Printed letters, October 24, 2012

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Seems in this community you must be GOP or you are from the far left. The same people who replaced Bernie Buescher with Bradford.  In other opinions there is NO compromise as well…...frack anywhere regardless of the consequences, and the hell with health reform?  Now some of these same people want us to support Wright and no matter what return to the Industrial Age?  Seems okay we are spending nearly $2 billion on an election with the powerful money moguls giving as much as $34 million to a campaign….....the American way… your way to political gain.  Ridiculous!

David Shrum hit the nail squarely on its head.
In his guest column titled, “Facts have been lacking in the 
political debate on health care,” in the October 11, 2012 edition of the Daily Sentinel, apparent socialist Dr. Michael J. Pramenko said: “We can’t wait ten years for a new way forward. All Americans must accept change…” If that type of “ve haff our vays of making you obey” Nazi-ish autocratic thinking doesn’t scare the beejeebers out of any red-blooded lover of individual freedom and self-ownership, I don’t know what will.
The very term “affordable health care” is a serious deception. “Affordable”, like “value”, is in the eye of the beholder. Why not talk about “affordable” Ferraris or “affordable” Lamborghinis? “Affordable” health care simply means doctors get to work for less money. Of course, following that idiotically self-destructive anti-free-market line of thinking, forcing doctors to work for free would be even more “affordable”.
The hidden implication in Pramenko’s open socialism is that people such as he are a higher form of life than the rest of us, and that they are smart enough to run a national economy by controlling wages and prices. To any Economics 101 aficionado, that is an arrogant crock of bologna on its face.
Fortunately, nowhere nearly all docs share Pramenko’s views. As libertarian doctor, Mary J. Ruwart, has pointed out in a video titled, “How to Reduce Healthcare Costs by 80% Overnight (Without Spending $2 Trillion)” ( the cost of health care could be reduced by 80% overnight by abolishing the FDA and letting little pharmaceutical companies compete fairly with politically connected Big Pharma.
Another idea whose time has come, and which would significantly reduce health care costs is a “Freedom To Self-Medicate” amendment to the U.S. Constitution, giving the individual the legal right of access to the same tools and medicines the docs have to medicate ONLY himself (NOT third parties). Any number of alternative doctors have said that 95% of what docs do in their offices, a person could easily do for himself. Isn’t it time to relegate doctors to the important stuff like open-heart surgery, compound fractures and competent medical advice?
Precisely because Dr. Pramenko, despite his own opinion of himself, is not smart enough to run my life for me, I don’t want him to “build a health care system” to take care of me. I just want him to get out of the way and let me take care of myself. And, after all, isn’t that the difference between nanny-state tyrants and individual freedom lovers?
It’s not rocket science, folks. Want to understand health care? It’s easy. Follow the money, and who has got their lobbyists in Congress. It’s sure not the health care consumer.

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