Printed Letters: Oct. 3, 2017

Support 1A to maintain Mesa County’s lifestyle

I moved to Grand Junction 1994 with Xcel Energy. I retired from Xcel Energy two years ago. While working as the Community Affairs Manager I served on boards or worked with most organization in Mesa County.

During that time I observed the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorneys office achieve excellent results with reduced budgets. Crime has been kept as low as it could be with reduced resources.

Now a critical time has been reached. The voters will determine the lifestyle Mesa County will have. By passing 1A the present lifestyle can continue. If 1A is not passed then the lifestyle in Mesa County will change.

I normally oppose tax increases, but I support Issue 1A. 1A will provide our law enforcement officers with the resources they need to track down more bad guys and put them away, and give them a fighting chance to stop crimes before they happen.

By voting the small sales tax increase in 1A will go a long way to making that a reality. We shouldn’t have to worry about being unsafe in our own homes or afraid that something bad will happen to the grandkids as they ride their bikes to school every day.

I’m voting yes on Issue 1A and hope you will too.

Grand Junction

Let’s meet joint responsibility of providing safe places to learn

As a mom, I worry. My first responsibility is to keep my kids safe and healthy but just like every other parent I have to entrust my kids’ safety to our schools each morning. That’s a heavy burden indeed for a school system that lacks the funds to complete basic maintenance and repairs.

I wonder what will happen if we keep deferring these necessary costs. Will there be a fire in a school with a malfunctioning alarm system? Will a roof collapse on a gym full of kids? In order for the schools to meet this heavy responsibility, they need adequate funding. I try to do my part to support my kids and all kids in our community. But I can’t do this alone, and neither can our schools. No one is excited to pay more in taxes, but at least with measures 3A and 3B, we know exactly what we are getting for our tax dollars. The to-do list is published right there on the district’s website and it’s a long one. I so hope we will come together as a community by approving measures 3A and 3B to meet our joint responsibility of providing safe places for our kids to learn.

Grand Junction

Solar panels and electric cars can free us from Big Oil

It’s nice not having to buy fuel or power. It’s nice not being held hostage to the whims of Middle East politics and big oil. How do we do that?

With solar panels and an electric car. Electricity is the most price-stable fuel on the market today for two reasons. It can be generated from a wide range of fuels and it is not traded internationally like crude oil, gasoline and diesel. Natural gas is slowly becoming more like oil as more LNG terminals (like Jordan Cove) come online.

So, it too will eventually go up and down with every crisis just like oil. Won’t that be great during a cold, long winter.

I thought of putting a bumper sticker on our electric car that says, “This car runs on coal.” But not just coal, also nuclear, natural gas, wind, solar, hydro, pig manure, landfill methane, geothermal or anything that can make electricity. And it’s local. Anyone can make electricity. No one except Big Oil can make gasoline. If you run on gasoline, Big Oil has you just where they want you. You have no alternatives. Alternatives make you free and powerful.

If we get going with V2G (vehicle to grid), electric cars would provide distributed power storage which would make the grid much more stable, and much more capable of handling more wind and solar.

If we get on board with V2H (vehicle to house) we could use electric cars to power our houses during natural disasters and grid failures. Wouldn’t that have been nice in Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico.

In their simplicity, performance, minimal maintenance, and benefits to the grid and emergency power, electric cars are vastly superior to “old technology” internal combustion. Electric vehicles set you free, and they’re getting better and cheaper every day.


Taking a knee isn’t a protest, but an insult to military deaths

World War I — 53,402 known U.S. military deaths. World War II — 291,557 known U.S. military deaths. That’s a known total of 344,959.

I do not disagree with the right for peaceful protest, however, those military members gave their lives so we can have the right for peaceful protest as well as all of our other freedoms!

By taking a “knee” during the anthem or not saluting the flag is, in my mind as well as that of many others, not a protest. It is nothing but the same as urination on the graves of those military deaths!  There are many other PEACEFUL means of protesting racial, other inequalities, government activity or lack there of.



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So Mr. Head,

You view taking a knee as an insult to the military. What do you call someone saying he prefers soldiers who don’t get captured, someone who insults the parents of a Gold Star captain, who says he knows more about military situations than the generals, who says he always wanted a purple Heart, who dodged the draft in Vietnam and who called the US military a disaster?

But taking a knee in peaceful protest, which you agree is a right of all Americans, is offensive? Seriously?

Such as Mr. Larry Head, like to hyperventilate and allow their imaginations to run away with them.  That is nothing but emotion or “I feel”.  It is tragic to see that in a senior.  These same individuals like to take the sacrifices of others (in this case those who have died in defense of this country) and claim them as their own or claim that those victims believed as they did, and would support them.

Some of us have known many veterans, both deceased and living, who would (if they had a chance) kick such as Mr. Head on the backside and tell them that they did not do what they did so that such as Mr. Head could tell others what to say (or do), or when to do it, and do it only when it does not inconvenience or make the likes of Mr. Head uncomfortable.

They might well tell those such as Mr. Head that THEY are the ones who “urinate” on their graves.

The real disgrace in this case, is not those who knelt during the singing or a patriotic song or display of the flag, but why those individuals considered it necessary to do so.  And those are exactly the inequalities which have been mentioned. Those are racial, social and economic inequalities in this country.  Perhaps Mr. Head, as should many others, concentrate on those, instead of hyperventilating for what they see as disrespecting some piece of cloth or some “patriotic” song.

Mr. Iles, Since yours was the first claim I’ve seen that President Trump dodged the draft I consulted with the only “fact checker” you accept Snopes:
It’s a stretch to call this “draft dodging”

Call it what you will, Mr. Meyers. I know you will defend Trump until your last breath. The point is that he should have served but didn’t. Had it been a Democrat I have no doubt you would be calling it draft dodging as well.

TO elaborate, Mr. Meyers,

Trump received student deferments while in college. He later got classed 4-F due to “bone spurs” despite being active in several sports while in college.

Of course, he could always have volunteered, but he didn’t. So what do you call it? He didn’t “draft dodge” in the sense that he was called up and avoided it. But the term also means avoiding service in general, which he obviously did.

Why would anyone volunteer for service when the service already had determined they were unfit to serve?
People who had flat feet were also deferred and many of them were quite active as well.  Someone with bones spurs on the heel might be just fine to run and play a sport, but be truly miserable trying to march all day.  I don’t know.  I didn’t make the rules and neither did you.
This happened 50 years ago.  To quote your favorite candidate, Felonia VonPantsuit, “What difference at this point does it make?”
I know, It’s useless.  You will attack the President to your last breath, so why bother.

Because the service didn’t determine he was unfit until near the end of the war, after his deferments. It was only when he faced the possibility of no longer being able to get a deferment that his bone spurs became a problem.

This link has a copy of his physical fitness reports. You can see that he was 1-A until after his deferments.

Sorry, but the facts don’t support your interpretation of events.

Mr. Meyers is obviously a plant on this site to add a little levity. Nobody in the real world could be so wrong and full of hatred. Could they?

I am merely going by your preferred Fact Checkers.  You have claimed they are the “last word” in the past.
I could care less that this is a big problem for you today, so stew on Mr. Iles.  The rest of us have lives to live.

So my levity shows I’m full of hate?  LOLOLOL
Too bad, so sad, Borgen.  You are the one who stews in hatred.

And even that source agrees with what I said, and not with your claim that he “had already been determined unfit to serve”.

So go on with your life, Mr. Meyers. I hear ignorance is bliss. You certainly seem determined to remain blissful.

I know, Iles, in spite of the fact that you are too young to have known what was going on @ the time, you feel you know it all on the subject.  Nobody I know who was using a 2Y Student deferment was ever called for a physical so any physical “defect” they suffered from was not an issue until after they graduated and their deferment expired.  If they were called up they could then present medical documentation of problems.  Some people I know passed the physical which, “would have failed to detect fulminating cancer from your groin to your throat” according to one of my friends, but were rejected when they presented documentation of medical problems.  My friend was rejected after he passed the physical because he provided documentation he had an ulcer.

As I said, Mr. Meyers. You will defend Trump until your last breath. Anything to avoid admitting you got conned.

Say what you want, Iles.  I thank God every day that Hillary is not president.

I’m sure you do, Mr. Meyers. That doesn’t make your paranoid fears any more real, of course, but I have no doubt you are firmly convinced they are.

My paranoid fears?  LOLOLOLOL
I’m not the one who has to have his wife look under the bed @ night to be sure there isn’t a Trump supporter hiding there.

Yes, Mr. Meyers. Your paranoid fears. The ones that lead you to lie about others such as what you just did. The ones that lead you to believe the worst of Hillary while ignoring the reality of Trump. I notice you have nothing to say about the other elements I mentioned, all of which Trump has done and for which you apparently give him a free pass. You would certainly be calling for Hillary’s head had she dared to say that she prefers people who don’t get captured to a war hero, and rightly so. But you say nothing when Trump says it.

Careful, Mr. Meyers. Your hypocrisy is showing.

Donald Trump was neither my preferred candidate nor my chosen candidate, but he is NOT HILLARY.
He is the President and I will support him because I am an American citizen and love this country.
You and your Radical Progressive Leftist cohorts may manage to impeach him or remove him by other means, but the consequences will probably be much greater you expect and I pray you are not stupid enough to destroy the country because you didn’t get your way.

Thank you for proving my point.

Have a nice day.

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