Printed letters, October 28, 2012

The Daily Sentinel endorsed Dan Robinson for House District 55 due to his experience with education. Let us imagine for a moment that education is really the most important issue in the election and not the economy. What is the Robinson record?

When Robinson was elected to the school board, the School District 51 budget was approximately $124 million. When he left the board in 2008, the budget was $194 million. The increase in spending is 57 percent. The spending per pupil went from $6,600 in 2000 to $9,600 in 2008. The increase is 45 percent.

One would imagine that with the increase in spending, our results would show massive improvement. That would be wrong. The high of graduation rates during Robinson’s tenure was 82 percent in 2004. By 2007 that rate had shrunk to 69 percent. This represents a 16 percent decrease in the success rate.

State and federal governments set the budget. Teachers and the school board establish the curriculum. Robinson was handed a budget exploding with funding and turned it into a failure.

This information raises two questions. First, did The Daily Sentinel even bother to look at the results from Robinson’s School District 51 tenure? Two, do we really need “a more funding and worse results” Robinson with his hands on the state budget?

Clearly, Robinson’s tenure on the school board was a failure. Can we afford to send a failure to Denver?



Edwards’ idea innovative 
for new CMU science degree

Dave Edwards has the education, knowledge and experience that we need in a county commissioner. His ideas are forward-thinking. One commissioner with a new idea will not change the way things are done, but if we do not get any new ideas, progress is hindered.

The idea to offer a degree in materials science at CMU is exciting. That is one of the most promising areas of research right now and offers potential to change our lives for the better. Petroleum — oil, gas and shale — products can provide raw materials for this research. Regional mines provide many minerals as byproducts that can be valuable in developing as well as producing new practical materials.

I hope the CMU board sees an opportunity in this idea. It is a forward-thinking plan to take advantage of our local resources.

Edwards is a thoughtful, considerate, pragmatic, fiscally conservative, innovative and qualified candidate for county commissioner. It would greatly benefit Mesa County to add his skills to the mix.


Grand Junction


Rep. Tipton’s votes favor 
the oil and gas industry

Congressman Scott Tipton’s voting record shows that he serves two masters: the oil and gas industry and the obstructionist wing of the Republican Party. He places their interests over those of the nation. For this reason he should not be returned to Congress.

In his two years in office, Scott Tipton voted for ideological solutions to national problems, such as an amendment to fund the highway transportation act with imaginary revenues from oil shale development on federal lands.

He wasted taxpayer dollars to hold a congressional oversight hearing in Grand Junction to give oil and gas industry representatives a platform to present their requests for federal favors, then he voted to add a $25 million oil shale subsidy to an appropriations bill.

Worse, Tipton voted for HR 4480, which requires a $5,000 fee for every challenge to a lease or drilling permit, making it more difficult for local governments and affected land owners to protect their interests. In addition HR 4480 weakens the EPA’s health-based, ozone standards and blocks the EPA from finalizing rules to reduce tailpipe pollution and toxic air pollution from refineries.

The health of Tipton’s constituents doesn’t seem to matter to him, but for the oil and gas industry, no favor is overlooked.

On other issues, Tipton voted to block the EPA’s attempt to regulate coal ash as a hazardous waste. He voted for HCR 112, a budget bill that would eventually privatize Medicare. He voted against the Stop the Rate Hike Act of 2012 that would keep student loans at 3.4 percent in 2013. He voted against the compromise that prevented default on the federal debt. And he voted to block an Obama executive order that would require companies receiving federal contracts to disclose their political contributions.

Corporations love this guy. He has their vote. He shouldn’t get yours.


Grand Junction


Tisha Casida is best candidate 
for 3rd Congressional District

We are getting tired of the propaganda put out by the Democrats and Republicans that a president cuts taxes, spends taxpayer money and makes job-killing regulations.

A careful reading of our Constitution specifically sets out that the president signs or vetoes bills passed by Congress and negotiates treaties, which Congress can approve or reject.

A president does affect jobs when he negotiates free-trade agreements, such as NAFTA, that result in sending jobs to foreign countries. Starting with Clinton, presidents have done exactly that.

Only Congress can spend money and affect tax policy or regulations. Therefore, if the people want change, they must change Congress by electing more non-affiliated and independent members who must be negotiated with when proposing or passing legislation.

An excellent start can be made by electing candidate Tisha Casida to the 3rd Congressional District. She has made it clear that she will negotiate with both sides of the aisle in order to get legislation that will be of the most benefit to all the people, not just the elites and special interests.


Battlement Mesa


With economy stabilizing, 
keep current administration

It’s great to finally see the local economy improving so much in recent months. Local home sales are up by 13 percent over a year ago, and home prices are increasing. Home construction is up locally, too, with 100 permits issued in the third quarter of this year, a healthy 32 percent increase in new construction over the same quarter last year. Mortgage interest rates have remained low, making it easier for many people to buy homes.

I lost my salaried job last February and decided to take a hiatus from working to help care for my ailing parents. But since then, I’ve been approached by two employers who have sought me out and asked me to work for them — another indicator things are looking up. And a small e-commerce business I have operated and taken a loss on for many years has done more business in the last year than it has the last 10 years combined.

It’s clear we have turned a corner at last and the economy is finally on the mend. We should support President Barack Obama for all he has done to pull our country out of the devastating crash caused by reckless Republican policies. He’s even managed to make progress in the face of an obstructionist Republican Congress.

Let’s not change horses in the middle of a stream when things are finally looking better for the economy, both locally and nationally.


Grand Junction


Obama and Democrats are 
suffocating our freedom

The Obama/Democrat slogan is “Moving Forward.” Their ideology is not moving forward, but moving backward to the suffocating, strangling, overarching, depressing government tyranny that caused the Pilgrims to leave England in the 1600s.

This nanny government control of every aspect of life destroys individual freedom and initiative.

Private property ownership and the freedom to control that property and use it to make a living has made America the greatest country in the world. Now the Democrats are trying to destroy that freedom and individualism.  After all, a free man who can care for himself and his family does not need government handouts. Thus the government loses power over the individual.

I urge everyone to vote Republican and put a stop to this encroachment of our God-given rights, Obama’s total disrespect for the Constitution and his tyrannical rule by presidential edict, which bypasses Congress.


Grand Junction


Romney would create 
a gutted ‘Bain America’

If Mitt Romney is elected, he will run America just like he did Bain Capital. He will gut American institutions such as Social Security, the Departments of Education and Energy, the Environmental Protection Agency, unemployment insurance and other essential programs.

He won’t gut Medicare or Medicaid immediately, but eventually, because his corporate friends make too much money off them. He will gut everything in America as we know it, repackage it and resell it to the highest bidder on Wall Street, Hong Kong or China. He and his billionaire friends will make billions and call it free enterprise.

Then, he will put trillions of dollars into the Department of Defense and start a war with Russia, because he thinks the Russians are our worst enemy. The only water that we will be able to drink is fracking water. Colleges will be affordable only for elite silver-spoon students. Women’s rights will be found in a binder.

The Federal Reserve will be transferred to Romney’s offshore banking headquarters in the Caymen Islands. Wall Street will be kissing Romney’s feet, and Solamere, the Romney family investment company, will be turned into a national bank for Republican politicians. Solamere, headed by Tagg Romney, appears to be the money funnel for Romney’s campaign. Solamere makes Wall Street look like child’s play.

Remember, a vote for Romney is a vote for big oil companies, big corporations and corporate tax rates that are lower than those of us in the 99 percent. Actually, corporations won’t have to pay any taxes under a Romney presidency. I almost forgot — the U.S. Constitution will be repealed. Welcome to Bain America!  


New Castle


Obama seeks to halt
use of natural resources

Unfortunately, President Obama seems determined to stop resource production in the United States. Energy production creates wealth, stimulating our economy. In addition, it keeps us from sending some “petro dollars” to countries which, at the least, don’t like us and, at the worst, support terrorism against us.

Is Obama really against drilling for oil? Evidently not. His administration has given billions of U.S. dollars to Latin America to drill for oil. One recipient of Obama’s largesse is a Brazilian company in which multi-billionaire George Soros has a big stake. Soros is the prime force behind MoveOn.Org, a leftist group that creates havoc through protests — and campaigns for Obama and other socialist Democrats.

So Obama evidently believes it’s OK to drill for oil, just not where it would benefit the United States — despite the fact that we have environmental-protection laws that are among the strictest in the world.

The United States has substantial oil reserves and the technology to safely remove those reserves. Americans need jobs. Why does Obama want other countries to benefit from energy production instead of our country?

Why does he want coal mining shut down, as evidenced by his statement that coal-fired power plants can still be built but he will make sure, through regulations, they go bankrupt? Why are our forests still burning, wasting our timber resources, when sensible harvesting would let people use that lumber while protecting wildlife habitat?

Mitt Romney understands the importance of resource production. The choice is clear.




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