Printed Letters: November 20, 2016

Trump’s election should be wake up call

Putting politics and profits above principles, we now have Trump. A man who sexually assaulted women, demeaned women, insulted real war heroes, sowed religious and racial hatred, contributed nothing to the common good, buddies up to dictators while insulting allies.

All of this makes me ashamed to be an American. How anyone claiming to be a Christian can follow this man is beyond comprehension.

This is what happens when good people refuse to get involved. A meaningless protest vote, failure to vote, etc. can and has led to the success of our worse instincts, Donald Trump. America may yet survive but this should serve as a wake up call to those sitting on the sidelines.

Part of me wants to give up but then the forces of evil win. I, as well as the rest of us, cannot let apathy overtake us.


Conservatism won and faith is renewed in American people

In October, my husband and I traveled through California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. The only Hillary sign we saw was a “Hillary for Prison” billboard. We saw lots of Trump signs, and supportive strangers who saw my Trump sticker stopped us to talk. Even so, we were afraid the big cities and the coasts would outvote us. How great it was to hear the election results and experience a renewed faith in the American people.

This election showed that we’re tired of corruption, cronyism, pay to play, media collusion, and the elite party establishment. We’ve had it with one set of rules for the rich or powerful and another set for the rest of us. We’re tired of losing our jobs, falsified statistics, illegal immigration, Obamacare, and government overreach.

While the Democrats were concentrating on letting boys in the girls’ bathrooms and making sure that gays can marry, Trump concentrated on the issues affecting too many of us: the failing economy, government intrusion, and liberalism gone wild.

In January, we’ll have a Republican Senate, House, and administration. There can be no more excuses.

Please participate in your government and make sure that promises made are promises fulfilled.


Politicians from both parties need to show real leadership

This disaster of an election should be a wake-up call for all of us who care about our country, Republicans and Democrats alike. If you think this was a victory for the Republican Party, ponder for a minute that if things had broken a little differently we could be talking about President-elect Sanders now. This election was about rejection of the status quo, especially by working class voters in our industrial heartland in the upper Midwest.

For way too long, both parties have been ignoring the middle class, instead pandering to wealthy interests that finance our ever-so-expensive elections. The United Sates is great not because of the likes of Donald Trump or Mark Zuckerberg, it’s great because of our factory workers, teachers, policemen, and so forth that show up for work every day and keep this country running.

We desperately need politicians of both parties to show some real leadership to unite our poor country and make government work to serve the needs of its citizens.

Grand Junction

We must consider long-term effects of losing forest lands

We want Rep. Scott Tipton to know of our opposition to the State National Forest Management Act of 2015, House Resolution 3650.

Not only do we explore and play in the Colorado forests as often as possible, but we also use them to educate and help foster a love for the outdoors to our fourth-grade students at Aspen Elementary School. To imagine these lands not being available for that purpose alone is frightening and a complete disservice to our current students as well as future generations of students.

We strongly believe these public lands belong to the public and therefore should not be under the management of the state, available for commercial exploitation and degradation. Even though the state may realize immediate monetary rewards by gaining control of up to two million acres of our lands for potential privatization, we must look beyond the quick benefits and consider long-term effects of losing these precious forests.

We hope you will join us in voting “no” on HR3650.



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Reading the many letters from Ms. Angie Many, some of us wonder if the realizes that, just like everyone else, whatever she believes is only what she believes.  Her many letters indicate that, like all too many, she does not and has from her perch in Eckert, appointed herself as a font of wisdom to which all others should bow.

If the lady would spend more time speaking with, instead of talking to others, or if she would take more time speaking with those who disagree with her, instead of only with those with whom she agrees, she might even learn something new or, at the very least, something to seriously consider.

As far as liberal concerning themselves with bathrooms and bedrooms, perhaps it is such as Ms. Many who make that an issue, considering those two places as their domains.  So, they are really the ones who are obsessed with the subject of “sex”, and anything having to do with the subject, something more appropriate to teenagers who believe that they have somehow discovered something brand new.  Perhaps if the so-called adults around them, individuals such as Ms. Many, were not so obsessed with the subject, young people would not become or remain obsessed with it, and could actually move beyond it, which many are actually attempting to do.

Such as Ms. Many (and there are many of them) if they had a life of their own, and actually lived it, might not have that much time to stick their noses into the personal lives of others.  If they have the time to do so, they have way too much time on their hands, which means something is being left undone in their own lives.

Mr. Tiernan, like all too many, likes to point the fingers at others yet, at the very same time, ignores the passivity of far too much of the population, and thereby many in the electorate.

Many, far too many, are not concerned with anyone but themselves, something which has been true of far too long and many of them don’t even know what is happening in their own county or municipality, or why it is happening.  They never take the time or make the effort to do so.  Instead, they “wait to be told” what should be important.  Sorry, Mr. Tiernan, but if this country is failing (which it is), it is because most don’t really care.  That is true, not only in the mid-west but everywhere, even locally.

It is impossible for me to determine how personally involved Mr. Tiernan is, even at the local level, but most are not at all involved, not unless they have something to complain about, or if they want something for themselves.  I know, and from personal experience, that the people in Delta are not.  Most of them, although having lived here all of their lives, have never once attended a City Council or Board of County Commissioner’s meeting, even if it is only to listen and learn for themselves what is actually happening, and why.  Most don’t even know where and when those are held.  I don’t doubt that he same is true not only in Delta, or in Grand Junction, but throughout the entire country.  People don’t show up, those in office will do whatever they want to do.  And those who show up only “after the fact”, are the ones truly responsible for whatever failures occur.

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