Printed Letters: October 11, 2016

‘Never Trump’ voters are now ‘never Hillary’

Never Trump voters are now never Hillary. We are rejecting the establishments of both parties who have led us to a crushing $20 trillion debt. We want to return to basic principles, like the rule of law where nobody gets special treatment. Stronger growth is the economic solution we seek.

Hillary supports President Obama’s economic policies that led to an anemic 2 percent growth. She helped to craft America’s retreat from leadership in foreign affairs. That led to disasters in Iraq, Syria and Libya. Her answer to terrorism is more gun control. Our borders are full of holes. She offers no change.

Trump will secure our borders to stem the flow of illegal drugs and control immigration. He will fight for better trade deals. He will be able to work with a Republican House to close tax loopholes. Trump had difficult times 20 years ago, but he turned his businesses around and made them great again.

We remember the disgrace of a president being guilty of sexual harassment. Hillary’s response, as many times before, was to attack his victim. Trump has a healthy marriage. He is our best hope for change.


Strength of country counts for more than party loyalty

Still undecided who to vote for? Watch Frontline “The Choice 2016” on streaming PBS for an even-handed look at the backgrounds of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Each are followed throughout their formative years revealing parental influences, schooling, and religious training. Learn what challenges they faced. Successes and failures helped formulate their goals and public persona. These real people behind campaign slogans and rhetoric have taken vastly different paths to reach this point in history.

Make an informed choice about the two main candidates. The strength of our country counts for more than party loyalty in this critical election. Change for the sake of change is a dangerous gamble.

Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Solid experience always trumps erratic divisiveness.

Can’t stomach either? A third party vote is wasted, so work to effect changes at the state, county, and local levels where your input has greater impact.

I trust your vote will be thoughtful and informed.

Grand Junction

Amendment 70 will not help us grow, advance, or prosper

We have important issues on the ballot this fall and one being aired out on these pages is Amendment 70, affecting minimum wages.

It is important we all agree that everyone has the opportunity to grow, advance and prosper. I can’t find evidence that artificial wages by mandate do that. Seattle enacted a similar law beginning in April 2015 and so have had merely a year to feel the effects. A study by the University of Washington gives us some insights. They are at $11/hour, going up to $15/hour by 2021. In spite of a strong local economy due to tech and construction, which we don’t share in Western Colorado, hours worked have declined slightly, about 4 hours/week. Employment rate (new jobs created) is down versus surrounding areas. There is no evidence of ancillary job creation, so throw that argument out the window.

When anything rises in price there is less demand for it — a fundamental reality. In this situation, consider that when labor starts to look expensive, new technology begins to look cheap. Some see this as a moral issue. But there is more than one moral. When giving a little more to a few means fewer jobs for more (e.g., teens, low-skilled workers) what do we gain as a whole society? 

My experience also doesn’t bear out the concept that people suddenly being paid more, without merit, suddenly become more productive. Why would they? Where is the pride in an unearned raise? How will the managers now getting $18-20 because they earned it view staff that doesn’t bear the same responsibilities or skill sets?

Finally, the people who create the jobs in America put their entire life savings at risk to do so. Why would they do that in Colorado if we legislate their hard work and capital risk as worth less than a passive investment, like treasuries? This is not the way to help any of us over the long run. No on 70.

Grand Junction

Trump’s comments are 
classless and offensive

Tell me, Trump supporters, how to explain Trump’s continuing offensive remarks about women, immigrants, the disabled, etc., to our children and grandchildren? He is just classless.

Grand Junction


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If Mesa’s Dave Kearsley is now a really a “Never Trump” voter, he has a nonsensical way of rationalizing “never Hillary” (“’Never Trump voters are now ‘never Hillary’”).

Thus, Kearsley conveniently ignores the fact that only his Republican Party has been stubbornly committed to the “trickle down” economic policies that tripled our debt under Reagan and doubled it again under Bush, while Trump proposes even larger tax cuts for the wealthy—which would increase our National Debt by another $6 trillion.

While Kearsley wants to “return to basic principles”, “never Hillary” fanatics insist that she is guilty of something until proven innocent of everything (which so far she has), Trump would arbitrarily override “the rule of law” and put her in jail anyway.

While “stronger growth is the economic solution”, only Hillary Clinton would raise the revenues (via tax increases on the wealthy) needed to fund the infrastructure investments that will produce such growth, while Trump calls for more tax cuts for himself and thus more debt for everyone else.

Yes, “Hillary supports President Obama’s economic policies” because they have created 15 million new private sector jobs since the depths of the Bush near-Depression, and the “anemic 2 percent growth” rate would have been higher had Republicans not rejected sensibly stimulative fiscal policies – which Hillary promises to both pursue and pay for.

As Secretary of State, Hillary did not “craft America’s retreat from leadership in foreign affairs”, but rather implemented President Obama’s prudent policy of avoiding doing “stupid shit” that would result in more American body bags.

Contrary to Kearsley’s falsehood, Hillary supports comprehensive immigration reform – including doubling the number of Border Patrol Agents and deploying state-of-the-art technology to facilitate detection, interdiction, and deportation of illegal entrants.

Trump’s physical “wall” will neither “secure our borders” (they’re too long and varied), “stem the flow of illegal drugs” (too many want them), nor “control immigration” (too many businesses don’t want to).  Likewise, Trump won’t “be able to work with a Republican House” that has no interest in closing tax loopholes that benefit the Trumps and the GOP’s wealthy donors.

Dave’s laugh-out-loud concluding paragraph takes the cake.  Yes, we remember the 23 million jobs created during Bill Clinton’s scandal-filled administration.  We also know that Donald Trump has been married three times and committed adultery during the first two, while Hillary Clinton has been married once – for 41 consecutive years – to the same man.  Yet, she is the untrustworthy reprobate?  Hardly!  A Hillary Clinton landslide is “our best hope of change” from six years of deplorable Republican obstructionism.

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