Printed letters, November 27, 2013

Hunting big game in wild country is one of my lifelong passions. While the time spent tromping around with rifle or bow in impossibly rough off-trail terrain amounts to only a week or two each year, there’s much more to it.

The whole experience includes scouting trips, poring over maps, scheming and dreaming about future hunts over beers and last year’s elk steak, and living it all over through the photos and stories told on stormbound winter days. Hunting has provided some of the best times spent with my son, as well as old and new friends.

Here in western Colorado, we are blessed with a wide variety of different areas and types of terrain to hunt in. We can hunt the high Rockies in September and desert canyons in November. That is an incredible part of the heritage we can choose to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, as anyone knows who has lived here for a few decades, population growth, energy development, ATV proliferation and all sorts of other human activities have steadily eroded quality wildlife habitat and backcountry hunting opportunities.

For hunters, it is critical that the land management agencies prioritize planning decisions that preserve, protect and enhance undeveloped wildlife habitat, as well as opportunities to hunt in a wild, natural, backcountry setting.

Currently the BLM Grand Junction Field Office and Dominguez–Escalante National Conservation Area are in the process of writing resource management plans that will establish how these areas are managed.

It’s critical that they maintain the wild backcountry lands that hunters and wildlife depend on.



Democrats circle wagons 
as their policies unravel

Let’s circle the wagons. Let’s pull every nut-cup media hack like Ed Schultz into the White House and plot our next attack on the GOP. I think Ron Burgundy and Martin Bashir are the only two media twits not invited to the war-room logistics meeting.

So, the definition of doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is .... Obama.

With the Senate rebuking the filibuster to allow a simple-majority vote on appointee, and a big push to put the agenda ahead of common sense and the rights of the citizens, our president needs to be recalled or rebooted. Everybody I talk to is in favor of either.

With the new powers to the EPA through presidential decree, it’s only a matter of time before he ruins all growth industry in western Colorado and invokes martial law.


Grand Junction


Penry attack on Obamacare 
cannot be taken seriously

I have to chuckle a little when I read Josh Penry’s Nov. 22 take on Obamacare. I doubt that was the response he intended, as I sense the high dudgeon in his frequent hyperbole, but the fact remains that many of the basic tenets of President Obama’s health care proposal came from the Republican side of the aisle.

The most heinous, invoking the word “socialism,” was the individual mandate. It was early on recognized that no good health care proposal could flourish without universal participation (thank you, Mitt Romney).

Two darlings of the right, The Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute, championed this notion almost two decades ago. It seems to me the Republican Party only abandoned this idea when it became clear that many Americans were more interested in their rights than their responsibilities.

It is obvious that the implementation of this piece of legislation is at the moment a disaster, but it is difficult to leap from that recognition to the idea that the policy itself is a failure. A leviathan that consumes 18 percent of our GDP isn’t going to be subdued easily or quietly by either political party, and pandering adds nothing to the resolution.

That is why these redundant chest beatings by Penry and his ilk are just so much hollow posturing. There are too many players making too much money from the status quo to see this issue under control any time soon.


Grand Junction


Kennedy knew that we must 
seek nonpartisan solutions

Isn’t it ironic that after 50 years, as we look back and mourn the death of President John F. Kennedy, we seem to forget one of his most quoted exhortations: “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future.”

Sadly, today our country is governed by those who, instead, seem to operate more on the theory that might makes right. If we don’t pay attention, we will get the government we deserve.


Grand Junction


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Richard Bright’s laughable letter – “Democrats circle wagons as their policies unravel” – exemplifies the self-reinforcing opinions of right-wing “bubbleheads”.

After nearly five consecutive years of Republican obstructionism, Bright believes that the GOP is under “attack” from Democrats.  Why – because Martin Bashir accurately opined that Sarah Palin is a malevolent nitwit?  Meanwhile, the objective evidence suggests that Republicans are quite capable of attacking each other over issues of ideological purity – except when they are obsessing over “ObamaCare”.

Contrary to Bright’s insane intimation that President Obama is “doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result”, no previous President ever faced a sequence of uniquely unprecedented challenges comparable to those confronted by Obama.

After inheriting the largest national debt, annual deficits, and monthly job losses in U.S. history, President Obama’s policies successfully averted financial collapse, re-stimulated the economy, saved the auto industry, prompted 46 months of consecutive job growth, and rejuvenated the stock market (upon which middle class retirement savings depend).

Along the way, President Obama implemented the Affordable Care Act—which will extend access to affordable health care to millions of Bright’s fellow Americans, has already constrained annual health care cost increases, and saved $147 billion.

Meanwhile, President Obama also ended the Iraq War, eliminated Bin Laden, negotiated disposal of Syria’s chemical weapons, and may have defused the Iranian nuclear weapons program.  What else would Bright have him do?

Because Republican attempted to annul President Obama’s re-election by blocking his appointments, Democrats reformed then Senate’s filibuster rule to restore majority rule.

Thus, Bright’s entirely unsubstantiated claim that President Obama’s puts his “agenda ahead of common sense and the rights of citizens” suggests that Bright’s a “dim bulb” lacking both common sense and respect for fellow-citizens’ rights.

But, “everybody [he] talks to” reinforces his opinions – the definition of “bubble head”.

Typical democrap hyperbole. Quinnipiac poll results show UDALL losing. Hussein and democraps wanting us to discuss obamanocare on THANKSGIVING? You must be joking. Republicans insert single payer? Bull. POS POTUS couldnt attend Gettysburg and many others but you bet he was fundraising in the state that continues giving—-giving us the likes of baucus, pelosi, feinstein and boxer. CA. Yes indeed. Yes and David isnt it fortuitous that you are granted permission to “just throw any old crap” out there (typical democrap methodology). Your comments, I am sure, convinced everyone other than democraps that indeed the republicans are at fault for nobamacare. Not. I agree Riecke. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL.

Right on Richard.

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