Printed Letters: Oct. 3, 2017

Support 1A to maintain Mesa County’s lifestyle

I moved to Grand Junction 1994 with Xcel Energy. I retired from Xcel Energy two years ago. While working as the Community Affairs Manager I served on boards or worked with most organization in Mesa County.

During that time I observed the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorneys office achieve excellent results with reduced budgets. Crime has been kept as low as it could be with reduced resources.

Now a critical time has been reached. The voters will determine the lifestyle Mesa County will have. By passing 1A the present lifestyle can continue. If 1A is not passed then the lifestyle in Mesa County will change.

I normally oppose tax increases, but I support Issue 1A. 1A will provide our law enforcement officers with the resources they need to track down more bad guys and put them away, and give them a fighting chance to stop crimes before they happen.

By voting the small sales tax increase in 1A will go a long way to making that a reality. We shouldn’t have to worry about being unsafe in our own homes or afraid that something bad will happen to the grandkids as they ride their bikes to school every day.

I’m voting yes on Issue 1A and hope you will too.

Grand Junction

Let’s meet joint responsibility of providing safe places to learn

As a mom, I worry. My first responsibility is to keep my kids safe and healthy but just like every other parent I have to entrust my kids’ safety to our schools each morning. That’s a heavy burden indeed for a school system that lacks the funds to complete basic maintenance and repairs.

I wonder what will happen if we keep deferring these necessary costs. Will there be a fire in a school with a malfunctioning alarm system? Will a roof collapse on a gym full of kids? In order for the schools to meet this heavy responsibility, they need adequate funding. I try to do my part to support my kids and all kids in our community. But I can’t do this alone, and neither can our schools. No one is excited to pay more in taxes, but at least with measures 3A and 3B, we know exactly what we are getting for our tax dollars. The to-do list is published right there on the district’s website and it’s a long one. I so hope we will come together as a community by approving measures 3A and 3B to meet our joint responsibility of providing safe places for our kids to learn.

Grand Junction

Solar panels and electric cars can free us from Big Oil

It’s nice not having to buy fuel or power. It’s nice not being held hostage to the whims of Middle East politics and big oil. How do we do that?

With solar panels and an electric car. Electricity is the most price-stable fuel on the market today for two reasons. It can be generated from a wide range of fuels and it is not traded internationally like crude oil, gasoline and diesel. Natural gas is slowly becoming more like oil as more LNG terminals (like Jordan Cove) come online.

So, it too will eventually go up and down with every crisis just like oil. Won’t that be great during a cold, long winter.

I thought of putting a bumper sticker on our electric car that says, “This car runs on coal.” But not just coal, also nuclear, natural gas, wind, solar, hydro, pig manure, landfill methane, geothermal or anything that can make electricity. And it’s local. Anyone can make electricity. No one except Big Oil can make gasoline. If you run on gasoline, Big Oil has you just where they want you. You have no alternatives. Alternatives make you free and powerful.

If we get going with V2G (vehicle to grid), electric cars would provide distributed power storage which would make the grid much more stable, and much more capable of handling more wind and solar.

If we get on board with V2H (vehicle to house) we could use electric cars to power our houses during natural disasters and grid failures. Wouldn’t that have been nice in Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico.

In their simplicity, performance, minimal maintenance, and benefits to the grid and emergency power, electric cars are vastly superior to “old technology” internal combustion. Electric vehicles set you free, and they’re getting better and cheaper every day.


Taking a knee isn’t a protest, but an insult to military deaths

World War I — 53,402 known U.S. military deaths. World War II — 291,557 known U.S. military deaths. That’s a known total of 344,959.

I do not disagree with the right for peaceful protest, however, those military members gave their lives so we can have the right for peaceful protest as well as all of our other freedoms!

By taking a “knee” during the anthem or not saluting the flag is, in my mind as well as that of many others, not a protest. It is nothing but the same as urination on the graves of those military deaths!  There are many other PEACEFUL means of protesting racial, other inequalities, government activity or lack there of.



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See, a plant for the sake of levity. I think Mr Meyers is a candidate for the new emphasis locally on mental health. He’s in bad need of help. I’m not sure, though, they can do anything about illogical thinking and hatred. As you can clearly see, he appears to be hopeless.

I sincerely hope I am crazy.  However, there’s a lot of noise on the internet that sounds very much like the Loony Left think they are going to foment a violent revolution and take-down of the Trump-Pence administration on November 4.
The people who seem to be really behind it are Soros Funded Barry’s Antifa, BLM, BAMN (those are the peops that share board members with NAMBLA), and the last 2 groups whose websites I’ll be linking:

All you left out are the Roswell aliens, the moon landing hoax and the plot to assassinate JFK. I’d say yes, you’re crazy.

The websites aren’t real?  The plans aren’t real?
I thought Politico was an accepted source to you.

You make a lot of assumptions about liberals. Most of them are wrong.

We’re even the because you make a lot of assumptions about Conservatives that are wrong.
The beginning of this argument
“So Mr. Head,

You view taking a knee as an insult to the military. What do you call someone…..”
You APPEAR TO ASSUME Mr. Head supports President Trump because he offered an opinion on kneeling for the flag.  Do you actually know Mr. Head supports the President, or do you assume he does since he disagreed with what you think?
I take that kind of blanket assumption that anyone who disagrees with you on anything is of the opposing political view to mean that it’s OK for me to do the same on the other side.  Remember, you yelled at me about Nazi Nazi Nazi when you saw ONE flag @ a rally that I had nothing to do with.  Well, Since you are on the left and so are Antifa, BLM, BAMN, etc why should I not consider you are part of them?

I made no such assumption. I simply asked what he thought of someone who did those things. You, in the other hand, quibbled about one and ignored the rest so it appears pretty obvious where you stand. Anything goes as long as it isn’t Hillary.

As for the rest, what do you call someone who says there are good people on both sides or simply criticizes liberals when Nazis are involved?

A Nazi sympathizer. Sleep well.

We’ve been over all this crap before. 
I realize you are never going to get over an election that I had no control over at all because Colorado went for Felonia.  That means my vote didn’t matter!  Can you get that???  Or is that a concept beyond your comprehension?

Its easy to comprehend. It’s also irrelevant. Criticizing one side is not the same as supporting the other side, can you comprehend that? So far the evidence says no.

And what relevance does that have to anything?
As usual you are diverting from what you don’t want to talk about.  What about Nov. 4?

What about it? Either its all a massive conspiracy and I can’t tell you anything without giving it all away, or its nothing more than the delusional ramblings of internet trolls with nothing better to do than stir up rubes who will believe anything as long as its something bad about liberals. Guess which one is more likely?

Good grief!
If I ask you about something I believe it now….OK. 
Tell ya’ what.  If this is a massive conspiracy that you can’t tell me anything about, let me tell you one thing to take to your leaders. 
If you fools manage to start a Civil War, China and/or Russia will probably be more than happy to take over the country.  How do you think that would work out for you?

Well, you believed all that stiff about Hillary, so I’d say the evidence supports my position. If there’s a civil war, it won’t be started by liberals. It’ll be started by rednecks who believe the same things you do. And it won’t last longer than it takes Trump to wash his tiny little hands.

Dream on, Iles, it’s all you have I guess.
I’ll get back to you Nov. 4.  If Soros sponsored Barry’s Antifa are right in the middle of more violent protests I know you’ll claim they’re rednecks in disguise, but we shall see. 
See ya’ Nov 4.  Until then you posts are invisible to me.

If that’s the only way you can keep from seeing things that make it hard to believe your fairy tales, go right ahead. I’ll still be here pointing out your mistakes.

Have a nice night.

When all else fails, bring up George Soros, the center of all evil. If George is so bad why aren’t the Kochs and all the other treasonous conservative idiots a topic of conversation? Soros is the name that comes up in the conservative echo chamber so Meyers dutifully brings him up. Chances are that he knows absolutely nothing about him.

Actually Borgen, I know a lot about Soros.  I doubt you want me to post it here.
Lets see you provide documentation of any violent group the Kochs have funded.  That’s the difference. Get it???  I doubt it.

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