Printed letters, October 25, 2012

In his criticism of The Daily Sentinel for endorsing Mitt Romney, John Borgen accuses the paper of ignoring important “facts.”

First, he complains that Sen. Mitch McConnell stated that the Republican objective would be to get rid of Obama. Does Borgen really believe Democrats don’t resolve to do the same thing to Republican presidents?

Secondly, Borgen complains that the Republican leadership targets for defeat those who don’t toe the party line. So what?  It would take an extremely naive person to think that those Democrats who stray from the party line aren’t left out of party leadership positions, cut off from party funds for re-election and targeted by the party for defeat.

In complaint No. 3, Borgen chastises the paper for overlooking the lack of consumer spending as a reason there is so little jobs growth. He is partially right on this, but he hypocritically overlooks the impact of Obama’s policies on employment. More than $2 trillion is currently held out of the economy by U.S. businesses that won’t commit their resources until they know how Obamacare will impact them. Increasingly, they are realizing it makes more sense to let people go or have them part-time to avoid onerous Obamacare provisions.

Remember, the Obama administration has given more than 1,400 exemptions to Democratic supporters (businesses and organizations) that have said Obamacare will hurt them.

Obamacare isn’t the only Obama legislation or executive order that scares businesses into not committing their resources. Why hire people and risk business expansion when the future looks so bleak and uncertain?

It is obvious The Daily Sentinel did look at the facts and rightfully concluded that for 3 1/2 years the Obama regime has failed miserably in stimulating the economy. The first two years of Obama’s presidency the Democrats controlled everything, with unstoppable majorities in the House and Senate, and they still have a majority in the Senate. To say that Republicans have been obstructionists, as Borgen has said, is pure nonsense.

The Daily Sentinel’s Romney endorsement is the right choice, as the current administration has proven time and time again it isn’t up to the task. However, if re-elected, the Obama administration will have more “flexibility” in giving the Russians, not American citizens, what they want. Why would The Daily Sentinel, or any thinking American, endorse that?


Grand Junction

Obama has a fine record 
of real accomplishments

There goes Josh Penry again! In the guise of an historian, Penry completely distorts President Obama’s record.

As a matter of fact, according to him, Obama has no record, so he suggested to his editors at The Daily Sentinel that under his benign headline, “The Case for the re-election of President Barack Obama,” there would be nothing, “just a blank swath of paper.”

Incredible! The Sentinel rejected Penry’s proposal because, I assume, besides being totally inane, you might disagree with Obama and his accomplishments, but he does have a record.

What record? Obama supports policies that shift increased wealth to just the top 2 percent of the country and reverses this flow to the middle class and small businesses. He supports Roe vs. Wade, Planned Parenthood and woman’s right to choose.  He supported “equal pay for equal work” and passage of the Lilly Ledbetter Equal Pay Act. He supports the continuation of Medicare and passed Obamacare.

Obama ended the war in Iraq, eliminated Osama bin Laden, supported the alliance that overthrew Libya’s Gaddafi and has a clear timetable for withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan.

Obama passed Wall Street reform and, rather than let the American automobile industry go belly-up, saved General Motors and Chrysler.

The president expanded Pell grants and eliminated subsidizing banks that raised the cost of college loans. Obama raised fuel efficiency standards for cars into the future and supported and expanded stem cell research.

I could go on, but I believe my point has been made. Penry might not like Obama, but to say he has no record, nothing noteworthy to support is beyond ignorant. It is bizarre.




Letter writer indicted 
Obama’s economic policies

In his letter published Oct. 18, John Borgen criticized The Daily Sentinel for endorsing Mitt Romney. One paragraph in his letter is of particular interest.

“What about jobs? The Sentinel conveniently overlooks the fact that our jobs problem is directly related to a lack of consumer spending. Consumers are buried in debt, some are jobless and many, if not most are uncertain of their continued employment.”

Borgen deserves thanks for stating clearly in a single paragraph just why Romney should be elected the next president. He has written a passionate and complete indictment of Obama’s economic policies. It is Obama’s wild spending, his ineffective stimulus plan and his fixation on taxing those who produce jobs that have caused the unrest and uncertainty among consumers.

Thanks again for endorsing Romney.


Grand Junction


Thunder Mountain children 
deserve safer walk to school

Here we go again. A child has been hurt on one of our busy backstreets, and the call for change falls on deaf ears.

Very recently, a car crossing F 1/2 Road near Thunder Mountain hit a 5-year-old student. A concerned parents group organized, again, to see if they could bring the dangers of this road to the attention of the appropriate people. The excuses given were shameful.

The group, Parents for Student Safety, is asking for crossing guards in both directions of the school. That’s all! They have volunteers and vests and have taken the class — anything they could do to move this forward. You’d think they were asking to raise the mill levy.

I walked my elementary school student down that road in the ‘90s. When I became vocal after my child fell while walking with no curbs or sidewalks and was almost run over by a bus, I heard the same song as the parents are getting today. The district, the sheriff and the county all put the responsibility on someone else. Pass the Buck was the name of the game then, and today.

If one of those players had a child or grandchild injured or, heaven forbid, killed, it would be a different story. Just follow the skid marks. There would be crossing guards there by day’s end.

I hope that parents from Pear Park who initiated change for their students, parents on the Redlands who were able to get a crosswalk reactivated and any other parent groups in the valley can help this group at Thunder Mountain get what’s best for students. In the meantime, as a taxpayer, I wonder why the principal at Thunder Mountain is not leading the charge.


Grand Junction


Just one Thunder Mountain 
crossing guard not enough

While I understand the desire for a crossing guard for Thunder Mountain, I have to speak up. In both incidents in the last year in which a child was hit by a car, the child was at fault. The child darted into traffic without looking or paying attention. In the incident recently, the children were crossing the street to get to the warmer side. Were they even at a crosswalk?

While you can put a crossing guard at 31 and F roads, due to the district’s far-reaching walking boundaries, this could happen anywhere. For some of the District 51 schools, there is not infrastructure to support the walking distances. Minimal sidewalks are between 30 Road and 30 1/2 Road, as well. Say a kid gets somewhere in between there: Are we going to then hire a second crossing guard to stand at that end of F 1/2 Road?

Thunder Mountain is a 30-year-old school, and it baffles me that there is no sidewalk or wide shoulder for kids to get to school safely. When it was built, F 1/2 Road was not the busy road it is today.

A crossing guard would be great, but kids sent off to walk to school on such a road need to be aware and very cautious, as well, especially as the mornings get darker earlier and earlier.

There is a two-mile walking radius, and these accidents could happen anywhere along those routes. That is a very scary possibility that one crossing guard won’t solve.


Grand Junction


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