Printed Letters: October 16, 2016

Election has intensified bias and violence

To the two major presidential candidates, Republican and Democrat party leaders: Will you please claw your way out of the gutter you have dragged the rest of us into? This is a game of who can out-accuse the other of deceit, crimes, bigotry based on sex, race, religion, gender, marital status, etc.

What is going on is an outright embarrassment to the majority of Americans and only fans the flames of bias and violence.

I ask you to name one country in the world that has a problem with being overrun with American immigrants. We give foreign aid to more than 100 countries each and every year, a majority with strong anti-American feelings and actions. Name me one country that provides foreign aid to the United States.

Yet much of the world wants into the United States and none turn down our money, even though some have vowed to destroy us and everything this county stands for. We are still the shining star on the hill but you have thrown a lot of manure around that is starting to diminish the brightness of that star. I would also remind you and everyone what Theodore Roosevelt said back in 1915 “a hyphenated American is not an American at all.” Quit trying to divide us by categorizing us, we are simply Americans.

So, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I say neither of you is fit to lead this great nation. To the two major parties, I say shame on you if this is the best you can come up with. Perhaps it is time for another revolution; a revolution of the rank and file to restructure your leadership and direction.

So, as a solution to the mess you have created I am suggesting that we all write in either Mike Pence or Tim Kaine for president. Whichever one you pick write in the other for vice president, a true bi-partisan solution. Then maybe the rest of the political establishment will realize what our founders set forth that has made us the envy of the world, we the people are the government.

I really would like to get this manure off my boots.

Orchard City

It’s not wise of city to pony up the money for amphitheater

I’m sure it hasn’t been two weeks since The Daily Sentinel publicized the fact that the city was offering/threatening city workers with unpaid furloughs, because current tax receipts are so low. But suddenly the city is all in on a (more or less — nobody is sure) $3 million amphitheater. This amphitheater apparently will generate only $76,000 in 2018, excluding expenses, which will be absorbed by the city, even though city officials can’t tell how much they’ll total. What?

So, where did this newly found money come from? And regardless of where it came from, when one considers the logic behind the expenses statement the city provided, how smart is this, anyway? Not very smart, according to Councilman Chazen.

Grand Junction

Local Trump supporters have blind hatred of opposing party

I’ve noticed a lot of support for the candidacy of Donald Trump for president in Mesa County. I find it distressing that so many of my fellow Coloradans would support a man that is clearly racist and anti-free trade, cynical, and dishonest to boot. I hope I am wrong, but I can only explain this support over a clearly more qualified candidate of Hillary Clinton by ascribing it to blind hatred of the opposing party. If that indeed is what’s going on in Mesa County you, my friends, are risking taking down the entire country with your own hatred. This is not a Democrat or a Republican nation: This is one nation under God, indivisible with liberty for all. Please consider that when you go to vote in November.

Grand Junction

Public healthcare destroys parasitic insurance companies

I won’t go into economic analysis, comparative nation studies, or even the ethics behind ensuring everyone has access to medical coverage in the state of Colorado. Many more capable individuals have done an exemplary job of paving the rational road towards public healthcare. What I hope to focus on is a lesser made argument, though none the less for it; it is good to decimate insurance companies. ColoradoCare, aside from ensuring no one has to spend hours on the phone disputing dishonest billing practices with a spineless bureaucrat, ensures that all of those bureaucrats would actually be forced to participate in our democracy, do something meaningful, and actually live a productive life. Think on this carefully. You have at present an army of fools and charlatans whose sole responsibility is finding loopholes to deny coverage, explain why you were charged $700 for treatment that should have been covered, and at the same time sequester literally billions away from hospitals, citizens and progress.

Public healthcare destroys these parasitic organizations. All of that money can effectively be put back into our pockets, and back into the pockets of those actually providing us with medical care. By getting rid of the middlemen, we can deal honestly and faithfully with our doctors, nurses, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. It would usher in a world of renewed democratic practices and fellow feeling; the very thing we are desperately lacking today.

I say if we cannot hang every greedy CEO by their over-priced neckties, then at the very least we should create an entity that would rightfully put them out of business.

Vote yes on 69.


Tell candidates to keep our public lands open

Over half of Colorado’s 919,000 sportsmen and women depend on public lands for access to some of the best fish and wildlife habitat on Earth. Public lands are not only the headwaters to our vital water supply, conservation efforts and renewable resources but these magnificent lands also generate $3.45 billion in annual revenue and support over 200,000 jobs in Colorado. Federally managed public lands are the foundation to the booming recreation and tourism economy in many western slope communities.

As an outfitter in northwest Colorado, we depend on public lands to provide the quality experiences our clients are looking for. The opportunity to showcase this remote habitat, clean water, native fisheries and abundant wildlife to so many folks, adds value and credibility to our way of life on the west slope, that’s why I strongly oppose the transfer of national public lands to states.

The serious truth is, Colorado and other Western states don’t have the resources to properly manage these vast lands — the cost of fighting wildfires alone would bankrupt state agency budgets. The likely scenario to solve these budget deficits would be to sell our public lands to wealthy private interests — and lock them away from the public access.

As sportsmen and Americans, public lands are our birthright and the essential keystone to our freedom. This election season let the candidates know that you strongly oppose the transfer or sale of this uniquely American treasure — it’s your public land.


Intelligence of smart phones has eclipsed that of humans

It appears the intelligence of our smart phones has eclipsed that of us humans. They are so concerned by the choice of presidential candidates and the future of this country that the phones are committing suicide one by one.

Grand Junction

ColoradoCare would mirror our system of Medicare

ColoradoCare would mirror our system of Medicare, with its low administrative costs for insurance. Would you say we’ve all bought into socialism by using it and paying for it? We’ll all pay as we’re able and all get care, as we should, if we vote for Amendment 69.

ColoradoCare will pay, but does not affect which doctor we choose or where we get our care.



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On January 20, 1981, when newly elected Republican President Ronald Reagan declared in his first inaugural address that “government is the problem”, the U.S. population was nearing 228 million and the total U.S. labor force was 108 million—of which 7.5% were unemployed and public sector employment (at all levels of government) was 16.4 million (16.4 % of total employed).

By January 23, 1996, when Democratic President Bill Clinton declared in his State of the Union address that “the era of big government is over”, the population was 268 million and the total U.S. labor force was nearing 133 million—of which 5.6% were unemployed and public sector employment had grown to 19.1 million (15.2 % of total employed).

Today, as the pivotal presidential election approaches, the U.S. population exceeds 324.7 million and the total U.S. labor force is now 160 million – of which 5.1% is unemployed and public sector employment has reached 22.2 million (only 14.6% of total employed).

After 12 years of failed Republican experimentation with “trickle-down economics” (which tripled our National Debt), by the time that Bill Clinton was about to balance the budget and achieve a surplus, the U.S. population had increased by 17.5% and the labor force by over 23%, but the relative size of government had shrunk by 7.3%.

Today, after 8 more years of Republican George Bush’s tax-cuts-for-the-wealthy and two unfunded wars (doubling our National Debt once again), followed by the Democratic and Obama-led recovery from Bush’s near-Depression, the U.S. population has increased by another 21+% and our labor force by another 20%, but the relative size of government has shrunk by another 4%.

Thus, since Reagan first gave voice to mindless anti-government sentiments, the U.S. population has increased by over 42% and our labor force by over 48%, but the relative size of government has shrunk by 11%—reflecting the ratchet effects of Republican-driven austerity on governments at all levels that are now under-funded and too small.  (Thus, for example, as the Economic Policy Institute reported this morning, the Labor Department’s September statistics show that there are 214,000 fewer public education jobs than there were 8 years ago, and a current shortfall of 372,000 jobs in that sector.)

Now – and regardless of his other deplorable inadequacies - Donald Trump (with Scott Tipton’s declared support) wants to “double-down” on “voodoo economics” with more tax-cuts-for-the-wealthy that will add another $6 trillion to our National Debt, while Hillary Clinton proposes to fully pay for increased investments in infrastructure and public education with modest tax increases on those most able to contribute more for the “blessings of liberty” they’ve come to enjoy at taxpayer expense.

Thus, the choices for true “fiscal conservatives” should be clear – Hillary Clinton for President and Gail Schwartz for Congress.

Bill is on his liberal, Democratic soapbox as usual as though he thinks he is the authority on most everything.

Mr. Hugenberg,
  You’re telling jokes again.  Clinton and Schwartz the choices for “true conservatives”, ha, ha.  I think it would be more correct to say look out US economy should those two clowns be elected.  One positive though, at least Clinton could become a billionaire selling influence through the Clinton Crime Family Foundations as President.
                    Rick L. Coleman


Too bad you are still unable to think for yourself and can only repeat fact-free babble.  Thus:

1) all objective comparison’s of Clinton’s versus Trump’s economic and tax proposals suggest that any sentient citizen should prefer hers; and

2) the Clinton Foundation (as opposed to the Trump Foundation) is one of the highest rated charities in the world—and is rated higher than the American Red Cross.

So, you should go look in a mirror and laugh at your own ignorance.

Mr. Hugenberg,
  Your creative imagination continues to astound by employing distortion, and your use of “objective” sources is hilarious, keep it up funny boy.    Rick L. Coleman

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