Printed letters, October 31, 2013

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Really, members of MVEA don’t have kids interests in mind as per the negotiated agreement?  Parents who want a private education setting for their child through alternative district “pathways” so they don’t have to pay the high tuitions of private schools themselves says it all. Let the taxpayers pay the bill, ah, I get it now. And how ridiculous does it get to state “non-essential curricula” but not really identify it? For all those adult education workplace teachers I’ll give you a week maximum in any subject of your choice with a Freshman or Sophomore class at the school of your choice!

Where do people come up with this stuff? Gotta be an imaginary world.

The age old axiom is connect the dots.
1. Big donation for teabag school board candidates by semi-private school provider.
2. Semi-private provider gets funds from taxpayers, but charges parents extra to be highly profitable.
3. Destructive candidates promote regressive policies as reform.
4. Prime plan of regressives is to destroy teacher’s union.
5. Sure fire way to cause the best test teachers to leave.
6. Test scores and student achievement drop further.
7. Regressives then promote semi-private schooling (Charter) as solution to crisis they created.
8. Only the well-heeled get students in semi-private, other students languish in board neglected schools.
9. Elitism and privilege reign.
10. The SOUTHERN STATES OF 1930’S TO 1950’S IS RECREATED as the school system. Separate AND UNEQUAL!
Recap: All was done by claiming and chanting the old “put the kids first”; but, not telling you it wasn’t all the kids. It only applied to some. You have to ask yourself, which side of this new fence will your kids and grandkids be on???

Ms Haulman is right on. Four years of pay decreases or frozen pay. Why do you not tell us how to view those contracts? What about the deal D51 made four years ago that they were to repay the teachers in following year? Never happened. What about the pro article written by Emily Shockley of the Sentinel espousing Jeff Leany. I spoke with Mr. Leany about “TENURE” and the fact that he out and out lied concerning “tenure.” Leany stated that I could quote him and that D51 does in fact have tenure (supposedly allows substandard teachers a ticket to stay employed). Leany lied pure and simple. The district has probationary and non probationary status. If you’ve completed 3 years service you become “non probationary.” During non probationary you may be dismissed “at will.” IE IAW Colorado law you are an “at will” employee. After 3 years and you become “non probationary” it simply means you’ve an appeals process prior to dismissal. THERE IS NOT TENURE. PERIOD. Someone else was correct here—-Leany was elected because he ran unopposed. Tisue sent hers to private school. What does she want on the board? Something to do? Do many of you know how many kids in this district come from or are in broken single parent homes? How about the food sent home on weekends to feed the entire family? What about how many are homeless and living in cars etc. Dont just sit a collective butt trying to be “in the big time” with all the big boys in politics. For those of you in the independently wealthy, cultured class you may keep your blind eye. For the rest of us here in the real world we will try to keep you in line with the reality. Indeed Mr. Arrington “follow the money” and we will find the real greed. See I have it. Donors buying candidates. Private school vouchers come in. Some become wealthier and contribute to the same old crooks for higher offices. I am betting we have not seen the last of Rowland, Leany, (Meis by his default) Tisue and so many more.

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