revised Stolen Valor Act” (the original bill, which later became law, was introduced by his predecessor). While the new bill did pass with near-unanimous support, it was interesting to note that Tipton was not among the 107 bipartisan co-sponsors of the measure.

The two veterans- or military-related bills he did introduce were originally initiated by his predecessor and, of the 160 or so bills he co-sponsored, fewer than a dozen, by my counting, have relevance to veterans.

In the 3rd Congressional District, which has the state’s second highest population of veterans and includes one of the state’s two VA hospitals, this constitutes a less-than-enthusiastic show of support and leaves an array of veterans’ issues still awaiting the representative’s attention.

Ranging from the disability claims backlog, to GI Bill issues, to mental health services and long-term care of the wounded, veterans of the 3rd Congressional District had expectations that Tipton would consider their causes at least as important as the other interests he so enthusiastically promotes and advocates. In this regard we have grounds to be disappointed.

While I imagine Congressman Tipton has a healthy respect for those of us who served in uniform, I wish he had done more these last two years in Congress, beyond occasional platitudes and Veterans Day emails, to demonstrate his commitment.

On Election Day, 3rd Congressional District veterans should consider these factors when deciding which candidate genuinely considers their interests to be a priority.


Grand Junction


Davis a breath of fresh air 
as Montrose County candidate

Kjersten Davis would be a breath of fresh air in the trio of county commissioners representing our Montrose community. She is honest, approachable, positive and level-headed. I like her ability to listen to people’s concerns.

We desperately need a representative who is a team player and knows how to collaborate with others.

As a school board member and president, Davis has proved her ability to be up to the challenge of being a county commissioner.




Vote ‘Yes’ on 1A to protect 
Garfield County resources

The end is near! As long and arduous as this election season has been, it will be done next Tuesday. Now is the time for some last-minute thoughts and hopes for the future.

Garfield County 1A, the ballot measure to protect our ranchlands, rivers and recreation economy, is important for Garfield County. The program has been designed with care and concern for the citizens, landowners and tourists who come to Garfield County. We live in an incredible place and now we have the ability to look to the future and vote “Yes” in favor of this proposal.

A “Yes” vote means:

✓ the county will work with willing landowners to preserve the county’s water, wildlife and working lands;

✓ provides landowners a viable financial option for preservation;

✓ affords communities the ability to fund projects of their own (trails, parks, boat ramps) and leverage millions in other funds in the process;

✓ makes good economic sense to invest in the economic stability and continued growth and health of Garfield County.

Vote “Yes” on 1A and vote for the future.


Glenwood Springs


Gallegos will serve well 
on the CU Board of Regents

Glenn Gallegos’ roots run deep in Colorado, and his dedication to higher education runs high in the world of education.

Gallegos is a native of the San Luis Valley who was raised in the Vail-Minturn mountain communities. He was employed locally by School District 51 for approximately 10 years. He was appointed by the governor to the Board of Trustees of what was then Mesa State College.

Gallegos was a stong advocate in the conversion of Mesa State to a university with a new name, Colorado Mesa University.

Gallegos has devoted his entire adult life and career to the betterment of society and the world. He is highly respected by his peers and a broad, diverse population of Colorado residents.

It has been an honor and a privilege to know Glenn Gallegos for more than 10 years and to have served on committees with him and had discussions with him concerning challenges in higher education.

I encourage readers to make a well-informed decision and vote for Glenn Gallegos for CU Regent for the 3rd Congressional District.


Grand Junction


Amendment 64 will lead 
to disrespect for the law

It may be that laws dealing with marijuana and other drugs should be changed, but Amendment 64, if approved, will do great harm.

It is a fact acknowledged by its promotors that marijuana possession and use are prohibited by federal law. Established federal law, according to Article VI of the U.S. Constitution, is the “supreme law of the land.” So those who put Amendment 64 on the ballot and those who vote for it do so in total disregard of federal law and the Constitution.

The proponents of Amendment 64 ignore federal law, so why shouldn’t people ignore state law when it suits them? Since Amendment 64 is predicated on breaking the law, why should anyone respect its provisions restricting the use, possession or distribution of marijuana?

This amendment, if approved, will not merely boost marijuana use, but will deal a serious blow to the rule of law on which civilized society depends.

This exercise in “legalizing” the violation of federal marijuana laws has already been practiced by Colorado voters, as well as by voters in more than a dozen other states, in regard to medical marijuana. This massive flouting of federal law was the result of the decision in 2009 by Attorney General Eric Holder, in dereliction of his duty, to give such states a pass and ignore the widespread defiance of the laws he took an oath to enforce.

It is shocking the extent to which other political leaders, legislators and executives have also participated in subverting the laws they have sworn to uphold.

All legislators and officials who implemented the medical marijuana amendment did so in violation of their oaths of office. How is it that the damage to the rule of law inflicted by these unconstitutional measures seems to go unnoticed?

Vote “No” on Amendment 64.




Vote “Yes” on Amendment 64 
to legalize marijuana use

America is the Titanic, economic icebergs abound and we’re going down. Yet, weed is the worry? The confusion and misdirected passion should have us all lighting up.

Freedom and a lawful, ordered society are not mutually exclusive. To reduce crime, decriminalize private consumption of marijuana and increase penalties significantly for the violent and publicly indifferent.

Bottom line: There is no clear constitutional or Biblical prohibition against substance consumption and certainly no mandate for government force from either authority. Consequently, there is no defensible justification for the war on drugs whatsoever. Hence, all the textual misinterpretation.

Incredibly, supporters of prohibition don’t consider the trillion-dollar price tag and continual slaughter (includingwomen and children) as persuasive. Those voting “No” have their hearts in the right place but need to engage their minds.

Newsflash! The Constitution is written on hemp paper and chosen as his first miracle, Jesus turned water into an alcoholic beverage!

Originalists and Christians are at war with freedom on Amendment 64. Forget booze. These same people tolerate caffeine.

Oh, but the government will channel $40 million in “drug” money to public schools, right?

Again, no justification and there is far better return on investment elsewhere. Consumption is often a reprieve from a rotten reality.

Protect kids by teaching them the proper role of government, only if you understand it yourself. Then, provide them more to live for than vampires, zombies, sports, entertainment and, worst of all, the completely refuted prosperity gospel and “Left Behind” rapture escapism.

When it comes to theological “drugs” like that, just say no!

Either apply the Bible’s guidelines for life, including government, or stop abusing the book! Either follow the Constitution, or roll it into a Cheech and Chong Zeppelin doobie and smoke it!


Grand Junction


Governor ignored evidence 
in proclaiming a recovery

Apparently, no one informed Gov. John Hickenlooper during his visit to Grand Junction this week that Eagle Express closed recently and that Green Field Seed and Feed will close this week.

There are more that I can’t remember. Nice timing, Governor.


Grand Junction


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