Printed letters, November 6, 2013

I have lived in Delta County for nearly 20 years. The people of this county traditionally valued property rights highly. Many times I have heard individuals proudly say, “The good news is I can do what I want with my property; the bad news is so can my neighbor.”

Now we have planning imposed on us by a liberal out-of-county judge and efectively upheld by an appellate court. Western Slope Egg Layers had requested that Judge J. Steven Patrick visit its facility. However, the plaintiffs were opposed to the visit and, because Patrick was more worried about polishing his chair than learning the facts, he ruled he wouldn’t visit the “chicken house.”

Had he visited the neighborhood, it would’ve been obvious from where the stench was coming. I hope Delta County citizens stand up and tell our elected commissioners to inform Patrick and others that this is our county and elected officials make the rules.

I also want to remind everyone that agriculture is the No. 1 contributor to this county’s economy. The court rulings set the precedent that if you claim what your new neighbor is doing adversely affects your health, then your neighbor must cease and desist.

By state law, chickens are considered livestock like cattle, sheep, horses and pigs. Now, the door is open to shut down every livestock operation in the county.

If you raise field corn for livestock feed and there’s nothing to eat your corn, you may want to switch to sweet corn. However, because sweet corn takes considerably more spraying, you will run the risk of making someone sick, so you’re out of business. Every phase of agriculture has the very real threat of being put out of business because of this ruling.

So, by all means, let’s shut down agriculture in Delta County and see how many jobs and businesses survive.



Colorado senators could have 
helped keep government open

On Page 1 recently, The Daily Sentinel reported that Sens. Mark Udall and Michael Bennet are now seeking to delay the deadline for Obamacare. On Page 2 of the same edition, it was reported that Bennet has also launched a “Coloradans Don’t Quit Tour” (apparently to remind all of us that the government shutdown had nothing to do with Udall or Bennet).

Both reports failed to mention that a few weeks ago each of these men had an opportunity to keep the government open in exchange for delaying Obamacare. Both refused to do so.


Grand Junction


Public should understand 
CO2 is not a pollutant

There is considerable misunderstanding and/or lack of scientific training regarding the belief in “carbon pollution.” There seems to be little understanding of basic science to label carbon dioxide (CO2) as carbon pollution. CO2 is a clear, odorless and harmless gas that is essential for plant life. All plant life would die if suddenly there were no CO2 in the atmosphere. The fact is that plant life would thrive if the CO2 amounts were increased from the approximate level of 400 parts per million (ppm) which exists today to perhaps 700 ppm.

We are already seeing some of the results of no sound energy policy based in no small measure on misinformation regarding CO2. We will probably see more problems in the future, perhaps leading to brownouts and blackouts. There have also been very noticeable increases in electrical power price rates caused almost entirely by the green energy mandates that are so prevalent. What have we gained from these actions?. Nothing but a less-reliable electrical power grid.

I would encourage Heidi Ihrke, author of the letter with the headline of “Small-business owners back new carbon pollution standard” that was published in The Daily Sentinel Oct. 24, and everyone else to study scientific facts and remove the delusion surrounding this travesty and false information in regard to CO2.

Helpful sources of factual information include the following nonprofit organizations: The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change — .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), the George C Marshall Institute, Washington, D.C — .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) , The Heartland Institute, Chicago —, Science and Environmental Policy Project — .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), and perhaps the world’s most-viewed site on global warming and climate change — (Anthony Watts). Please take time and study the facts from the above references and other reliable sources.




Americans in armed forces 
deserve nation’s gratitude

The members of Palisade American Legion Auxiliary Unit No. 50 would like to express our sincere appreciation for the men and women who served in the United States armed forces.

Thank you for serving this great country. Thank you for protecting us. Thank you for the security we have and feel here at home. We know you sacrificed much for your country and all of us. And though you may no longer wear the uniform, we know you’re always on call to serve and protect the freedom and security of the United States.

The American Legion Auxiliary supports and honors the sacrifice of those who served by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military and their families, both at home and abroad.

We invite everyone to pause on Veterans Day to remember those who have fought for our freedoms. Thank you to all who have so bravely protected us.


Unit President,

Palisade American Legion 
Auxiliary Unit No. 50



District’s latest charter school 
now in its permanent location

Monday, Oct. 28, was a very exciting day for our students and staff at Juniper Ridge Community School, as we held classes for the first time in our permanent home at the old Caprock Academy site on 24 1/2 Road. A special thank-you is due to so many in our Grand Junction community who have been instrumental in making this possible.

One of the strengths of School District 51 is its broad support for alternative education. Our thanks to the board of District 51 for approving us as Grand Junction’s third charter school. We are also deeply grateful to Superintendent Steve Schultz and his staff, who have been so good to work with as we have created and now operate our school. Thank you for your guidance and continuing help in so many areas.

Thanks to Vineyard Church for graciously giving us a home until our permanent home site was complete.

Thank you to Home Loan State Bank for assisting us in financing our modular units. We are fortunate to do business with a local Grand Junction bank, and it is a pleasure to work with.

Starting our new school has been an enormous adventure. We are so appreciative of the 120 families who had the faith in our vision and our staff and supported us with their patience and personal efforts as we’ve prepared our school site for the children’s arrival.


Chair, Board of Stewards

Juniper Ridge Community School

Grand Junction


Sentinel’s ‘Outside’ section, 
pictures of events praised

My thanks to The Daily Sentinel for the pictures, article and layout of the cover of the “Outside” section on Oct. 29. My office had not talked about one of your pages in quite a while. It inspired some to go hiking to see these sights and talk to each other about fun things.

With times like ours, it was nice to hear people talking about positive things and not worry so much. The paper needs positive news when it can get it. Honestly, any one of us could see ourselves in those pictures. Thank you.

I also appreciate the pictures that you take of the events around town. Keep up the good work. I remain a loyal reader.


Grand Junction


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Alex Chaffetz’s letter – “Colorado senators could have helped keep government open” – proves that Repugnican’s reliance on misinformation to avoid responsibility for the $24+ billion cost of October’s “government shutdown” continues to mislead gullible locals.

Because of the ongoing and inexcusable difficulties with the federal health insurance exchange website, both Colorado Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet have signed onto a letter requesting a 6+ week extension in ObamaCare’s open enrollment period.

However, contrary to Chaffetz false accusation, neither Democratic Senator could have previously prevented the “Tea Party” shutdown “in exchange for delaying Obamacare”.

Rather, House Republicans were determined to cause a shutdown and threaten default as early as March 23, 2013 – when the Senate (with Udall’s and Bennet’s support) passed its budget resolution, which (because it differed from the House’s version passed on March 21) necessitated a conference committee.  For six months thereafter, Speaker Boehner refused to appoint House conferees and Republican Senators filibustered Leader Reid’s.

On September 30, 2013 – after previously passing “Continuing Resolutions” (“C.R.s”) to repeal and/or de-fund ObamaCare (which were rejected by the Senate) – the House then passed H.R. Res. 59, which sought to delay implementation of the “individual mandate” for one year (and was opposed by the health insurance industry, was drastically different than just extending open enrollment for 6+ weeks, and was tabled in the Senate by a vote of 54-46).  Thus, even had our Senators voted for such “extortion”, it would still have failed (and President Obama would have vetoed it anyway).

Later on September 30, the House voted to change its rules – to prevent any vote on the Senate’s “clean C.R.” to prevent a shutdown (for which both our Senators voted “Yea”).

Thus, that the Sentinel would even publish such a woefully misinformed letter speaks volumes about its editors’ partisan sense of journalistic responsibility to its subscribers. Sentinel readers deserve better.

Alex: Real Men don’t negotiate with terrorists.  You might pass that along to your big brother.

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