Printed letters, November 27, 2013

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Richard Bright’s laughable letter – “Democrats circle wagons as their policies unravel” – exemplifies the self-reinforcing opinions of right-wing “bubbleheads”.

After nearly five consecutive years of Republican obstructionism, Bright believes that the GOP is under “attack” from Democrats.  Why – because Martin Bashir accurately opined that Sarah Palin is a malevolent nitwit?  Meanwhile, the objective evidence suggests that Republicans are quite capable of attacking each other over issues of ideological purity – except when they are obsessing over “ObamaCare”.

Contrary to Bright’s insane intimation that President Obama is “doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result”, no previous President ever faced a sequence of uniquely unprecedented challenges comparable to those confronted by Obama.

After inheriting the largest national debt, annual deficits, and monthly job losses in U.S. history, President Obama’s policies successfully averted financial collapse, re-stimulated the economy, saved the auto industry, prompted 46 months of consecutive job growth, and rejuvenated the stock market (upon which middle class retirement savings depend).

Along the way, President Obama implemented the Affordable Care Act—which will extend access to affordable health care to millions of Bright’s fellow Americans, has already constrained annual health care cost increases, and saved $147 billion.

Meanwhile, President Obama also ended the Iraq War, eliminated Bin Laden, negotiated disposal of Syria’s chemical weapons, and may have defused the Iranian nuclear weapons program.  What else would Bright have him do?

Because Republican attempted to annul President Obama’s re-election by blocking his appointments, Democrats reformed then Senate’s filibuster rule to restore majority rule.

Thus, Bright’s entirely unsubstantiated claim that President Obama’s puts his “agenda ahead of common sense and the rights of citizens” suggests that Bright’s a “dim bulb” lacking both common sense and respect for fellow-citizens’ rights.

But, “everybody [he] talks to” reinforces his opinions – the definition of “bubble head”.

Typical democrap hyperbole. Quinnipiac poll results show UDALL losing. Hussein and democraps wanting us to discuss obamanocare on THANKSGIVING? You must be joking. Republicans insert single payer? Bull. POS POTUS couldnt attend Gettysburg and many others but you bet he was fundraising in the state that continues giving—-giving us the likes of baucus, pelosi, feinstein and boxer. CA. Yes indeed. Yes and David isnt it fortuitous that you are granted permission to “just throw any old crap” out there (typical democrap methodology). Your comments, I am sure, convinced everyone other than democraps that indeed the republicans are at fault for nobamacare. Not. I agree Riecke. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL.

Right on Richard.

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