Printed letters, October 3, 2012

You pause and look closely at an ancient wall. In the mortar between the rocks you see the outline of fingers. Looking down at your own hand, you feel a human connection to the builder.

You think about the time, skill and effort that went into building these kivas and dwellings — all accomplished without the modern luxuries of plumbing, electricity and hardware stores.

The breeze seems to carry thousand-year-old voices to your ears: chanting, laughter, prayers. A peregrine falcon soars by, and your eyes float up to see spires gracing the sky above you.

You smile because this wonderful place, Chimney Rock Archaeological Area, is now a national monument. It will get the protection and attention that it so justly deserves. Special thanks go to Sens. Michael Bennett and Mark Udall, Rep. Scott Tipton, Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar and President Barack Obama. They each worked toward this goal.

By using the Antiquities Act to make this designation, the president has fulfilled the wishes of many, including the community in Archuleta County.

Many of us have favorite outdoor places where we can derive great joy just by pausing and absorbing their details. What is extra special to me is when a dramatic natural landscape combines with a deep historical presence.

The Northern Dolores Basin, near Gateway, is such a place. There are red cliffs soaring above the gurgling Dolores River and an old mining camp, where, I’ve been told, the whole camp gathered around one radio to listen to a boxing match. I can hear the shouts from the miners still echoing in the canyons. Seems to me like the perfect spot for a new national conservation area.

I, a member of Great Old Broads for Wilderness, urge Congress and the president to move forward on protecting America’s other favorite places.


Grand Junction

Complainers ignore what 
Brady has done for the area

Letter writer David Cale and people of the same mindset complain about Brady Trucking’s existence along the Colorado River. The fact is, shortly after Brady Trucking bought the land with the old rendering plant, it had the proper zoning for its trucking business.

When the city annexed the Brady property, the city gave Brady zoning that was compatible with its truck business, which was I-1 and I-O. It wasn’t until a petition was filed that the change of zoning for Brady Trucking was in question.

The complainers say they want a trail from Fruita to Palisade without industrial operations downtown. There are many homes to the east of Brady Trucking, and they would all have to be bought to put the trail in.

They also claimed the noise from Brady’s trucks would be unacceptable. When there is a rock band at the amphitheater on the river, the noise level would be 10 times greater than the EPA-qualified mufflers of Brady’s trucks.

Brady Trucking spent $400,000 to clean out the rendering plant, which was a great asset to Grand Junction, and I’m sure these same people would complain about the smell if the rendering plant were still there.

I’m certain these complainers all have college degrees, which would explain their ignorance.




Obama’s first term hints at 
what to expect in second one

President Obama is leading the United States down a road to become a Third World power and letting the United Nations tell us what to do.

He is trying to repeat history by attracting the young and the gullible to his way of thinking.

His first term in office should give us a hint of what is coming if he is re-elected. Unemployment is shameful, our national debt has skyrocketed and our national security is frightening. He also is attacking Christians and most other religious faiths.

After looking at Mitt Romney’s and Obama’s financial statements, I surely would rather have Romney handling my tax dollars than Obama.

Obama has a poor record to stand on, so his campaign advertisements are negative misinformation on the Romney-Ryan plan.

If you are not convinced, you should read “Fool Me Twice,” a nonfiction bestseller by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott. This book tells of Obama’s radical plan for a progressive socialist takeover. There are also two new books on bestseller lists on this subject. No. 2 is “The Amateur,” by Edward Klein, who outlines how Obama is too inept to lead. No. 3 is “Obama’s America” by Dinesh D’Sousa, showing how Obama is the designer of American decline.




It’s time for America 
to have a true leader

I am amazed that anyone would even consider re-electing President Obama.

Our foreign policy is a shambles, our economy is a mess and all our president does is to fly around on spiffy 747s, hobnob with the 1 percent in Hollywood, attend fundraisers and do interviews on meaningless shows like “The View.” Meanwhile,  he ignores chances to engage with other foreign leaders and Congress to solve our problems.

Wake up, America. We are on a path to ruin without a true leader who will lead from the front and not from behind.


Grand Junction


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While the headline of Dick Todd’s letter (“Obama’s first term hints at what to expect in second one”) has it right, Todd’s factual premises are false—so he reaches predictably preposterous conclusions.

President Ronald Reagan started this country “down a road to become a Third World power” by disguising massive deficit spending as “Voodoo Economics” and doubling the national debt while preaching “fiscal conservatism”.

President George H. W. Bush proved the wisdom of involving the United Nations in our foreign policy by orchestrating a broad coalition to oust Saddam Hussein from Iraq.

President Bill Clinton proved that higher taxes and fiscal responsibility could generate a budgetary surplus and 20+ million jobs – thereby rebuilding the Middle Class.

President George Bush squandered the surplus and moved toward a “Third World” class structure by cutting taxes for the wealthy and precipitating an unfunded “cowboy” War in Iraq that further ballooned the national debt.

President Obama “is trying to repeat history by attracting the young” and well-informed to reinstate the sound economic policies and consultative diplomacy which proved indisputably successful in the past.

Thus, President Obama’s “first term in office should give us a” clear view “of what is coming if he is reelected”.  The “shameful” unemployment precipitated by the Bush recession will continue to improve, the national debt that “skyrocketed” as the direct result of Reagan/Bush economic and foreign policies will be responsibly addressed, and our unrelenting war against terrorists will continue unabated.

Only purported “christians” – not President Obama—are “attacking Christians” (namely, President Obama) “and most other religious faiths” (including Mormonism and Islam). 

As objective fact-checkers conclude, Romney-Ryan have neither a credible “record to stand on” or a serious “plan”, so their “campaign ads are negative misinformation” and – like Todd’s letter – replete with provable falsehoods aimed at the gullible (like Todd).

                Bill Hugenberg

Richard Blosser’s Wednesday letter (“It’s time for America to have a true leader”) rings hollow – because we already have one.

Defined objectively, our foreign policy was “a shambles” when President Obama took office.  Our international standing and moral leadership were at their nadir because of Bush’s false-pretensed invasion of Iraq and “cowboy” incompetence of his “Neo-Con” advisers.  President Obama concluded that war, is ending another, and delivered “red, white, and blue” justice to Bin Laden.

Defined objectively, our economy was already a “mess” when candidate Obama first appeared in Grand Junction on September 15, 2008 – the day Lehman Brothers collapsed.  After a meeting with President Bush, John McCain, and their advisers the next week, “insiders” concluded that McCain “didn’t have a clue” as to how to address the impending collapse of our economy – but Senator Obama did.

After his inauguration, President Obama completed Bush’s TARP to prevent financial meltdown and saved the auto industry (ignoring Romney’s dubious “experience”), reversed and began offsetting the massive job losses precipitated by the Bush recession, and thereby induced stock markets to restore much of the lost value of IRAs and other invested pension plans.  Meanwhile, the housing market continues to slowly recover.

Consequently, ossified “conservatives” like Blosser now resort to trivia to satisfy their anti-Obama obsession – begrudging him for soliciting campaign funds from the “1%”. 

In fact, President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton have already “engaged with other foreign leaders” more often than Bush, Powell, and Rice did in eight years, and do so even while “flying around on spiffy 747s”. 

As in his historic appearance here on August 15, 2009, President Obama has also “led from the front” on the biggest albatross dragging down our economic competitiveness – the exorbitant cost of our inadequate health care “system”. 

Therefore, President Obama has earned re-election.

                Bill Hugenberg

Republican is suppossed to be the Religeous party, yet Ryan & Romney want to take away helping people. Ryan’s plan, by 2050, 91 percent of all Public provisions and programs, FDA, EPA, Education, College grants, SS & Medicare would be gone. Ryans mother attended a Public college which is funded by the govt. Yes let’s do away with all programs and get government out of everything is what they are calling for when the real problem is we need to get big business/corporations out of government. 5 or 6 mega corporations control everything you read, hear and watch on TV. Fear fear and more fear. Social security has 2.1 million dollars left but they want to do away with it when it’s our money, we paid that money in. Since 1970 wages for the 99% have went down but for the 1 percent it has went up 185 percent. But they deserve it, don’t they. SA

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