Printed letters, October 31, 2012

Every election is important, but this coming election is one of the most crucial we have ever had.

We will determine what course our country will take — the one Europe has followed to failed economic policies, impoverishment of its citizens, loss of freedom and basic human rights, or the path that our Constitution and Bill of Rights gives us as citizens of this nation — a path to freedom of the individual, all of our constitutional rights, property rights and prosperity for all of our citizens, not just a select few.

The last four years have been an example of where we do not want to go. We need to elect men and women who will give us back our America, at every level of government. That’s why I urge you to support John Justman for Mesa County commissioner.

Justman is one of a handful of people who have made their living from farming without any outside income or job. He not only understands but has lived fiscal responsibility. He understands how to use our natural resources in a productive, responsible manner by using them and conserving them for the future and what freedom and personal integrity gives you. He is the kind of person we need to elect here locally, and in all of our state and federal offices.

I urge readers to carefully consider your votes and to put as many Republicans into office as we can, to return this nation to prosperity and common sense.


Grand Junction

Amendment 64 could make 
Colorado like Amsterdam

After spending several weekends in Denver this summer, I was disappointed to see the proliferation of so-called “medical” marijuana shops. On “60 Minutes,” Steve Kroft reported that there are more pot shops in Denver than McDonalds and Starbucks combined.

In January, the federal government required that all pot shops must be at least 1,000 feet from any school. Has anybody thought about the fact that kids don’t only hang out at schools? Most commercial streets are situated immediately in front of neighborhoods where, by the way, kids live and play.

Fortunately, in Grand Junction we don’t have a pot shop on every corner because we voted to ban medical marijuana dispensaries. We should say “No” again to Amendment 64. It could make Colorado the only state in the union to legalize pot for recreational use, attracting drug users from the entire country to our state. Try googling “Pot tourism in Amsterdam” and decide if this looks good for Colorado.

Proponents claim our state will benefit from the tax revenues it will generate, but the Journal of Psychiatric Research reports that marijuana use impairs brain development in teens. Do we really want to sell the health and safety of our kids for a few tax dollars? The New York Times reports medical marijuana is already getting into the hands of our children.

How much more available will it be if it’s sold and regulated like alcohol?

Just because something is profitable doesn’t always mean that it’s the right thing to do. Prostitution and stealing can be profitable, but that doesn’t make them right for Colorado.


Grand Junction


Seven things are necessary 
to save the United States

In no particular order, here are seven keys to save America:

✓ Consolidate all health insurance programs and health care delivery systems under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, administration of programs and service delivery through local, county or regional departments of human services.

✓ Accelerate conversion and implementation of current welfare programs to FDR-style WPA/CCC community-based urban training and retraining and community redevelopment construction programs.

✓ Introduce, design, engineer, construct, maintain and operate solid-waste energy combustion units similar to the type used by the municipal power plant of Ames, Iowa.

✓ Convert transportation vehicles (private and commercial) to compressed natural gas usage, with training to technical schools in conversion techniques, as well as engineering, design and construction of natural gas distribution networks and pump outlets at gas stations.

✓ Initiate the construction of electrical generation distribution and outlets for the next generation of electrically powered transportation vehicles.

✓ Introduce a nickel financial transaction tax for deficit reduction.

✓ Expire all Bush-era tax cuts and revert all federal income tax rates to rates in place during the administration of President Bill Clinton, effective Jan. 1 of next year.




Proposed pipeline path 
already being polluted

Environmentalists claim that the XL Pipeline will contaminate groundwater as it crosses over a tiny corner of the Ogallala Aquifer, which lies beneath parts of Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota.

More than 1 million people living in cities with their cars and various related pollutants live on top of this aquifer, and we are supposed to believe that a pipeline crossing a tiny corner will suddenly pollute the groundwater when all of this other human civilization doesn’t? It’s madness.


Grand Junction


Obama’s plans, not Romney’s,  are destroying America

In response to the letter titled, “Romney would create a gutted ‘Bain America,’ ” I say America is already there. She is but a shell of what she once was.

Social Security is gutted. There is no money in the Social Security Trust Fund. It is all IOUs. Medicare and Medicaid are on the fast track to insolvency, with both programs living on borrowed time. The “fiscal cliff” approaches in about two months. If nothing is done, massive automatic spending cuts and tax increases will be enacted that will have a profound negative effect on the economy and the American people. Entitlements must be reformed and sound fiscal policy adopted.

This is a failure of leadership. The president is the leader of the nation. Leaders forge coalitions of people with different points of view to address and solve problems. It is the president’s responsibility to bring Congress together and hammer out solutions to these very pressing fiscal issues so that America doesn’t end up like Greece, and so there will be an America for future generations. This responsibility he has shirked since his inauguration. However, he has done a great job of blaming Congress for nothing getting done.

Another four years of the current administration and America’s “gutted carcass” will be on its way to the rendering plant.


Grand Junction


‘Big oil’ and GOP 
work hand in hand

Why are fuel prices still so high? There is no shortage of oil, as evidenced by the five oil tankers that recently loaded in Valdez, Alaska, traveled to three major refineries in Everett, Wash., only to learn they couldn’t offload because all the storage tanks were full. They had to return the oil to Valdez.

Make no mistake about it, big oil is ripping us off as never before. Make no mistake about it, big oil is overwhelmingly Republican.

Maybe it’s time we brought back “windfall profits tax” to deal with the greed of that industry.




How informed on intelligence 
is President Barack Obama?

Our current president apparently attends just over half (56 percent) of the “President’s Daily Brief” meetings, but the intelligence analysts and briefers do leave behind a hard copy of their daily reports. These intelligence briefings last on the order of a half hour. So this leaves me to wonder just how well informed the president may be on the immediate situations facing us.

President Bush considered these meetings extremely important, in that he could interact and express his concerns or request more data on any aspect of the intelligence. I wonder who does that for this administration?

Does the president even read the hard copies? Perhaps this explains the confusion over the Libya attack.


Grand Junction


Obama, Clinton lied about 
embassy attack, murders

Now we have irrefutable proof of the attack on our embassy and the murder of four citizens and the cover-up and lie of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Many emails and photos from a drone showed that it was terrorists, yet they lied repeatedly regarding who was attacking and killing.

The fact that we were repeatedly lied to must be printed. I hope The Daily Sentinel will acknowledge the truth and print the whole story.


Grand Junction


Letter writer only offers 
opinions from his playbook

David Schrum, with his Oct. 24 letter to the editor, should try to remember the columns, such as those by Dr. Pramenko and Bill Grant, are informed opinions with which he apparently never agrees. Nothing new about people having different views.

However, Schrum does not offer anything except some unsupported opinions from his own “playbook.” For example, surely readers would like to know more about “death panels” for people over 70.

I do not always agree with the positions put forth by The Daily Sentinel’s columnists, but we should all refrain from suggesting they are “very” guilty of misleading readers and “flippant.” Lastly, their “biased” contributions encourage debate within the community. Just what a lively newspaper should do.


Grand Junction


Editorial promo was 
placed inappropriately

As mass communication students at Colorado Mesa University, we acknowledge and respect The Daily Sentinel as a well-known source of information for people of western Colorado. However, we were taken aback by the prominent headline placed on the top of your Oct. 14 front page, just below the masthead. The headline was a blatant promotion for one presidential candidate.

While we realize that this was related to your editorial page endorsement, other newspapers purposely keep their endorsements off the front page.

The inappropriate placement of that headline leads us to believe that The Daily Sentinel will continue to show biased political coverage, rather than delivering actual, balanced news.

Was that conspicuous headline a unanimous decision of your staff, or a management decision made by a few?

As we move into our careers as journalists and media professionals, we are committed to serving the public with objectivity and integrity. We believe that the biased views of a newspaper should never appear on its front page; instead they should be placed where they belong — on the editorial/opinions page.


and 13 other

mass communication students

Colorado Mesa University

Grand Junction


Commissioners were wrong 
to close Glade Park road

The Mesa County commissioners should never have allowed the southern portion of S 21.5 Road to be closed. In my opinion, the commissioners did not have all of the accurate and pertinent information regarding public use of this scenic road.

I have enjoyed hiking, snowshoeing, mountain biking and riding ATVs on this road to access Pinon Mesa. It would truly be a shame to see this historical county road closed.

Hopefully, the county commissioners will reconsider all of the facts and ultimately reverse their original decision on the road closing.


Glade Park


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