Printed Letters: November 27, 2016

Business will suffer from minimum wage hike

As a business owner, it was very sad to see the people of Colorado vote for a $12 per hour minimum wage on businesses for unskilled labor. Why? Because I know that no matter how hard businesses try to keep customer costs down, this will force every business into big increases.

When businesses give employees a raise, workman’s comp, unemployment insurance, the insurance company, and the government must also be given a raise. Plus all our monthly bills will increase and our skilled laborers currently at $12 an hour must also be given raises.

Don’t kid yourselves, Colorado, and please don’t lay the blame on business owners for what’s going to happen to your loss of jobs and the increases in your cost of living. If we’re going to make careers out of frying hamburgers and delivering pizza (jobs that are meant to help school kids), we are all going to pay a huge price. It’s sad to see businesses that are already battling out-of-control government taxes and regulations now having the people pour it on us too.

Grand Junction

Column cavalier about concerns of Kittitas County

Regarding Greg Walcher’s column titled “The World’s most valuable fish” dated Oct 7, 2016. This article is cavalier about the true concerns of the people in Kittitas County who live in the mountain communities affected. Both Lake Kachess and Lake Keechelus feed the Yakima River. They are already connected at the Lake Easton where the first irrigation draw on the Yakima leaves the river.

He states, “Opponents include a few cabin owners on the two reservoirs concerned about their views and access when water levels drop.” Our communities have more serious concerns than views and access. The effect of drawing the natural lakes down on ground water and community wells and water systems has not been addressed. The effects on tributaries and wetlands that support fish and wildlife have not been addressed. These are established communities existing with businesses, homes, fire departments, water districts etc. The community is not just “a few cabin owners.”

Building a pipeline to connect two irrigation reservoirs that are already connected, drawing the lakes down below natural lake level and spending our taxes to do it are valid concerns. We never see mention the listed endangered bull trout in both lakes. The “500 acre community forest” is already public land. Part of it is already managed as a handicap accessible park by the U.S. Forest Service. The headwaters of both lakes are in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and need no restoration. Logging is a non- issue. The logged areas are many years into regrowth already and the Forest Service has naturalized many of the logging roads to prevent access.

Walcher also doesn’t mention that this was a state issue until the federal water grab a couple years ago and it was as good as dead in the state Legislature. There are no “local leaders” involved in this shady deal.

Snoqualmie Pass, Wash.

Don’t blame columnist for the image she shared

I understand that some people have been agitating to have Claudette Konola dismissed as a columnist because she posted an image of our new first lady on her Facebook page. Konola did not pose for that image. She did not take that image. She did not shop the image around, looking for more photo shoots she could pose nude for.

Unlike some right-wingers, Konola did not Photoshop Melania Trump’s head onto the body of a porn star in hopes of embarrassing. Konola simply reposted an image that has appeared in hundreds of newspapers around the world and on thousands of websites and pages. This is your new first lady. This is who Melania is; this is what she did for a living before she met a billionaire plutocrat with a weakness for arm candy.

If the image embarrasses or angers you, perhaps you should have considered matters before you cast your vote. Now she is going to be first lady, America’s unofficial ambassador to the world. She follows in the footprints of Jackie, Nancy, and Michelle. In the eyes of the world, she is America.

If you are angered and offended by this, that is your right. But don’t try to blame Konola for this. In the end, she is only the one who pointed out that the Empress has no clothes.

McCloud, Calif.

Was recent column a result of bad judgment or ignorance?

How could any attorney, even as a satirical gesture, suggest that Lincoln established Thanksgiving as a holiday when he was only 3 years old, or that the U.S. defeated the Spanish Armada in 1812 when the English did so in 1588? Bad judgment or ignorance?

I’m glad Wagner is not my attorney. Young people do read something other than the funnies.



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Whether the passage of an initiative raising the minimum wage was the way to go about insuring that those working should receive a wage sufficient for them to live, time will tell.  However, Mr. Marcos, as all too many business people do, very frequently look only for what affects them, probably because they are convinced that they are doing everyone a favor by existing, and need to continue in existence because the “give jobs”.  Sorry, Mr. Markos, but some of us were never “given” any job, by any employer at any time during our entire working career.
  The gentleman complains, as many of them do, that rules and regulations are hampering business people.  The gentleman should note that those come about, not because someone feels like it, but because of abuses, either by himself or other businesses and business people.  If business people and businesses do not want such rules and regulations for themselves, they should then insure that others in their field of endeavor (business) not abuse their employees just to “make a profit” or a “bigger profit”;  i.e. measure their success only by their own bottom line.
  Mr. Markos complains about the “tax checks” he writes to the government, but most of those taxes are not coming from his own pocket but from the pockets of his customers and employees, which he then forwards to the government.  It is therefore duplicitous for him to look at those as taxes which he pays.  And even the taxes his business pays are really paid by the customers.  The only ones who cannot pass those on are his employees and his customers;  i.e. those at the bottom of the economic chain.
  Such as Mr. Markos, if he were better informed (beyond what it takes to run his own business), and took the time to look at the post-mortem of failed businesses, would find that most are caused by the owners of those enterprises.  There are those who “drain” the assets for their own enrichment and/or fail to take note of the world which is changing around them;  i.e. “I have been doing this for years and it has worked, so I should just keep doing what I have been doing.” In all of human history that has never worked so what would lead anyone to believe that it would work this time around.

Mr. Dan Beshoar, besides pointing out a factual error in Mr. Wagner’s column, does something else.  What he actually points out is the danger of claiming someone as one’s hero without taking the time to read or study what that individual really believed or his values, or understanding what times in which that individual lived.  That quite frequently leads them to claim ownership of an individual and his/her contributions while believing exactly the opposite of what that individual actually believed and, if those individuals were alive to day, they would be the very first to disavow and condemn them.

A classic, and very obvious example is that the Civil War was an attempt to keep the union intact but, if we look at who is most in favor to dissolving that union, it is the modern day Republicans and other so-called “conservatives”, with their talk and threats of secession from the Union.

Mr. Laitres,

It was Mr. Bambino, not Mr. Markos who wrote the letter about the wage increase.

Mr. Isles,
  Thank you for the correction.  I apologize to you, and to all other readers for getting the individual wrong.

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