Printed letters, October 11, 2012

During a television news story centered on Dan Robinson’s professional legal representation of people who may have violated a law, Ray Scott stated, “They are breaking federal law (and) for anyone to assist them is illegal.”

The idea that it is criminal for an attorney to help people understand their rights is shocking, scary and wrong.

The rights found in the Equal Protection and Due Process clauses of the United States Constitution specifically apply to “any person.” “Any person” covers you and your neighbors, but also all “those” people you do not agree with, or who look different than you or who have different lifestyles.

When a lawyer assists people in understanding their rights, the lawyer is performing a crucial role in promoting equal protection and due process. I am a Republican and I am not “pro-violator,” but I am afraid of the day when equal protection and due process only apply to some of the people.


Grand Junction

GOP must accept its role 
in our financial downfall

I wonder when the GOP and the tea party are finally going to assume responsibility for the financial downfall in 2008 and the continued lag in our recovery due to the filibustering and unwillingness to compromise on the part of their congressmen and senators. I wonder when they will quit blaming President Obama for everything.

Are they totally unaware or do they just ignore the fact that a plan to limit Obama to one term was hatched by GOP leaders on the night of his inauguration? That is an abominably unpatriotic move. Their hypocrisy is the most despicable aspect of their behavior.

It’s more than a little bit annoying to read their constant accusations and paranoia regarding the current administration. Only those who refuse to follow the facts and train their ears for the truth could honestly believe that Obama is leading us down the path of a “progressive socialist takeover.” As he has said so many times, he wants us all to pay our “fair share.” If the rich are the job providers and deserve tax breaks to that end, then why haven’t they pulled the country out of its financial doldrums?




Seniors should consider fate 
of descendants when voting

I am a senior citizen drawing Social Security, blessed with children and grandchildren and very concerned about their future and the future of this great country.

I’ve concluded that voting for President Obama, in hopes of keeping the benefits I receive from the government would be completely selfish. I won’t be here to suffer the long-term consequences of his policies, but they will.

Younger voters should realize that they will be paying for his out-of-control spending all their lives. China surely won’t pay for his mismanagement.

So, when vote for president of the United States, take a moment to consider your own family members and this great country. Don’t leave her leaderless for another four years and floundering in debt for the next 100.




Conservatives are neither 
‘mindless’ nor ‘lemmings’

I am surprised that The Daily Sentinel published John Panek’s letter, not because of “bias” but because of his personal scurrilous attacks. When someone doesn’t have any facts or any original thoughts, they usually resort to personal attacks.

I have a degree in physics from the University of California and worked for a top Navy research lab for 34 years. I am not mindless or a lemming! If Panek would quit listening to MSNBC and the mainstream media, maybe he would understand how our celebrity in chief is ruining our wonderful country.


Grand Junction


Garfield County leaders must 
represent all their citizens

While reading a news story about candidates running for Garfield County commisioner, I was disturbed by Commissioner John Martin’s assertion that commissioners are “elected to make decisions for the majority of the people.”

All this time I thought that commissioners were elected as public servants to oversee and operate the county government in a manner that benefits the citizens of the county as a whole.

I am a tax-paying resident of Garfield County, and I would like the commissioners to explain how they determined who are the majority of the people and what their definition is of these folks. I do not need them to make decisions for me, since I can do so myself. I hope I am not part of that majority group.

This attitude is a perfect example of what happens when government is operated on a partisan basis and how elected officials, especially long-term incumbents, abuse their power and serve only those they determine will enable them to preserve their government jobs.

It behooves every voter to determine which candidates will act in the interests of all citizens, not just the majority, and vote accordingly.


Battlement Mesa


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